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Hello my friends, what a month it has been. Now as you know recently a few weeks ago E3 2018 came and went and Square Enix released quite a bit of Kingdom Hearts III news and information. Now I'm sure like many of you, if you were like me you calmly and rationally viewed this information in a mature manner 

A few weeks ago during the trailer reveals 

RATATOUILLE!!!! FUCK ME ITS PIRATES AGAIN!!! HOLY SHIT THE GRAPHICS! LARAXENE! LUXORD! KAIRI AND LEA! RFEPLICA!!!!!! AJFBIEDCGWSDXKBUYVGQEFJQBE AKSCJKJwrfoeFOwuhefoiqWJU  bausodj odbcouhpIJ *Begins to bang on the walls, foam at the mouth and then twitch on the floor as his family comes in concerned*

. . . . . . .

o like i said . . . . rationally and calmly ahem

So as I was saying lets briefly go over the major bombshells.

The first trailer was at the Microsoft press conference surprisingly 

Now we've all known for years and years that Frozen would be in KH3. It was so obvious not only from a money making and popularity perspective but also from the fact its a narrative that first very well into the lore of KH. Even I said 3 years ago quote Okay lets get it out of the way. Its surge in popularity has made lots of people hate the very mention of this film. But the hype over it and the claims of it being overrated aside, Frozen by itself is a great Disney film. And one that would certainly fit great into the Kingdom Hearts world (If for nothing that its inclusion alone would boost sales) But also because of how much its tales of the heart match Kingdom Hearts to a T. But how would the world be executed. The snowy Kingdom of Arendelle would obviously be a fun land to explore, but how would the character interactions go, Would Sora help Princess Anna save her sister? Would Riku help Queen Elsa discover the power of friendship and love? Would Goofy be a kindred spirit with Olaf? And of course would we be able to smack Hans and Trader Johan around with the Keyblade? Though what I'd really like to do is play as Kairi and have the female triple threat of Kairi, Elsa, and Anna in a fight against a Heartless!!!! :icondragontail1: Ahhh 2015, we were all so innocent then.

As it turns out I have a good eye for predictions as Sora and the gang are helping the 2 sisters and Laraxene appears very interested in pushing Elsa to darkness which I can't to interact with.

We also received new footage in the second trailer from the Square Enix conference   our dear Remy from Ratatouille will be in the game and much speculation is on how his role will be as more then likely he'll have a restaurant in Twilight Town. Seeing more footage of Tangled, Monsters Inc, Hercules, and Toy Story was also an intense joy. They are definitely gonna be vibrant worlds. 

And we received Gummy Ship footage as well, how long we' e wanted to see how it would be in KH3 as it was a chore in the first game and exciting in the second game. Its gonna be fantastic in this one.

And the last trailer at the Sony conference completely cam out of nowhere 

Pirates of the Caribbean looks fantastic like I was worried how they would have live action worlds but i always knew it would fit well. I also said back in 2015 quote Now this one I can't believe I'm saying that I want to return. I was a bit weirded out when I discovered that Pirates of the Caribbean would be in the game but when i played it I very much enjoyed it as I did the film. Now with the trilogy completed in the film series with Dead Man's Chest and At World's End I am believe it or not excited for this world to return. Cause let's face it the films had plenty of action and fight scenes that would be really fun and work out well. Everybody loves Captain Jack Sparrow (Just please Square, please tell me you put up the money to have Johnny Depp pleeeaaaasseee!) and seriously the whirlpool battle between The Flying Dutchman and The Black Pearl was super awesome, can you imagine Heartless thrown into that and Sora swashbuckling in the battle!?!?!? THAT WOULD BE SOOO AWESOME!!!!! Once again I was right, i was surprised it appears they skipped Dead Mans Chest and went straight into At Worlds End but I'm ok with that because it looks incredible (And they shelled out money for Johnny Depp himself) 

Also looks like we'll be fighting all the Titans in Hercules this time, not just the rock titan. 

The 3 biggest lore bombshells of these trailers though were seeing our beloved Master Aqua has succumbed to the darkness after spending so long in the realm of darkness (Although I personally don't believed he was "Norted" as the fandom has been rapidly saying, seeing Lea and Kairi in the trailers at last still training, and Riku conversing with the replica somehow. 

There was so much revealed and at last and most importantly.

The long awaited release date 

Janurary 29th, 2019

How long have we awaited this day!?!?!?!? Now I admit that I wa slightly salty that it was delayed past 2018 like they said last year but its only because they want the japanese and worldwide release dates as close as possible. We'll have a 4 day delay between the games (Avoid youtube for 4 agonizing days unless you want spoilers) but I can handle that, we've all waited this long and we can wait a bit longer 

So what do you guys thing? Did you all literally lose your shit at the trailers like me, gimme your thoughts and opinions lets discuss. 
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