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Reality 2/6Kin Town was a very old, beautiful amalgamation of cultures in Japan. After World War II, the US military built Camp Hansen right in the middle of the town as a base to house marines. Over time, as businesses began to cater to the base, the two social spheres melded together to create a mixture of American and Japanese countryside that became a distinctive trademark. This developed a very unique atmosphere where English and Japanese played side by side on the daily, with Okinawan locals and marines bridging the barrier to be good friends. The old, historic buildings and welcoming attitude created an easy going atmosphere to attract strangers far and wide. Sora loved it, getting peeks of the outside world through foreigners and visitors, and becoming friends with American and Japanese citizens without discrimination. While he may have occasionally gotten confused for an American, hardly anyone gave him a second glance as an anomaly- he was just another white face in the town. His bilingual skills were not a rarity, but practically commonplace, with the two worlds coming together to create something beautiful and rare. It was his home, and there was no where else in the world like it.Now there was only pain. Two days after the disaster, the worlds lay in pieces at his feet. The old, worn buildings that had once housed tacorice and bars now lay in shambles and ruin. The shock had finally worn off, and the grief set in.Army and red cross had already started arriving, trying to make haste with the disaster relief even as the rescues carried on. Suspense and apprehension reigned supreme throughout the shelters and camps as survivors waited with bated breath, hoping to find loved ones alive by some miracle in the rubble while the waters receded. Or just find them in the shelters.Sora was one of the latter.As he waded through the tents and sleeping bags, he searched for any familiar face at all. No Tidus, no Selphie or Wakka- but this was three out of hundreds spread through multiple areas. It wasn’t easy to search through everyone.The hilarious part was he had a cellphone. It just didn’t work anymore.But he did know one face personally, and he was able to ask people in charge for her.The mayor was an average-height woman, with a slight build and straight black hair she normally kept loosely pulled back. Thick forelocks and blunt bangs framed her round face, and thin, usually painted lips popped out against her skin. She had very dark eyes, and a small smile she constantly wore for the public’s benefit.But now she was just as haggard as the rest of the victims, wearing her dirty nightgown (much like the rest of the people) with only a clear, washed face and hands to differentiate her as a leader. She was busy speaking with a rescue agent trying to go over procedures, when Sora found her.“Ms. Mayor?”She looked at him, and then she gasped, bowing to the agent and apologizing profusely before she rushed to Sora. “Sora! Where’s Kairi? Is she at the camp?” She asked excitedly, looking out behind him.Sora felt his heart sink. “I’m sorry, Mayor.” He dropped his eyes. “We got separated. I lost her.”And just like that, her face fell again. She brought her hands to her face, shaking her head slightly as she felt the dread creeping in.“Have you seen my parents?”No,” she confessed as she released her face. “You’re the first.”His stomach clenched. That meant she hadn’t seen their other friends either.“Have you been helped? Do you have a sleeping bag?”Yeah, I’ve been looking for everyone.”Well, keep looking. People are still coming in. And people have been taken to hospitals too- they may be there.”He nodded to show he understood, and decided to hold off on his search for now.The shelters and camps were further up the elevation, out of the way of the worst of the tsunami damage. The gym shelter was at the community center, while the rest were camps that had been set up in the parks, near the main road on the edge of Camp Hansen. They were several spread through out the city, as opposed to one big camp, so it had taken Sora all day to walk through the camps and travel to each, before he opted for the one nearest the City District Office. The tsunami had receded from the area, so it was, thankfully, dry ground by the time Sora stopped. But out in the open, they still had to look at earthquake damage, and trash down the roads. Besides the rocks, rubble, wood, and odd knick knacks and furniture, the waste from sea water littered the ground. Some kelp and seaweed and even dead fish got caught in some of the crevices and on the tires of old cars that had drifted. The stink of stale water and fish began to permeate the air as the sun beat down over the next two days.And there were bodies.As if the damage itself weren’t enough, after two days there were all these unfamiliar faces swarming the place, telling people where to go and what to do. They were helping, but they were just adding a strange culture to an already unfamiliar situation, just adding to the dissociation.Sora started to have these weird thoughts lately. Like, was any of this for real? Or not?People weren’t allowed to watch the rescue efforts, for risk of getting in the way. But they gave missing loved ones names, and their addresses, so that their houses could be searched. Sora did the same just in case, though he knew his father would have unburied his mother by the time the waves hit. Everyone alive was registered with the red cross and city census, and were kept in designated areas so as to reunite them with families. (Or eventually, to be told news of their loved ones’ deaths.)“Shouldn’t you be in the base?” The soldier asked, confused.Sora looked to him, equally confused. He was waiting in line for rations and had finally gotten up to the front to take his meals for the next couple days. “No? My spot’s over there,” He said, pointing out the middle of the park. The soldier stared at him, but Sora paid him no heed, instead taking his rations and leaving. Sora might have forgotten the incident, if it wasn’t for what happened the next day. (Because that soldier had remembered him and reported it to his superior, just in case.“Can you describe the boy for me?”“Yeah. Short, thin, blue eyes, spiky hair.”“Spiky?”“Yup. Really spiky.”“ you have a hair color?”“Oh, brown.”)Sora had just been talking with his camp neighbors, minding his own business, when a man in army uniform came up to him.“Hey, kid.”He was a taller man, with broad shoulders and dark brown hair. He had very piercing storm-blue eyes and a scar between them. Sora took one look at him and was instantly intimidated.“...yes?”“What’s your name?”“Arias?” He looked at the clipboard the man brought out. “Sora?”He checked near the top of the list, scanning thoughtfully with a frown, and flipped the page up to check that one too. “You’re not showing up on the list.”“Oh...” He looked at his camp neighbors as though for some explanation, but they seemed even more baffled than him. “So… you haven’t found my mom and dad?” He asked hopefully.He let the page fall and looked at him critically. “How did you end up in this camp?”“Uh, I walked here.” He pointed east, in the general direction of the other camps. “I got carried out to the gym and made my way back here.”He turned around briskly. “Come with me.”Sora winced, but stood to do that.“Bring your bag.”“O-oh, um...” He hastily grabbed his things. “Am I not supposed to be here?”“No, and I have no idea why you are. Someone should have brought you over.”“Sorry...”Of course, Sora didn’t know why he was apologizing, he just felt it was the right thing to do. (Mostly it was due to the fear talking.) He trekked in behind him, following close at his heels with his head down, like a scolded school boy. At least until he heard his name.