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Eyes on you! (Noctis x Reader) Chapter 1/2
Music was coming from everywhere. Everyone was celebrating. The prince would finally be wedded. The two kingdoms of Lucis and Tenebrae united under the ties of sacred mystery of marriage. Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret would be wedded in few hours. After so many trials and betrayals they went through they would finally have the marriage. It was enough to break her heart.
Dress: (
The ball as always was beautiful, perfect. People of the high classes of society who were important enough where invited to celebrate the event. She was here as well since she was one of prince’s closest friends. But recently she found herself to wish the exact the opposite.
(Name) (Surname) was always at Noctis’s side at good or bad times. They knew each other since they were little and that was because the king saved her. She was coming from a wealthy family that was gifted with the power of time. (Name) had visions of the pa
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Masquerade!~Ezio x Reader~Assassin's Creed II~Ch.1
Florence. A fine name for a fine city. Here celebration never ended. Here people sang in happiness most of the time. But it was fine as long as you were someone in this fine city. Wealthy was important here as well everyone but at least people weren’t so blind about it. But what about that young woman?
The young woman was walking around to the streets of this fine city with all the eyes f the male passengers on her. ____ was considering since she was born one of the most beautiful women this city had to offer. Her long ____ hair she tied at a low ponytail in a messy way yet she was breathtaking, her lips that had the same color with a rose that had yet to bloom and of course her well shaped body that made her dress looking even more stunning than before.
With appearance liked that anyone who saw her could swear to God that she had a suitor at her side waiting for her. But no. That was not true. The young lady didn’t have one. Not because she couldn’t find one but beca
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For Hope Estheim's Lovers Part 1
We all had been waiting for those people to come and get us. They said they would help us not like the other soldiers. Those were different. I thought they called themselves NORA. What a name huh? I was scared but I wouldn’t say anything. I was already a burden from the start. I didn’t want to cause any more trouble to them. It was supposed to have a nice time. She, he and I would just stay at the beach to watch the fireworks but then those soldiers came. We were casted out from the life of Coccon. It wasn’t fair but still how to refuse the moment they kept the guns.
I was sitting at the floor hearing the gunshots around me along with large explosions. I had hid my face between my knees waiting for a miracle to come. I had hope. I tried to stay positive. I had to be strong. Thank fully the white hood hid my face well. I was crying or I wanted to anyway. I felt a hand at my shoulder. I lifted my gaze from my knees and looked up. She was staring down at me. Miss Nora Es
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For Genesis Rhapsodos Lovers 2014
‘When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting’
I heard him reciting the prologue of his favorite poem Loveless. This poem was one of my favorite’s things about him. Genesis Rhaphodos was everything a girl at my age would dream of. He was handsome, smart and he loved literature which made him romantic. What could a girl ask more of the guy she liked? Nothing but that didn’t men she had that guy.
I was a second class soldier of Shinra and for a few years now I tried to reach the first class but sadly I was qualified to. Since the time I joined I developed a huge crush at the guy with the red hair. The man was always with his favorite book at his hands. I thought if I reached the first rank he would notice me but my skills weren’t as high as his. Genesis was perfect. Perfect to everything.
We were sitting at the simulator chamber and w
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No one said it would be easy! Clint x Reader p2
Your pov:
  Since the day he left the hospital room I wasn’t myself. I wouldn’t eat or speak. I was like a living doll. Breathing and existing but not truly living. After a while I stopped acting like a child and pulled myself together since my whole family worried about me. I placed a pretty fake smile on my face and fooled them about my condition. If only was that easy to fool myself …
  It’s been a month but I left the hospital since I got better. The doctors said that it would be wise not to push myself too much. I was on my way to my old apartment. My twin older brother Oliver had gathered my things from Clint’s apartment since I was too scared to walk back there and see him.  I walked in the streets of my old neighborhood and greeted all my old friends. I stopped in front of a large building and lifted my gaze at its top. I had arrived at my old ‘palace’. “How nice.” I whispered to myself and walked in.
