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Alive :iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 4 0
Running Out of Time Chapter 8
Aline sighed as Dean drove the Impala over to the Morton House. It had been a few weeks since Sam found out about her deal and the fact that she was a half-demon (he figured it out on his own a week later when she attempted to perform an exorcism).
Grand Funk's “We're an American Band” was playing on the radio.
She looked out the window staring at nothing in particular before spotting a light from a flashlight that looked to be aimed at the chain link fence in front of the house. “Hey, I think I see someone!” she stated, pointing at the fence.
Sam pulled out a flashlight of his own as Dean slowed the car to a crawl. He aimed the light at the fence. Aline stuck her head out the open window and looked around, making sure to look at the fence. The light had disappeared.
“Weird,” she muttered as they drove out of sight of the fence. “I coulda swore I saw someone.”
Dean shrugged. “Maybe it was just some kind
:iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 3 0
Running Out of Time Chapter 7
Two Months Left
Aline was alone with Sam two days after her last nightmare in their motel room. Sam was researching on his laptop. Aline was looking in books while listening to music, one headphone hanging loosely just in case the youngest Winchester found something. Dean, on the other hand, was interrogating the witnesses, friends, and relatives of the victims.
“Aline,” she heard Sam state, causing the brunette to pause her music and look up from the book.
“Yeah?” she answered. “You found something, Sammy?”
He shook his head. “That's not what I wanted to talk about.”
“What do you want, then?” she sighed as she closed the book, keeping her finger where she she had stopped reading. “I just want to find out what's causing this and get this case over with.”
Sam ran his fingers through his hair. “It's about when you went driving. And your nightmares.”
Aline froze and looked away from him. S
:iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 2 0
DeanGirl2Y5 Author Profile
FanFiction Pen Name: DeanGirl2Y5 ( )
What I Write For: Supernatural, Wrestling (just WWE & TNA), Kyo Kara Maoh!, Power Rangers, Naruto, Harry Potter, & Avatar: the Last Airbender. I've also written crossovers between SPN/My Bloody Valentine 3D, Harry Potter/Teen Titans/Okami, and Harry Potter/Push.
Warnings: M/M, Character death (in four of them), I have a bunch of OCs and I use them pretty often. 90% of the fics I write involve OC x Canon Character.
Rating: K+-M (Mature usually involves major swearing, torture, character death, and implied sex scenes. I try my best to avoid writing sex scenes. I'm more of a smut reader than writer.)
Genres: Romance, Suspense, Hurt, Comfort, Humor, Mystery, Angst, Drama, Supernatural. Usually, it's a blend.
Other: I've started posting some of my fics on my writing blog ('My Fics' page here)
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Fading (Endverse!DeanxEndverse!Demon!Aline)
Aline shot up in bed, biting her tongue hard to keep from screaming. She was trying to regain her breath as she tried not to cry, the images flashing in front of her eyes. The tears fell anyway, and she  quickly got out of bed, stepping out of the cabin and quietly shutting the door behind her. She slid down the wall and just sat there, staring at the sky and letting the tears fall. It was a habit she had picked up two weeks after she arrived at Camp Chitaqua.
It was her way of coping with the nightmares and memories of her time in the Pit, and it was one of the only times when she could be alone with her thoughts, which sometimes was a bad thing. Whenever Cas was sober (and not conducting orgies), he'd offer to come with her when she wanted to spend time with her thoughts, but she refused, preferring to be left alone. It was how she had dealt with it after clawing her way out since she still refused to touch any form of alcohol or drugs.
“Wait, it's all that I can take,&
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Mature content
Take Me As I Am :iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 6 0
Running Out of Time Chapter 5
Dream a Little Dream of Me Part 1
Aline was tired, but Sam was trying to keep her awake, pissing her off. She got that he was protecting both her and Dean from getting killed by Jeremy (of course, there had to be dream root in the bottle of soda she had accepted from him). Fortunately, Dean had sneaked the both of them coffee while his brother wasn't looking back at the strip club. Maybe three or four...or fourteen...she lost count. She practically had to hold onto her feet to keep from bouncing around.
“I mean,” Dean started, “this Jeremy guy's not a frigging ghost. Where the hell could he be?”
“That's exactly what I wanna know! Fudging bastard,” Aline added, growling slightly.
Sam glanced between the two of them. “Dean, are you sure you don't want me to drive? You both seem a little...”
Aline and Dean looked over at him.
“Thanks for the news flash, Edison,” Dean grumbled.
She wo
:iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 2 0
Running Out of Time Chapter 4
Three Months Left
Aline's eyes shot open as she sat up, breathing rapidly. She had lost count of how many times she had woken up after one of her nightmares. The brunette didn't even look over when she heard someone else sit up or wrap an arm around her.
“Another one?” a familiar voice inquired, all traces of sleep gone from his voice, replaced by worry.
She didn't respond, instead checking him over for the wounds she saw in her nightmare. Aline pulled up his dark t-shirt, seeing no claw marks or knife wounds on his muscled chest. She sighed in relief as a light blush appeared on her cheeks, feeling his eyes watching her worriedly. Aline thought she would have gotten over feeling embarrassed after he figured out what was going on, but she didn't.
The next thing she checked was her hands while he pulled his shirt down. They were clean. She felt him pull her into his chest and she cried.
He kissed the top of her head, letting her.
Aline looked up into his eye
:iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 2 0
Running Out of Time Chapter 3
Six Months Left
She hadn't noticed Dean when he entered the motel room, his hazel-green eyes wide in shock.
The radio was on in the motel room, playing “Shattered” by Trading Yesterday.
Tears were running down Aline's face as she threw an empty beer bottle at the wall. A tapestry of obscenities were leaving her mouth as she cursed Yellow-Eyes.
“If you weren't already dead, I would kill you myself!” she screamed, throwing a bottle. “You bastard!”
Her focus moved over to a picture of her, Dean, and John that was sitting on the desk. It had been taken the day before they found the Colt. Sam had taken the picture, while Aline and Dean sat on the hood of the Impala and John stood next to them with a smile on his face. Dean had his arm draped around Aline's shoulder, a beer bottle in hand. There was a blush on Aline's smiling face. She had insisted on getting the picture taken, calling it their little piece of normal.
Dean smiled at the me
:iconkingdomheartsfangirl:kingdomheartsfangirl 5 0
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Ali Knapp
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
:iconemotileftopen::iconemotirequestsopen::iconemotirightopen: See Henshin-a-go-go baby! for info.