“Sora! Where are you going?”Sora looked up at her and stopped, at once glad for a familiar face. “Mayor!” He glanced at the military person, then to her. “He said I’m not supposed to be here.”But, that’s the way to the marine shelter!”What?” He jumped back, looking at the man in confusion. Then he switched to English. “But, I’m not military!”The man, who had been following the exchange silently, pinched the bridge of his nose as he sighed. “I was just about to make a big mistake, wasn’t I?”“Sir,” the mayor said in heavily accented English as she hurried over. She put her hands on Sora’s shoulders, making him feel immensely safer. “I know he looks American, but he is not! His parents are both Japanese, and American, making him look like this! But he is Japanese.”“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?” The man chided him.Sora winced, taking a step back. “You didn’t ask!”“Iiiii think you might’ve overdone it, Sergeant Squall.”The new voice made the three turn with a start. A young, pleasant, Japanese face peered up at them from her spot. The giveaway to her true identity, however was the camouflage uniform of US military.“The poor kid was too scared to argue back.”“It’s Leonhardt” The man shifted as he put his hand on his hip. “Shouldn’t you be out directing traffic, Kisaragi?”“Already done, sir!” She snapped her heels together and saluted smartly. “They just need your signature for the deliveries!”“Of course they do.” He sighed. “I can’t believe I was about to kidnap a kid...” He said to himself, then looked at the mayor again. “Sorry about this.”She nodded her head. “It’s alright, I understand.”He nodded to her, then stalked off to do whatever next responsibility he had going on. Sora harrumphed and crossed his arms.“He could’ve asked...”“Sorry about him,” Yuffie said. “He’s been wound up tight through all this. He hates seeing all these people in so much pain.”“Could’ve fooled me,” Sora huffed.“Don’t let him get to ya. He’s a real softie under that hard, military exterior.” She winked. “But I guess I shouldn’t be telling you that.”Despite himself, Sora smiled. “That’s ok. I won’t tell him.”“Thanks! I’d like to keep my career a little bit longer!” She jokingly saluted with a smile, before waving at them. “Seeya!”Sora waved back, watching her leave with some amusement.“Do you think Tidus and Selphie are with them?” He asked the mayor. “Since they’re American? Maybe they confused Kairi too.”I checked- the Tidus and Selphie are there, but Kairi isn’t with them. I’m sorry Sora, I meant to tell you, I just forgot...”It’s ok.” He smiled reassuringly up at her. “You’re doing a lot. But man, that’s a relief. At least we don’t have to worry about them anymore. We just need to find Wakka and Kairi.”She finally let go of him, lips pursing in thought. She looked after where the other two had gone, where the military and red cross personnel were working. She wondered how best to go forward.Of course, his camp neighbors were extremely curious about the incident, thinking that Sora had just been told good news about his family, so he had to quickly translate and reiterate for their benefit. Despite his scare, it caused some general amusement and to last them the next 15 minutes.But after the sixth day of constantly checking new faces, and awaiting fruitlessly for news, Sora couldn’t take the agonizing, grievous monotony anymore.Just to try to get his mind off things, he decided to take a quick peek at these cool new planes flying in. He kept seeing them overhead, and at first couldn’t figure out what they were all carrying. So he decided to find out.The fence around the small airport had been bent, so Sora leaned onto an unbroken piece. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there watching all the busyness through the fence links, all he knew was that it beat staring at earthquake damage day in and day out. Everyone was so busy with the unpacking and hauling cargo from the long, thick planes no one noticed him. So he stared, mind eventually wandering back to the night unfairly replaying in his mind.“Hey! What’re you doing here, kid!?”Oops, opportunity over.He jumped and blinked back to reality, staring at two workers that had noticed him. The shipment had apparently finally slowed, and the men had the opportunity to spot their little spy. He winced and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry.” He said, face down. “I just wanted to check out the planes.”The two men were both wearing khaki pants and a white jacket. One was as short as Sora, and white with carrot hair, the other was average height, lanky and black with close cropped hair. The short white one looked pissed off, while his companion looked over Sora’s ragged, haphazard appearance with something akin to sympathy.“What’s your name, son?” The taller man asked.“It’s Sora.”“Do ya like Goofy?”He perked up. “Yeah! An’ Donald and Mickey too!”“What a coinkidink!” Came Goofy’s voice, and the man drawled with a grin. “I’m Goofy, an’ this here’s Donald!”Sora gasped in awe, as the shorter white companion glowered up at his friend. “Seriously? Now, of all times? I swear, you are-”“Whoa!” Sora gaped, eyes wide and sparkling with rapture. “You sound justlike him!”“Sure do!” The man grinned, showing off his big bright teeth. Then spoke in his normal voice. “The name’s Glover.” He switched back into his impression, thumbing at his companion. “An’ this here worry wart’s my best pal!”“For the last time!” The companion seethed. “Stop making that dumb-!”“What’s your real name?” Sora asked.“...Donald.”Sora snorted, then snickered into his fist.“Now you can see why I hate this guy so much,” He glowered up at Glover, who just grinned down mischievously at him.Despite himself, Sora smiled, spirits lifting as he giggled. “Is this your plane?”“Yeah.”“Cool! I love planes! My dad’s a pilot.”“Then you should know you’re not supposed to be here.”“Aw c’mon, I’m outside the fence!” He argued. “And I know to avoid the runway!”“I should hope so.”“Do your parents know where you are?” Glover asked more seriously.“I haven’t found them yet,” Sora confessed. “We got separated after the tsunami.”Glover was quiet then, and even Donald grew grim with realization. Sora released the fence, and grabbed his own arm wilting under their looks. His spirits fell and that familiar feeling of dread cropped up again from the doubts. Glover pressed his mouth together and looked around the airport and runway, seeing the last of the workers and cargo hauls making their way out.“...Wanna see the inside?” Glover asked, pointing to the cargo plane behind them.“Do I!?”“Oh no,” Donald wagged his finger, even as Sora excitedly went to a bent piece of the fence. “No no no no no no we’re not getting in trouble today!”“Relax, no one’ll know.” Glover brushed off. “So long as we keep him off the runway.”He snorted.The boy stepped over the barbed wire and bent chain link and stomped quickly across the fence. He followed Glover up the ramp of the plane. “Whoa, cool!” Sora gasped once they got inside. “So this is what it looks like!” He walked around the empty interior, looking around with interest before turning around. “Can I see the controls?”“Sure!”“No!”Sora ignored him and darted up to the front, looking over all the buttons and knobs with interest.“Do ya know how to fly?” “Goofy” teased.“No, but I want to!” Sora assured. “I’m gonna be a pilot when I grow up!”“Well looky here, Donald!” He affectionately rubbed the boy’s rat’s nest of a head. “We got ourselves here a little pilot!”“Not if he keeps breaking the rules, we don’t.” He grumped.“How ‘bout I give you here a little lesson?”“Really?” Sora perked. “That’d be great!”“Alrighty now, strap yourself in- safety first!” He instructed, and Sora quickly followed his directions.“So what’s this button do?” He pointed to one.“Don’t touch!” Donald snapped.“I wasn’t gonna!”And so began Sora’s first “flying lesson”. He didn’t actually learn all that much, so much as bicker playfully with the pilots. But either way, Sora hadn’t felt this excited in months, so counted this as a win.“So how come you’re being so nice to me?” Sora asked Glover as he looked at Donald, who had retreated to the back to keep “look out”. “He doesn’t seem to like me much.”