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The blooming Lotus : Young Justice chapter 5
She had another strange dream last night. She dreamed that she lost inside a thick fog. Leticia was despaired to come out of it. She was running like crazy to find the exit but it was impossible. She fell on the ground and groaned in pain. As she lifted her head a bit she show an extended hand waiting for her to take it. She looked at the man but she could read his face. The only thing she could she was a black glove. That was when she woke up. She wasn’t at the mountain of justice. She had spent the night at Kent’s tower. She used to live her but when the cave was created he sent her to live there.
 She spent her day with her tutor Dr. Fate. She told him about her dream and he told her that he had the same power with her. He had the same dreams before he met his wife. It was like the universe spoke to her showing her future. It showed her the person she would die for, her true and one love. It was true. A mage like her couldn’t fell in love with anyone else besi
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Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters:Ch1:In their world
Today wasn’t your day and you knew. Since this morning nothing good had happened. It was a rainy day at the city of London and you from all people should get wet from a passing car which happened to pass through. After that an idiot came and tried to steal your back which held your belongings. Yeah like hell would let him steal them. You kicked him at the stomach and let him at the authorities to take care of it. You were lucky you knew material arts. When you finally arrived at the university you learnt that someone had told to everyone about who you had crush on. And of course you bad luck didn’t end there the teacher gave you a five for the project you worked for three weeks.
 You were walking at the streets heading back at your apartment hoping that this day would pass quickly if you slept. As you walked far in the distance you saw an old lady sitting in the rain. You could turn round the corner and forgot everything about it but you chose to help her. You walked c
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No one said it would be easy! Clint x Reader p1
As the younger sister in my family I had to take care of my younger siblings since our parents were working day and night to support our family. I would spend my evenings reading to them stories about castles at foreigner lands which held princesses with long beautiful hair and dresses that always waited their price charming to come at their rescue. What did these stories have always in common in the end? Ah yes true love. They would always marry in the end after the evil was defeated by their super powers or was that another story.
  My siblings loved those fairy tales and in the end I learnt to love them too. At first I didn’t like how a tail would show the world. I meant who would sing everyday just because he was happy. It was ridicules. But then I learnt what those silly paragraphs meant behind these. I finally understood what imagination was and what games where and what happiness was. And that was my only goal at life after that: To find someone I could trust and love
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The blooming Lotus : Young Justice chapter 4
Twin tornadoes were produced from a valve beneath the gauntlets on both arms. Superboy tried to burst through them, but they proved too resilient and he was ensnared in a third sent racing towards him. He spun in the cyclone much as the ship had, only he was unable to escape before crashing into the cement wall. He fell to the floor with a grunt, landing on his stomach. Megan watched in shock before turning to Aqualad and Kid Flash who donned his trademark goggles.
 Lotus ran at Robin’s side and tried to help him up, but he stubbornly stood up under his own power, clutching a wound on his side and glaring. From her position on the ground, she scanned their adversary for a weakness in his fighting style. Aqualad gave the nod and the team was off, nearly trampling Leticia who held her position low on the cement floor.
  Kid Flash took off and with a low, front hand spring, catapulted him through the air. With his feet mere inches from Mr. Twister's chest, a wall of wind c
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The blooming Lotus : Young Justice chapter 3
      Morning shone bright with promise for the future, but Leticia couldn't shake a darkening fear of her past. It lay just out of her reach, taunting her endlessly. She slipped out from beneath the bundle of covers and placed her feet on cold brown stone of the living room floor. After stretching, she folded the blankets of her makeshift bed on the couch.  She looked down at the floor and saw the books of the last night. She stayed up late to read them. Yes she could be crazy when it came to magic. A glance at the clock told her she had risen before the sun once again.
Protests from her stomach pulled her into the kitchen where, much to her surprise, Megan was standing in front of the oven.
“I didn't wake you up did I?” she asked, worried.