I'm a huge fan of WWE and TNA, an Ortonite, Potterhead, Twihard, member of the CeNation (and Team Bring It), WWE Universe, JoMo-sapien, Mizfit, fan of Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and others.

BFFAE: :icondarkchibidragoness:
Real Life Sister: :iconphangirl25:

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I keep thinking about doing a complete reboot of my blog. Maybe do a little clean up or something, I’m not sure yet.

And...a few other things that I’m really reluctant to do because I don’t wanna do this right in the middle of everything. Of course, I’d change a whole lot of this blog, drop a few things, redo that, the whole shebang.

I was almost tempted to delete all three of my blogs and rebuild from the ground up...

...but I can’t bring myself to do that.

I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking of what I’m gonna do. And it’s nothing TOO drastic, I swear! It won’t mean I’m going away or anything. stuff up. It’s something I feel like I should’ve done a while ago, but...


I’m putting my all of my stories and characters (with the exception of my Fire Emblem avatars) up for adoption. And deleting all of my writing accounts.

Well, I can’t exactly delete my writing blog without deleting this blog (Thanks for that, Tumblr. REALLY helps me out with what I wanna do here).

The stories that I have up for adoption are:

The Sun Rise Trilogy (Supernatural/Okami); drabbles included

Kibou to Zetsubou (Supernatural/Danganronpa)

The Greatest Trick (Supernatural/The Usual Suspects fusion)

The Black Gym Bag series (Supernatural/Saw)

Katara’s Memoirs (ATLA)

Voldemort’s Ghosts (Harry Potter)

Yellow Devil (Power Rangers: Dino Thunder)

If you adopt these fics, feel free to make them your own & take out Aline if you wish to. I didn’t include any fics that I was planning on eventually posting because I’m keeping those to myself and deleting them.

My OCs that are up for adoption are:

Aline Peverell (Supernatural; former half-demon turned angel by Alternate Michael. Current face claim is Kate McGrath & voice claim is Laura Bailey. With her, you also get all the main series stories I wrote with her. Those being DeanGirl2Y5′s Seasons of Supernatural.)

Sato Emi (Danganronpa; the Ultimate Cover Singer. Current real life face claim is Katherine McNamara. Anime FC is Luculia Marlborough from Violet Evergarden. Voice claims are Erica Lindbeck for her English voice & Sora Amamiya for her Japanese voice.)

Celica Elwyn (South Park; based on my avatar from Fractured Butt Whole. Real life FC is Maisie Williams, and her VC is Danielle Judovits.)

Sonia Babiole (Undertale; half-human half-cat monster that lives with Sans & Papyrus in Snowdin. Real life FC is Felicity Jones, and her VC is Cherami Leigh) & all her incarnations (click here for details)

Seras Victoria Ride (WWE; Reference is Maryse)

Hinata (WWE; Reference is Christy Hemme)

Draco Ride (WWE; Reference is The Miz)

Azrael Victoria (WWE; Reference is Brie Bella. You also get Azrael’s Road to WrestleMania 27. I’ll give you the first chapter of the rewrite.)

Elena Fay (WWE; Reference is Summer Rae/Kelly Kelly)

Nikita David (WWE; Reference is Eve with red hair)

Amy K (WWE; Reference is Maria Kanellis)

Alanna Lovato/Lissa Harkness (WWE & TNA; Reference is AJ Lee/Nikki Bella)

I will say this: the last fic I will post is the Hope Arc for the “i am the mastermind (underline mastermind)” series called “i’ve been broke (i’ll rise again)” before I delete the rest of my stories off my computer and flash drives.

The last day I will be accepting adoption requests will be May 31, 2019. After that, any stories & characters that have not been adopted will be permanently deleted and my fanfiction accounts (Wattpad, AO3, Quotev, & Fanfiction) will be gone. The only accounts I won’t be deleting are @oldfashioncdvillain​ & my deviantART account. My writing blog will be archived, along with @willintowait​.

Message me if you wish to adopt any of these stories & characters.

  • Listening to: Old World Order (from Danganronpa 3)
  • Reading: The Fourth Closet
  • Watching: chuggaaconroy LPing Phantom Hourglass
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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