“Aw that’s just how he worries,” He assured. “He likes you plenty.”Sora looked skeptical.“I got a son about your age.”“Really?” Sora asked with interest. “What’s his name?”“Max.”Sora busted up. He clutched his stomach and bowled over, howling through the plane. Once he calmed, he finally gasped and pointed to the man accusingly. “Tell the truth: did you do that on purpose?”“Nope! Cross my heart!” He grinned as he did so. “Named him before I saw the cartoons. ‘Course that just means he hates my impressions too now. Used to love ‘em when he was little though. ‘Aw, c’mon, Maxy! Let’s get this here doohicky all fixed up!’ He thought it was the greatest thing ever.”Sora snickered.“You know, Donald has a couple nephews, too.”“Huey, Dewy, and Louie?” Sora asked hopefully.“No!” Donald snapped.Sora just laughed.Glover gave him his number, and his email to write on his hand, even when they knew it was useless. Sora’s phone still didn’t work, but he figured he could just borrow a scrap of paper from someone, and hold onto them until then. Assuming he’d even get paper before it faded, anyway.As he got ready to sneak back over the fence to get going, he hesitated. “...thanks for doing this for me,” he said sincerely. “You know, even if you’re not supposed to.”“Aw, dontcha worry about it, Sora!” Goofy waved. “Anything we can ta heylp.”Sora’s eyes stung with tears, even as he smiled. And in an impulsive moment, Glover extended his arms out invitingly.Sora hesitated.The teen was Japanese through and through. Physical contact and affection was not high on the priority for Japanese people, and an embrace between two males was almost unheard of. In fact, the last time Sora had “hugged” someone was when he was a child, whenever his father would come home after long trips away. But Sora knew of the gesture, and he knew of it’s commonality to Americans.And when he thought back to what he’d have to face, and what these men had given him, he found that suddenly the idea didn’t seem so bad.Bursting into tears, he ran into his embrace, holding him tight and relishing in the physical contact. He sobbed into the man’s shirt.“I’m sorry, kid.” He said, gently rubbing his back. “I wish there was a way I could make this better.”He had though, Sora thought, in his own way. Talking about something else, anything else, just helped him push reality back for a few, precious minutes. And Sora was doubly surprised when he pulled back, only to be tugged into Donald’s arms too. “I hope you find your parents soon.”So Donald really did care. Go figure.Sora smiled, and after another moment finally pulled back. He hurriedly wiped his face. “I will! Mom’s probably just in the hospital. Dad told me about the tsunami, so he probably just stayed to get her out of the rubble!” Sniff. “They’ll be fine! I just gotta wait until she’s better.”“That’s the spirit!” Glover smiled.“You keep your chin up, now,” Donald instructed, gently tapping it up with his knuckle. “Try to find a brightside in everything you do, alright?”“I will.” He promised. Then turned around and gave them a wave. “Goodbye! Good luck!”“Good luck! And you take care too, Sora.”And so he bid the two goodbye, lighter in spirits and eternally grateful for their time together, no matter how brief it was.When he arrived to his spot again, he was surprised when his camp neighbors motioned for him to go again.“The mayor is looking for you!”What for?”She didn’t say.”He found her eventually, following her at her urging. He became increasingly confused as they went past the camps, especially as he recognized the way to the military base.Sergeant Squall was at the gate and had his back to them, seemingly waiting for something. He turned at the mayor’s call, and Sora instantly wilted under his gaze.“Sergeant Leonhardt,” She greeted. “He will be your translator.”And then Sora’s eyes widened in horror. He craned his neck to look at her in disbelief. She wasn’t seriously suggesting he work with this guy, was she?But, as the sergeant switched his gaze back down to Sora, it became increasingly clear she did. He had no choice but to accept this as his new reality. And from the disapproval on his face, Sergeant Leonhardt seemed none too happy about it either.Sora looked up at him with something akin to dread.Welp.So much for his good spirits.
Reality 1/6Tonight was the night, and everything had to be perfect.He fiddled with the last spike in front of his eyes one more time, before finally releasing his hair and admiring it in the mirror. He’d been tweaking this new hairdo for the last two months, and he finally deemed it perfect. Some people teased him for his spikey style, but he thought he looked cool and action-y, like a shonen hero. He even had the light hair and big blue eyes! Maybe if he ever cosplayed, it would be a benefit from his mixed-race heritage to not need contacts.And most importantly, the hairdo hid his ridiculous monkey ears and made him look just a little bit taller.Look, at 160 cm, he needed all the help he could get.He adjusted his basketball jersey and fiddled with the white tee under it. With his beige cargo shorts, he dubbed his outfit perfect. Cool, but casual, not looking like he was trying too hard. He picked up the little palm-sized silver box on the counter and looked it over, happy excited butterflies in his stomach. He already knew she’d love it- he knew her practically like he knew himself. She was the Jasmine to his Aladdin, the Meg to his Herc, the Belle to his-!Ok wait, maybe not the Beast. Sora liked to think he was a little better behaved than that.Anyway, she was perfect for him, and now he’d just have to be perfect for her. Easier said than done.He wished he could talk to Riku about all this, but ever since his friend stopped talking to them last year, Sora hadn’t had the chance to tell him about any of this planning. Which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing, because when he had admitted his crush to him, Riku had teased him relentlessly about it. Still, if Sora had his way, he’d march up and pound on his door to demand an explanation for his sudden silence. He could at least email, right?!But unfortunately, the Caucasian boy’s father was United States Marines, which was the only reason the family was in Japan in the first place. And deployment couldn’t last forever, so they had returned to the US several years ago. Riku was fine with it, eager to get off the small island and go to the Land of Opportunity. But it left Sora with one best friend instead of two, and now he was a little lonely.That probably meant Tidus would be leaving them soon too… that was depressing.But either way, hopefully now that Sora and Kairi were almost sixteen, they’d soon be more than best friends.He placed the box carefully in his pocket, and pat it twice, before putting away his hair spray and hair gel. He readjusted his clothes again, re-smoothed his top spike tips, then clapped his cheeks a few times.“Ok, Sora!” He murmured to himself, then bounced as he spoke in his native tongue. “You can do this!”Tip toeing his way to the front of his apartment, he carefully slipped on his shoes, quietly locked the door, and snuck out into the night.He was only a fifteen minute walk from the beach- a perk of living near the shores of Okinawa- and already assumed Kairi would be there waiting for him. It wasn’t completely dark, the streetlamps and moon lighting his way as though it were still early evening. His steps felt heavier, worry twisting inside of him as he approached. And as expected, there she was at the shoreline. The sandy shore was away from the streetlights, so the pitch black covered the water, with moonlight reflecting ripples in the night. She was hunched over, using her cell phone flashlight to scan the darkness, too eager to wait for him. She was a vision in the night with her long, auburn hair, light skirt turned dark violet in the night, and white spaghetti strap. She was pretty in anything she wore, and once again his heart skipped a beat at the sight of her.Kairi. His best friend, his love, and his future.