 Leticia smiled and shook her head. While the Martian took some getting used to, there was no denying how sweet and courteous she strived to be. There existed a kinship between the two outcasts that wanted nothi
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The blooming Lotus : Young Justice chapter 2
     She was lost in void. She was falling in it and she could nothing to stop it neither she desired to. All she could hear was the countless screams of people who died not long ago. She knew where she was. Her mentor Dr. Fate had mentioned this place. He told her not to desire to visit it since she could get lost in there. But now she was there and she could nothing about since she didn’t know how to escape. “The time is running short young heroes. Yu should awake.” Someone shouted at her head. “You must awake!” it shouted louder.
  She opened her eyes wide and lifted her gaze from the floor. The last thing she remembered to pass out and her comrades were fighting with the clone. “Robin!” she shouted.
“Miss me already sweetheart?” she heard someone saying and turned and saw Robin grinning at her. They were inside some large tubes which she knew far too well. Her hands were tied above her head proved her from ca
:iconkingdomheartsdreams:KingdomHeartsDreams 7 4
The blooming Lotus : Young Justice chapter 1
  She closed her eyes and felt the energy at her hand gathering and becoming stronger. She took a deep breath and opened her bright purple crystal eyes. She looked at the piles of books around her. She slowly raised them in the air and they started flowing around her in circle. Her purple crystal eyes started glowing bright as she read each book’s test. All the secrets and spells these books held now belonged to her and she could use it to satisfy her needs.
  As she read the last book the door of her room opened. She placed the books back at the shelves of the large library and her eyes returned to their original color as the purple energy disappeared from her hands. She sighed and swept the sweat from her forehead. “I see you have been reading sorceries books.” Her mentor said and stepped into the room.
  She didn’t turn to face him. Leticia Sierra was an ordinary girl who lived at Gotham city for as long as she could remember. Ok she wasn
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Not to be able to see : Clint x Reader preview
   You were running for your life. Well that was incorrect. You were running like your life was at stake because if you dared failing at this mission your beloved superior Fury would have your head. You and Natasha Romanoff had been sent to catch a dangerous criminal that had been dealings with mafia for quite a while now and he somehow was able to make her stronger. What an idiot? He thought that the S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn’t take notice. Actually this wasn’t your first mission but it was your third. You became an agent three months ago and you had proven quite useful to have around so Fury had put you at the Level 8. Yes you were another little soldier for him to play with.
  You could hear gunshots coming from everywhere which only made you running faster so you wouldn’t get shoot by anyone ‘accidently’ and it somehow amused you. “Black Widow to Void.” You heard Natasha’s voice through your communicator. Your agent I.D was V
:iconkingdomheartsdreams:KingdomHeartsDreams 29 11
Nightwing x Reader : Young Justice! Meeting p. 1
She felt the arrow at her hands. She had no idea that one day she would be able to aim and shoot like him. She slowly opened her eyes and looked straight at the target. It was too far but she knew she would do it. She took a deep breath and position herself to shoot. She pulled the string of her bow and aimed the red circle at the target and then she left the arrow to slip from her fingers. It didn’t take too long before it hit the target. She sighed in relief and walked outside the training room.
  She knew that to become a better archer had to train every day. Her parents were the best heroes in the world or one of the best anyway. She had been training at the art of archery since she was five and now she was sixteen. It was true that her aim was good but she wanted to be perfect like her father’s. She was Green’s Arrow daughter there was no way she could make a mistake at the aim. It would be too embarrassing for her and her father as well. Even if her father
:iconkingdomheartsdreams:KingdomHeartsDreams 266 45
Matt x Reader : You're at my side!(death note) p.3
 I just stood there froze by the sight. The scene my eyes were looking at was quite shocking. Mello was looking at me with a short gun at his hands and Matt was with a half burned cigarette at his mouth watching me carefully. I wanted to speak up to tell them something but my fears caught up with me when I saw the gun. “_____ -“Mello begun but I shook my head furiously not wanting to hear anything. I just smiled causing to the two teens to blush and looked each other shocked.