“Sora!” She waved at him and beckoned him closer. “I found a pretty one!”“Oh really?” He grinned, glad at the great start to the night. “That’s good!”“Hmmmm?” She hummed thoughtfully at him as he approached, smile turning teasing as she shined the light on him. “You did your hair tonight. No wonder you took so long.”“Ah-” He winced, rubbing the nape of his neck a little sheepishly. He knew she was just teasing, since he was only five minutes late. “Do you like it?”She hummed again, this time in consideration. “I guess so. It makes you look cooler than your usual poofy hair!” She teased, reaching up and ruffling his spikes playfully.“Hey!” He protested, hands flying up to fix them. “I just made it!”She laughed at him, before darting off, stealing away his chance to retaliate.They’d gone seashell hunting plenty- more times than they could count. The best times were during winter before all the tourists could take the good ones, and leave them with shards and scraps. They scoured the darkness, using their cellphone lights to illuminate the sand. This time however, besides the shell Kairi found in the beginning, they didn’t have a good haul. Sora took this as his opportunity. While he was away from her, he fished out the little box, and plucked out the contents, holding it safely in his palm.“Kairi!” He waved with his free arm after putting the box away again, and stood up to meet her. “I found a really good one!”She dropped her hunt and came to meet him, eager at his discovery. When he uncurled his hand and revealed it, she gasped sharply, hand over her mouth.“Do you like it?” He asked.“Oh, Sora, it’s beautiful!” She reverently plucked it from his palm and examined it under the light of her phone. “I can’t believe someone lost this!”It was a ceramic, silver-lined thalassa shell charm, hung on a delicate silver chain. It was about the size of the tip of her finger, fine and elegant. It was in the shape of a star, five shells melded together to create the illusion. It was her favorite seashell in a cutesy shape, forever immortalized and conveniently crafted to carry with her wherever she went.“Actually,” he laughed, but it was all nerves. His stomach did flip-flops and throat went dry. Now or never, Sora, don’t give up! “I picked it out for you.”She looked at him and froze. “What?”Weeks of practicing and fantasizing all came down to this moment. He just had to not mess it up. “Kairi, I...” One last breath. “I love you. I’ve loved you ever since we were kids. Ever since I was little I just wanted to be with you, and now that feeling’s just gotten stronger. I want us to be together.” He put his trembling hand over his heart, emotions getting the best of him now that he was here. “If you just give me a chance, I can prove I’ll be the best boyfriend ever! I know everything you like and can make every day special. So just… say yes and that you’ll start going out with me!”For a second, only the waves spoke. Kairi was frozen on the spot, jaw slack at the sudden turn. Sora was reeling at his own bravado. He did it! He actually did it! He didn’t stumble over his words or anything! He couldn’t believe how perfectly this was going!“Sora...” Oh no, she was talking. “You’re my dearest, best friend.” Yes! Good, another confession! “And you’re the most precious person in the world to me.” He had hoped for this reaction- nay, dreamed it, but feeling it in person was something else! “You know I would give anything to make you happy!” He knew, Kairi! He knew already! Just say yes and get it over with! You were killing him with the suspense!“But...”His heart stopped.“Those feelings aren’t… like that. I never saw you as a boyfriend. Maybe like… a brother.”His stomach started to clench. A cold panic started to seize him. “Well, that’s just cuz you haven’t gone out with me yet,” He hastily argued. “I can be romantic! And even nice! Just give it a few dates, you’ll see-”“No, I mean-” And she looked at him like her heart was breaking. “I’ve tried to look at you that way. I thought I would be happier if I did. But no matter what I tried, I could never see you like that. I’m sorry, Sora.” She took his hand, and carefully placed the necklace back. “I can’t accept this.”He stared, frozen in place as he looked at the trinket in his hand, and comprehended what was happening. For a few seconds he forgot to breathe, a momentary shock blocking him from reacting.“Sora?” She whispered in the night.She shook himself out of it. And then he laughed nervously. “No, no, Kairi, you’re right, we’re just friends. I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t’ve expected anything else.” He clumsily got out the box from his pocket, trembling hands fumbling the necklace back into the box. “I mean let’s face it, if you felt something you would’ve said something sooner, right?” He laughed again. “I’m always the slow one.”“It’s not like that, Sora!” She protested, not liking where this was going. “I really tried, I just didn’t want-”“I just-” He held up a hand. “I just need a few days on my own, ok?”She pressed her lips together, stepping back. “Oh… ok. But we’re… we’re still friends, right?”He looked at her then, expression betraying how lost he felt. He had been so sure she’d say yes. It just seemed like the natural, expected progression in their relationship. He’d never even considered what he’d do if she’d said “no”. But he quickly beat it back, summoning up a smile in true Sora fashion as he reassured her. “Of course, Kairi! You’ll always be my best friend!”She didn’t feel convinced. But she didn’t say anything as he slipped the box back into his pocket. And finally turned and headed home.They had to take the same way back- at least for the first part. It left them in a thick, confusing, awkward silence as they trekked through the night. Kairi wished she could say something, anything to make this better, but she’d tried her best. Finally desperate to end the silence, she said: “You know, tonight was really nice! I thought it was really sweet the way you did everything! Any other girl would love it!”But Sora didn’t answer. If anything, his head just seemed to hang lower. (It was because he disagreed with her. It wasn’t for “any other girl”- he had planned everything just for her liking.) Kairi gave up, an increasingly large part of her fearing that maybe they’d never be able to joke and talk normally again. Sora, for his part, didn’t say a word. He held onto himself in a way he never had before, arms half crossed in the night air. But he wasn’t holding off the cold.There was a great rumble and shake, and suddenly the ground lurched from underneath them. They fell to the ground, wobbling and shaking on all fours as a fury hit the island with a vengeance. A telephone pole fell just to the side of them, and Sora threw his arm over Kairi. He pushed her down out of instinct, holding her against the pavement for dear life. Everything broke and cracked around them, the rumble of the quake underlying the sudden shouts and whip-crackle of buildings breaking in the night. As the world crashed with thunderous roars around them, the pair shook and whimpered, praying with everything they had that they’d survive.It felt like eons, but lasted only a few minutes. When it finally went still, they were too afraid to move, ears ringing ominously in the sudden silence of the night. After a moment, Sora cautiously lifted his head and released Kairi, both pushing to their knees. Dusty plumes rose in the night, hazing out jagged silhouettes against the night stars, piercing the heavens with the damage. They looked on in horror as the powder settled and the wreckage became clear. Buildings had crumpled and collapsed all around them, with poles and streetlights broken, toppled over, and sparking. Cracks in the asphalt showed where the earthquake had fractured the ground, and pale sidewalks bore the same treatment.Their entire world had shattered.With heaving breaths, Sora and Kairi took one look at each other, shouted “MA!”  echoingly, then sailed as they took off into the night.
Chapter 13: Do You Believe In Magic? Nope.
Hey sorry for the wait. I had to find a beta-reader and my mom die so I haven't been as active as before. But here is the chapter and I have more stuff to talk about at the end so stay tuned.Karakura Town, The Streets, Night"God damn it! Quit running!" Edward shouted as he chased down Kon. Who just ran faster and laughed at him and Sakura responded."At this rate, we lose him!" Sakura added as she glared at Kon.Edward huffed and then turned to Sakura, "Hey Sakura," Sakura stopped and turned to him, "I got an idea…"Kon was happily 'hmm' to himself. It was great to be able to walk again in Ichigo's body. Once he ditched these two Kon planned to the town to find some girls. The pink girl was fine to look at but he quickly learned that she bites back. Maybe he finds some nicer chicks out there.Wait...was it him or his shadow was getting bigger?"Ahhh!" Kon cried out as Sakura landed on his back, kicking up dust when they fell."Got him!" Sakura exclaimed as Edward used his alchemy and pushed back the platform he used to toss Sakura."Finally!" Edward ran up toward them as Sakura dragged Kon up and put his hands behind his back."Hey watch those hands! Unless you want to go lower…Ack!" Kon cried out in pain as Sakura squeezed his hands in pain."Finish that sentence and I'll end you," She said in a singsong tone of voice."Fine, fine," Kon said. Maybe next time…."Ichigo!"A portal opened up in front of them and a large man with a tattooed face stepped out of it. His eyes locked on to Kon and then his face turned into a murderous one in that second."There you are Ichigo. Come here and fight me like a man!" Kon screamed when the man lunged at him. Sakura pulled Kon away just in time."Friend of yours?!" Edward asked, clapped his hands, and touched his metal arm. A part of the metal forearm reshapes into a blade."H-he's Grand Fisher! I heard about him but he looks different now." Kon explained, ready to bolt, "He must mistake me for Ichigo!" He told them. Then Grand Fisher closed the distance, fist raised to smash Kon into a red smudge on the ground. Who was lucky that Sakura pulls him out of the way."Fight me Ichigo!" Grand Fisher yelled at Kon and who hid behind Edward and Sakura."Any chance he might leave us alone if we told you're not Ichigo?" Sakura asked."Most likely not," Kon answered."Figures," Edward scoffed.Sakura ran forward and pushed Grand Fisher back a few feet."He's not here! Go away!" Sakura yelled at him. Grand Fisher glared at her and Edward ran to her side."You want to get in my way? Fine then, you two die first!" With that Heartless rise up from the shadows gathered around the trio."The hell? They're here too?" Edward questioned and one of the Heartless lunged toward him. But he saw it coming a mile away and stabbed it with his blade arm. That killed it but more started to close in."Less talking and more fighting!" Sakura replied, as she picked up one Heartless and used it to beat the other one to death."That's good! I'm just going now," Kon turned around then tried to run away. Only for Heartless to block his escape route."You're not getting away Ichigo!" Grand Fisher pulled out his sword which was the size of a house and swung at Kon. Who screamed in terror. A part of the ground raised a block and the swing and Sakura threw the Heartless at the Hollow. Kon felt someone grab someone's wrist. "Stay close to us idiot! He's not going to let you go!" Edward shouted at Kon.Grand Fisher swings his sword at Sakura who jumps away. But then Grand Fisher darted forward toward Sakura who was still mid-air. She couldn't dodge! Edward rushed forward to Grand Fisher and a punch with his leg metal-blade arm to stop him. He just wanted to stab him, to make him flinch in pain. But then when fist contact with his leg and him went flying. Edward looked down at his fist in shock. He noticed there was a slightly green aura around. Just like Sakura's punches…"Will you two," A sudden breeze was all the warning Edward got before Grand Fisher appeared right in front of him, "STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" He was about to cut Edward down but Sakura punches him away.Bam!"Edward now!" Sakura shouted and he didn't miss a beat. He claps his hand and touches the ground. A part ground raised and transformed the giant hand and grabbed the Hollow."Get out of here! Ichigo isn't here and your Heartless buddies are gone," Edward glared at the Hollow, looked like he's ready to murder him, "You lost. Now get out of here before we kill you." Edward said coolly. Of course, Edward never killed someone before and the thought of taking someone's life disgusts him but maybe he fakes that he had before to scare him."Fine," The Hollow sighed in defeat, and Sakura and Edward eased up. While Kon panicked in the background."You idiots! He's no really goi-" Grand Fisher broke out his bonds and rushed so fast that Edward and Sakura just blinked and he was already a foot away from Kon with his sword in hand."Die!" Kon screamed as the Hollow swung it's sword down at him. The impact kicked up a dust cloud and Sakura and Edward felt hold their breaths. But someone blocked the sword before it made contact with Kon."You should have listened to what the other two about Ichigo," Isshin said, as he pushed Grand Fisher back, "He's not here." Grand Fisher looked down at him with narrowed eyes."Who the hell are you?" Grand Fisher glared down at the man."I'm Isshin. Ichigo's father." Isshin answered him."Then you can tell me where he is.""I have no idea. Ichigo is a big boy who can look after himself." Isshin told him."Why are you like that with Ichigo and not your daughters?" Kon raised an eyebrow."They're not the same! My daughters are fragile and delicate!" Isshin babbled."Fragile and delicate isn't what I call your daughters," Edward muttered to himself as Kon and Isshin argued back and forward on the matter."ENOUGH!" Grand Fisher shouted, which stopped Kon's and Isshin's little spat, "If you won't tell me then I'll force the answer out of you!" With that, he drew his sword and Isshin pulled out his own in return."I heard the larger the zanpakuto the bigger their spirit energy is," Grand Fisher explained as he eyed Isshin's sword with a smug expression on his face, "But yours is small, so this will be easy." Grand Fisher was about to swing his sword on the man but Isshin beat him to it as he darted forward and swung his sword. Blood sprayed on the ground and Grand Fisher's eyes widened in disbelief when his chest was sliced open."H-how?" Grand Fisher coughed his voice gargling by his blood."Soul Reapers captions learned to control their spiritual pressure early on. Otherwise, we are carrying zanpakuto the size of skyscrapers." He explained as Grand Fisher fell. He let out a gasp and twitch then he was still. Sakura and Edward let out a breath of relief as Grand Fisher's body disappeared.After a few moments silent, Edward exclaimed, "What the hell was that?""What do you mean?" Isshin asked."Oh what you think? What might you do is become a Soul Reaper and you don't seem surprised about Sakura walking around when she is supposed to have a broken leg. Wouldn't that make the avenge joe just think, 'hmm maybe this guy is hiding more than he leads on.' Edward explained as he glared at Isshin, "Did you know all this time?""...Yes. I knew that you and Sakura weren't from this world," Edward's and Sakura's eyes widen in surprised and Isshin laughed at their expression, "Your lie wasn't that all good and the way you act doesn't help as much." Kon looked confused."You knew all this time?" Sakura asked him in disbelief."Yes, as like I said you two suck at lying but I couldn't turn you guys away because you were lost and have nowhere to turn to at that moment. I can't turn someone away like that," Sakura and Edward were touched by Isshin's words but they still have so many questions for him.Those thoughts stopped when Isshin spoke up, "Time to go home! But before that, I have a request for you three.""What request do you have?" Sakura asked."Don't tell my son I'm Soul Reaper. I want you two to keep quiet about it. I want to tell him myself when the time is right," Isshin told them."Um..sure," Kon answered, still confused over all of this."Sure," Sakura replied, while she feels like Ichigo should know about this. This was a family matter and not something she should get involved with."Fine," Edward said grumpily. While he was sick of being in the dark this is between Ichigo and his old man it was more family issues that didn't want to get involved with."Ok then let's go home!"Dream Link, NightWhen they got to Ichigo's home they found Ichigo