“Look guys …” I began trying to catch their attention which I did. “I don’t mind what your job is.” I continued and their shocked looks came back. I sighed as I continued my speech. “The only thing I will ask from you while you are staying here is to keep hidden that thing.” I pointed the gun as I spoke. Sad memories came to my mind as I watched at the hands of the blonde boy.
“You mean you don’t want to know why we have guns at home?
:iconkingdomheartsdreams:KingdomHeartsDreams 44 25
Demon at the school! Sebastian x Reader part 1
   You kept looking forward and not turned your head to look at them. You kept telling to yourself that you wouldn’t cry but it was impossible. Ciel and Sebastian were in front of the carriage’s door waiting for you. With every step you took tears threaten to come out. When you were finally beside Sebastian who gave you a sweet smile you turned to gaze your three friends. They were in front of the grand gate of the mansion waving at you and your other two eternal companions.
“It’s time to go ____.” Sebastian whispered to your ear and you slowly nodded not taking your eyes away from those three clumsy servants. He helped Ciel to get on the carriage and tapped your shoulder to tell you that it was time. You looked at the ground with sad eyes and got into the carriage with the young butler’s help.
 You sat across your young master and kept your gaze at the ground. You still couldn’t believe it that you were leaving the house you tri
:iconkingdomheartsdreams:KingdomHeartsDreams 318 72


Fullbody Soier Yasumi by Akara-Hanashi Fullbody Soier Yasumi :iconakara-hanashi:Akara-Hanashi 16 0 1940's AU - KristAnna by NightLiight 1940's AU - KristAnna :iconnightliight:NightLiight 3,523 195 {DGM} +Maiya Reference+ by Erii--Chan {DGM} +Maiya Reference+ :iconerii--chan:Erii--Chan 18 19 Pack Png 2097 // Katherine Langford. by ExoticPngs Pack Png 2097 // Katherine Langford. :iconexoticpngs:ExoticPngs 303 7 VO Girls by ribkaDory VO Girls :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,402 68 Kai Rietz wardrobe by ribkaDory Kai Rietz wardrobe :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 557 51 Octapus in the neighborhood?!... by MuiMushroom Octapus in the neighborhood?!... :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 303 78 Character Expressions by MuiMushroom Character Expressions :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 12 9 Character Lineup by MuiMushroom Character Lineup :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 13 7 How To Train your dragon OC lineup by MuiMushroom How To Train your dragon OC lineup :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 212 40 EverRed: Character Design 3 by MuiMushroom EverRed: Character Design 3 :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 10 0 EverRed: Character Designs 4 by MuiMushroom EverRed: Character Designs 4 :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 7 0 HTTYD Charas: Sigrid Henderson and Voltage by Zephyros-Phoenix HTTYD Charas: Sigrid Henderson and Voltage :iconzephyros-phoenix:Zephyros-Phoenix 438 79 HTTYD - OC Viking Tharsa by Pimander1446 HTTYD - OC Viking Tharsa :iconpimander1446:Pimander1446 208 44 Business by NightysWolf Business :iconnightyswolf:NightysWolf 43 16 Kalyn's aging by Azeher Kalyn's aging :iconazeher:Azeher 49 11



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Operating System: Windows 7
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Favourite cartoon character: Yuna,Cloud,Sora,Leon,Roxas,Sarah,Lighnting,Tifa.Yuffie,Zack,Tidus,Auron,Vincent,Firion...
Personal Quote: Final Fantasy Versus XII
 I am a big fan of Final Fantast series. I thought they would never break my heart but they did. Recently I read the one of my favorites characters Stella has been erased from the new game. Why? I just loved her. Why? I am not fond to this Lunafraye. I don't know why but I don't like her. Maybe it's because she is too perfect? I don't know. Anyway I think it's unfair. That's all I am saying. But I bet this game would be the best.
[Final Fantasy XIII] Serah Farron (Blender Cycles) by mjq3690
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