already there. He looked shaken up about something but when asked about it Ichigo just said he has to figure this out on his own. Edward and Sakura didn't press the issue on after that because Ichigo glared at them when they asked and they were just tired from today's fight.When Sakura and Edward sleep that night they find themselves in a large room that seems to be made out of wood and furniture. Sora and Haelth were already there around a large table."About the time you guys got here! What took you so long?" Haelth questioned them."Let's just say someone that we made friends turned out had an old enemy to deal with," Edward answered as he took a seat, and Sakura followed suit."Small world, the same thing happened to us!" Haelth exclaimed."Ok… explain that to me," Sakura questioned her. From there Haelth and Sora explained that a Hollow that attacked them before had tried to kill them with a group of Heartless while they were trying to eat another Hollow's family. After they took care of the Hollow the trio made friends with the said family. And then afterward they find out a new type of Hollow…."They're called Arrancar from what Ashido told us. They're Hollow that ripped off their mask to get the power of a Soul Reaper." Sora explained, "Ashido said they were rare and some of them weren't strong like some of the other types of Hollows. But then said that some very powerful Arrancars are gathering at someplace called Las Noche.""Las Noche?" Sakura asked them."Some castle that the old Hollow king used to live in." Haelth took over the explanation, "Ashido said to stay away from there because there's a powerful guardian and a bunch of powerful Arrancars lived there too. Many Soul Reapers or Hollow that wonders too close disappear~" Haelth's tone to mocked spooky voice as she waved her arms. Sora laughed at her actions and Edward and Sakura just rolled their eyes."It's going to take a while for us to make teleport. So please stay out of trouble in the meantime." Sakura told them."We will!" Sora and Haelth said at the same time."Ok if we are done here then let's begin the training," Stranger adds as they raised from the shadows, "If I make a suggestion I think we start with magic today because that's the only one that you four haven't gone over yet." Sora and Haelth looked at each other as they were the magic users in the group."You go." Haelth told to Sora, "I'm not master of mine magic yet so you'll be the better teacher." She explained to him, she looked downcast at that last statement. Sora patted her on the shoulder and she smiled at him before she joined Sakura's and Edward's side.Sora got up from his seat and walked toward the other side of the house with others in tow, "Ok first up let's start with Fire." Sora begins the lesson as he summons his keyblade."Now you start to feel the magic inside you as you-," Sora stopped when Sakura questioned him."What does that mean?""Sora, that's not a good explanation on magic." Haelth comments in a deadpan tone of voice.Sora rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry I never teach anyone magic before.""Well, how did your old master teach you?" Edward asked him. Sora thought back when he first learned magic from Donald and that's when he realized. He didn't learn a thing from his friend! It was all dumb luck!"Sora?" Sora looked at Haelth, who tilted her head, "Are you ok? You've been quiet for a while now." She asked him concerned."Sorry...but I didn't have a good teacher so I don't have an idea on how to teach you guys," Sora explained as he rubbed the back of his head."THEN HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LEARN?!" Edward shouted at him. Sora held up his arms and tried to explain but Edward just verbally abused him."I think I can help," Stranger said, as they raise from the shadows again, "From what Sora is trying to say that to use magic feel the magic inside of you. You all should have in because you're connected to Sora. You need to picture in the magic a ball of light inside of you. I want you three to close your eyes and picture it." Sakura, Edward, and Haelth did as the Stranger told them to do and closed their eyes. Haelth saw a sphere of light in her mind eye, "Reach out toward it and let the energy travel through your body." Haelth felt a strange energy flow through her body, which felt weird but she followed Stranger's advice and let flow through her body. Then it felt like a huge release was let out and Haelth felt great power coming from her. She opened her eyes to see some sparks blue light that dance around her fingertips. They were so small that Haelth didn't notice them at first until she looked closer. She heard a gasp beside her and saw Sakura was looking at her hands too. But when she turned to Edward he looked confused."...Was something supposed to happen?" Edward asked at them in confusion.Sakura raises an eyebrow, "You don't see the spark?" Edward shook his head to answer her. Sakura shows him her hands so he can see the sparks, even then he still couldn't see it."You also believe in it to use magic," Stranger explained, which Edward scoffed at, "You don't have much faith in the unknown, do you?" They asked for amusement."You can't put my faith in something that can't be explained or doesn't make sense," Edward answered.A ghost of a smile appears on Stranger's lips, "You are smarter than most people who blindly follow what they are told." They frown a bit, "Unfortunately this is not the time or place for this. Magic is something that cannot be explained because it makes things out of nothing. There are theories where magic comes from but don't have all day. Sit this out for now."Edward huffed but what he was told and leaned against the wall.The stranger turned to Sora, "Now what was the easy spell to learn?""Oh, it was Fire," Sora answered."Ok I need you guys to imagine fire shooting out of your weapon or in case hand," They pointed at Sakura, "into one of the flying furniture," Sakura and Haelth looked at Stranger in confusion."The what?" Haelth asked before she got hit with a flying chair. Haelth and Sakura looked up and saw furniture they sat on loomed over them."That furniture."Sakura ducked before any of the chairs could hit her and roll to the side. Haelth summoned her spear point at one of the tables, 'Ok Haelth just imagine fire coming out your spear like so-' Right out of the gate fire spring forward and engulf a chair that is coming toward her. She almost dropped her spear in surprise and Haelth holds on to it. When the fire died down and Haelth felt her energy was drained from her. It was like coming down from sugar high."Why do I feel so drained?" Haelth asked more to herself but Stanger answered her anyway."Magic energy drains a lot faster than normal energy, so spend your magic wisely." Haelth looked worried at this and Stranger quickly explained, "Think of normal energy and magic energy as two separate beings. Your normal energy comes from your body and magic one comes from something else." Edward peeks up at this."So wait, if the energy used to create magic isn't from our bodies, then where did it come from?" Edward asked them."It's hard to explain. But magic sometimes comes from gods or the world itself. But this kind of comes from the Heart or rather center of your soul," Everyone, including Sora, looked confused, "There are different parts of what makes the soul. Memories, which are the mind of the soul. The spirit, which is the body, and then Heart is the most important because it centers your soul." Stranger explained."Wow, that's amazing!" Sora exclaimed and Edward glared at him."You don't know how your power works and you still use it?!" Edward criticized Sora."It's just working! I don't question it." With that Sora and Edward started to argue while Sakura and Haelth looked at each confused, and Stranger just facepalm."Just get back to work."Hueco Mundo, Morning, Nel's Meeting Spot"Nel? Are we still going to wait?" Pesche asked his sister."Zowa, Cwona, and Haelf said they are coming! So we wait!" Nel answered her brother, never once taking her eyes off of the horizons in search of the trio. Pesche and Dondochakka looked worried. Their sister had attached to these strangers and they are worried that it may backfire on her. In Hueco Mundo finding allies that won't backstab you was rare. The brothers don't want their little sister to face a loss like that but on the other hand, finding people that do care about you are few and far between around here."There they are!" Nel exclaimed as she jumped up and down. The brothers turned to three familiar figures and ran toward them while one hung back but as he watched the group. Nel rushed up to the trio and tackled Sora in a hug."Sora!""Oof!" Sora grumbled out as he fell. Crona and Haelth rush to his side."Sora!" Both exclaimed as the rash to Sora's side. Haelth helps pulled Nel off of Sora while Crona helps him up."Are you ok?" Crona asked Sora."I'm ok," He answered. Nel wiggled out of Haelth's arms and ran toward Sora."Waah! I'm sowwy Sora!" Nel apologized to him. Sora just pats her on the head and smiles at her."It's fine Nel," Sora said as he got up. Nel dried her eyes and smiled up at him."Yay! Let's play!" Nel started to talk Sora. Haelth about to join them but saw that Pesche and Dondochakka walked toward them with Bawabawa in tow."Oh Pesche and Dondochakka right?" Haelth asked them.Pesche nodded and then struck a pose, "That's right we are Nel's older brothers! I'm Pesche."Dondochakka followed suit, "And I'm Dondochakka! We allow you to hang out with us but harm our sister and you'll be in a world of pain!" Haelth holds back a giggled but on the other hand, Bawabawa seems to laugh at the brothers' actions."Wouldn't dream of it." She commented.Crona hid behind Haelth which was hard for them as Crona was way taller than her. She gently nudged them, "Come on Crona, introduce yourself. It's fine."Crona eyes darted to the brothers as they stepped from Haelth's shadow, "Um...H-hi I'm Crona. I-it's nice to meet you!" They stuttered out.Pesche smiled and stepped toward Crona with his hand held out for them to take, "Nice to meet you Crona!"Crona looked down at Pesche's hand and slowly shook it, "It's n-nice to meet you too!" Nel leads Sora back into the group so they could all talk to one and another."So what do you guys do for fun around here?" Sora asked them.Nel answered him, "We can play Eternal Tag!""Sounds like fun! Who wants to be 'it'?" Haelth asked. Nel ran up to the nearest person which happens to be Sora."Tag you're it!" Everyone beside Crona and Sora ran away in different directions. Sora ran up to Crona but was stopped just two feet from them."Crona, you're supposed to run," Sora told them and Crona rubbed the back of their head."Sorry. I've never played this kind of game before." Crona explained to him. Sora tilted their head and then realized that he doesn't know much about Crona's past.But before he could ask Crona. Haelth ran up behind Crona and grabbed their hand, "We got to run Crona! I'll explain the rules later but first, we gotta getaway!" With that, the two disappear in a cloud of dust. Sora thought about going after them but then decided not to. He saved them for last. First, he goes after Nel's brothers.He ran toward Dondochakka who was slowest out of all them. But Dondochakka did so on purpose to give the human a fair chance to catch up to him. But then as Sora landed on his back so fast that he was a blur Dondochakka realized that these weren't the same humans he heard about."Got you!" Sora exclaimed.Dondochakka couldn't help but laugh too, "It's my turn now human!" With that Sora ran away with Dondochakka who chased after him.Ashido watches them from afar. He kept an eye for Hollows as Arrancar's family wasn't going to turn on Sora, Haelth, or Crona. For now at least. There still could be other Hollows looking for an easy meal….Hueco Mundo, Morning, Las Noches, Aizen's Throne RoomAizen looked down at his two Espada who bowed before him. They were Ulquiorra and Halibel; two have his most powerful Espada and ones most loyal to him. Which is why he's going to send them on this mission because they will follow his orders and not mess up."Greetings my Espada I have an important mission for both of you." He greeted them."What do we need us to do, Lord Aizen?" Ulquiorra asked him in the usual emotionless tone of voice."I want to capture two humans alive here at Hueco Mundo," Aizen said to them. Halibel's eyes for a moment flick up at him but then look down out of respect."These are the humans I want to capture," Aizen pushes a button on his throne and two holograms appear in front of the Espada, "Sora here will Ulquiorra's target and as for the girl, Haelth will be Halibel." Both Espada looked at their targets. Not at all impressed by their targets."Halibel, I trust you with the girl," Aizen said, "I know you would protect her and your Fracción will keep an eye on her in case you have somewhere else to be.""Of course Lord Aizen but may I ask why do you want these two humans?" Halibel asked him.Aizen closed his eyes and let 'hmmm' sound before he answered, "The boy Sora is a Keyblader. Long-Forgotten warriors from other worlds that travel across universes." That caught everyone by surprise included the emotionless Ulquiorra."Are there other worlds out there besides Hell, the Soul Society, and human one?" Halibel asked Aizen."Yes. I didn't know about Keybladers until after I became a captain. But there is a reason I said there were Keybladers. No one knows why but they all disappeared years ago. If it wasn't Head Caption who was around to meet these Keybladers. They will be no more than just a story," Aizen smiled a bit at that last statement, "And now we have a Keyblader here in Hueco Mundo. If we are going to win this war with the Soul Society we are going to need all the power we need to get." The two Arrancar were smart enough to put two and two together."But what of the girl?" Ulquiorra asked, eyed the hologram of Haelth."Well, we need someone to keep the boy in line." Aizen replied coldly, "And using his friend might just keep him under control." There was also the issue with Conner who wanted the girl for some unknown reason. He wanted to know why but Conner won't explain why he needs her, just to not harm her. But he never said he couldn't keep her 'guest'. Plus Aizen wants to know why Conner needs her."Understood. When do we leave?" Ulquiorra asked him."Now. The Heartless will show you their locations and remember I wanted them alive." With that, the two Espada bowed and then left. That leaves Aizen waiting for their return with hopefully good news.To be continued...
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It feels weird to even be typing this in a time after the game has released and been beaten. For so long I thought this day wouldn't come. And now that it's come and gone its almost unbelievable. But now is the time we can discuss things.

The first part of this blog will discuss the worlds on KH3 as it's something I've been eager to talk about. The next part will discuss my thoughts and feelings on the main story and main characters and gameplay itself. So as to not have it all crammed into a single entry. So without further ado lets begin.

As the first world we visited there was much I had to do. First I had to stop myself from shaking that I was actually playing KH# and that I was actually in the most beautiful rendition of this world Id visited countless times in previous games. The graphics in this (And frankly the rest of the game) were flawless. I mean it was absolutely beautiful. I was quite surprised the world started off giving mention of the past schemes Hades nearly got Terra, Cloud, and Auron involved in. (The only FF characters we physically see in the game) speaking of, Hades himself is in his usual antics. James Woods never fails to deliver his lines as him (If only the actor himself wasn't such a trash person) The music is epic and vast as Ancient Greece was. And to see that we get the ancient city of Thebes, Mount Olympus itself and the realm of the gods all in one world has long been a dream come true. Another true joy was at last having Hercules himself as a party member. We'd fought with him briefly against Hades in KH2 during the boss fight but here he is at last a full length party member. It was quite awesome seeing NPCs as well and I mean a city full of em under attack from the Heartless as well. It was weird that Phil had become completely mute. I understand that the Japanese VA had past away but it felt odd they didn't recast him or at least have Devito do him for the English dub. I don't know it just felt quite off. Also other the Zeus himself I don't know why they only had 3 other gods show up for 3 seconds in that cutscene where Herc rescues them but they still somehow received journal entries (Even though Hera his literal mom and Aphrodite were MIA) again not a major deal but whatever. I had been hoping to battle Hades one last tie but the fight against the Titans was terribly easy (more on that later XD) All in all a fantastic first world to venture into. But I can safely say I am forever done with Hercules being in Kingdom Hearts. Like forevermore.

This one will be quick as there isn't too much to go over that we don't already know but. First and forest the Tram Common Area is lively and gorgeous. Uncle Scrooge really lightened up the place adding Remys restaurant and the theater in the abandoned lot. And seeing NPCs just all about walking and talking just made it amazing. But all of that being said it felt so much smaller compared to KH2. Like why couldn't we go to the rest of the town. No Sandlot, no mansion, no hidden place, and no Train Station. Thats the main area we've always wanted to go to and we can't even free run up the station tower. It felt like such a let down. Still meeting little Remy and the missions connected with helping him cook were such a joy. All in all a decent hub area but I can't quite say it surpasses Traverse Town in KH1 or Radiant Garden in KH2.

This was it, the world we'd dreamt of for more than a decade. And it delivered on so much we hoped and dreamt of. The moment Buzz started pithing his laser at me as Rex hugged me shouting "Yozora" I had to pause the game and stop myself from fan girl screaming as that was a moment that won't ever leave my memory. Turning into toys and exploring Andy's room was the best way to start this adventure. And I loved from a story perspective how Buzz wasn't immediately eager to trust us. My only real complaint was how many toys were missing. I obviously didn't expect EVERY toy to be there what with some of the toys being actual copyrighted toys and just how many there are. But the fact we didn't have Slinky or either of the Potatoes or Jessie and Bullseye was quite noticeable. Still beggars can't be choosers and what we did have didn't fail us. the area of Galaxy Toys was brilliantly designed and fun to traverse through the different areas of the toy store. I could explore that area alone for hours on end. And Young Xehanort's meddling in the affairs of the world was a treat to watch. Him taking control of Buzz and nearly making him succumb to the darkness was one that got my blood rushing. And watching Woody talk smack to Xehanort was a treat most definitely. Pixar truly delivered with this world.

Now I've stated in the past I've always enjoyed Tangled more then Frozen. Ive stated that regarding the films and I mean that regarding the worlds in this game as well. My only real complaint about this world was as nice as the forest was it seemed to drag on forever with not much actual change in scenery. But other then the this world was much fun. One thing I hadn't expected was the level of interaction you'd have with Rapunzel as she explored the world outside her tower. Everything from blowing dandelions to helping protect some bunnies to splashing in the water to letting her play with some birds all felt cute and authentic. And both she and Flynn Ryder and do quite a lot of damage in battle. Much to my surprise. And I'm still laughing at the thought of the dancing mini game. That is hands down as outrageously funny and enjoyable as the trailer made it out to seem. And one small thing the world did that helped me enjoy it was fighting the Heartless of Mother Gothel. Surprisingly this game didn't have us fighting as many iconic Disney villains as I would've wanted so the fact we at least got to do this was loads of fun. One of my favorite worlds hands down.

This world was a bit of a surprise in how much unexpected surprises awaited me. I had long wondered how this world could be implemented into KH and this did not disappoint. When Pixar has their name attached to it they spare no expense. Sora, Donald, and Goofy spooked the mess out of each other upon first seeing one another. Mike and Sully were as enjoyable as they always were. And little Boo was absolutely adorable. Even though I knew she would always teleport to wherever it was we needed to get to I always found myself looking back to see the little one trailing not far behind us trying to catch up. The corporate and industrious areas f the factory were more varied then the forests of Corona. And the inclusion of the Unversed in this world was a cool throwback to see. As was Randall's meddling (Even though sadly we never got to fight him) But nothing was quit as amazing as watching Sully haul vanities through the doors like a sack of potatoes. That was just pure Pixar zaniness and I loved every second of that. Between just these 2 worlds and Remy's little inclusion I'm so desperate for more Pixar worlds.

Now here's where I gotta start getting a bit negative. Remember how I said I like Tangled more than Frozen? Well its not just cause of how fun the world is in Corona. Arendelle was one I had initially been eager to go through. With how popular and infamous the film is and how much of an absolute money maker the franchise is (And with a sequel this year) I was expecting great things from this. But what I did find was. . Kind of disappointing. There were only 2 scenes of actual interaction between Sora and the gang and the Frozen cast. Sora's meeting with Queen Elsa at the beginning of the level, and when they met Ana, Olaf and the rest later. Thats it. Other cutscenes played out as if Sora and the gang were invisible. And don't get me started on how many flipping times we got knocked off the damn mountain. Over and over again it was getting annoying. And ugh Laraxene's maze was just horrible. And I know the songs are popular but I tout we as a community let Disney know they don't need to shoe horn in the musicals after Atlantica in KH2? Watching the ENTIRE Let it Go sequence was more then I can bear. (While I don't HATE the song like some people I never was a fan of it anyway) and at least we were spared the full viewing of the Snowman song. But perhaps that would've been bearable to having to find Olaf in that scavenger hunt for his body parts. Throwing Hans in there last minute without a single line of dialogue or context or boss battle was also irksome. The storm getting to the town was also quite irritating. The only saving grace was Marshmallow as a party member and the very cool boss gift against the ice wolf. That was it. For me Frozen was a huge disappointment, but since Ana and Elsa are 2 of the new pure Lights I hope they truly rethink how they approach this world in the future if we return in regards to whatever the sequel for Frozen will be.

Not even gonna mince words, this was my least favorite world, and I say this as a West Indian who would at any other time jump at The Caribbean being a level and world in any game. They completely skipped Dead Mans Chest and threw in At Words End with shovel fulls of story context missing. And yes I know we've already seen the films and know much of what's going on for the story sake but they at least made it somewhat believable in KH2. This seemed quite lazy to me. Yes Jack's voice actor did a MUCH better job then the last guy but whoever they got to play Elizabeth was awful like I'm sorry. The swimming was fine since we somehow magically held our breaths if a bit boring but it was better then the watered down Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag pirate ship mechanics or the searching for the stupid rock crabs everywhere. And while everyone I know says the game was super easy and that they never died, I did die with the annoying pirate battles against Luxord and Davy Jones since I had no way to heal. I mean the fight against Jones himself was at least fun but everything else about this world I loathed. Please never again with this world.

And last but certainly not least, the world I was extremely eager to get to as the last world. From the moment we were shown it's conformation at D23 2015 I wanted so badly to explore this world. Seeing how excited Sora was to be in such a big modern city was really cute. And fighting with Baymax at long last was truly a treat. This was hands down the best character voice acting in the game. All of Big Hero 6 were fun in their interactions with Sora and the gang. And the city was beautiful. Although I must admit while I didn't expect an ENTIRE city as one level it till felt around the smallness of Twilight Town in a sense. But just a small complaint. The saga of this world with helping Hiro rescue the original Baymax was a lot of fun. Although I wish we'd had a proper goodbye instead of just seeing the camera phase out once we met the other Baymax. It was a great world, just one I wish we could've spent more Time in.

Not much to even say about this world as your all in it but less then 20 minutes. 3 cute little mini games but that's literally it. I mean it was nice seeing them again and meeting Lumpy and all but just like Hercules and Pirates I'm officially done with this world.

And that's it for my thoughts on the worlds. A decent haul, I had some childhood fantasies realized and some let downs. I do wish there had been more worlds but all in all I am very satisfied with what w were given. While I did wish for more it could've been much worse. Perhaps that'll make me all the more excited for what's next for the future of Kingdom Hearts

So what about you guys? Thoughts on the worlds themselves? Do you agree or disagree with my own thoughts. Lets discuss below :) (Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of this discussion)
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