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SPOILER ALERT: it has been well over a month since the release of the game and I believe it is time to discuss many things about this game. Please be wary if you haven't played yet this and the next Blog update, thank you

It feels weird to even be typing this in a time after the game has released and been beaten. For so long I thought this day wouldn't come. And now that it's come and gone its almost unbelievable. But now is the time we can discuss things.

The first part of this blog will discuss the worlds on KH3 as it's something I've been eager to talk about. The next part will discuss my thoughts and feelings on the main story and main characters and gameplay itself. So as to not have it all crammed into a single entry. So without further ado lets begin.

As the first world we visited there was much I had to do. First I had to stop myself from shaking that I was actually playing KH# and that I was actually in the most beautiful rendition of this world Id visited countless times in previous games. The graphics in this (And frankly the rest of the game) were flawless. I mean it was absolutely beautiful. I was quite surprised the world started off giving mention of the past schemes Hades nearly got Terra, Cloud, and Auron involved in. (The only FF characters we physically see in the game) speaking of, Hades himself is in his usual antics. James Woods never fails to deliver his lines as him (If only the actor himself wasn't such a trash person) The music is epic and vast as Ancient Greece was. And to see that we get the ancient city of Thebes, Mount Olympus itself and the realm of the gods all in one world has long been a dream come true. Another true joy was at last having Hercules himself as a party member. We'd fought with him briefly against Hades in KH2 during the boss fight but here he is at last a full length party member. It was quite awesome seeing NPCs as well and I mean a city full of em under attack from the Heartless as well. It was weird that Phil had become completely mute. I understand that the Japanese VA had past away but it felt odd they didn't recast him or at least have Devito do him for the English dub. I don't know it just felt quite off. Also other the Zeus himself I don't know why they only had 3 other gods show up for 3 seconds in that cutscene where Herc rescues them but they still somehow received journal entries (Even though Hera his literal mom and Aphrodite were MIA) again not a major deal but whatever. I had been hoping to battle Hades one last tie but the fight against the Titans was terribly easy (more on that later XD) All in all a fantastic first world to venture into. But I can safely say I am forever done with Hercules being in Kingdom Hearts. Like forevermore.

This one will be quick as there isn't too much to go over that we don't already know but. First and forest the Tram Common Area is lively and gorgeous. Uncle Scrooge really lightened up the place adding Remys restaurant and the theater in the abandoned lot. And seeing NPCs just all about walking and talking just made it amazing. But all of that being said it felt so much smaller compared to KH2. Like why couldn't we go to the rest of the town. No Sandlot, no mansion, no hidden place, and no Train Station. Thats the main area we've always wanted to go to and we can't even free run up the station tower. It felt like such a let down. Still meeting little Remy and the missions connected with helping him cook were such a joy. All in all a decent hub area but I can't quite say it surpasses Traverse Town in KH1 or Radiant Garden in KH2.

This was it, the world we'd dreamt of for more than a decade. And it delivered on so much we hoped and dreamt of. The moment Buzz started pithing his laser at me as Rex hugged me shouting "Yozora" I had to pause the game and stop myself from fan girl screaming as that was a moment that won't ever leave my memory. Turning into toys and exploring Andy's room was the best way to start this adventure. And I loved from a story perspective how Buzz wasn't immediately eager to trust us. My only real complaint was how many toys were missing. I obviously didn't expect EVERY toy to be there what with some of the toys being actual copyrighted toys and just how many there are. But the fact we didn't have Slinky or either of the Potatoes or Jessie and Bullseye was quite noticeable. Still beggars can't be choosers and what we did have didn't fail us. the area of Galaxy Toys was brilliantly designed and fun to traverse through the different areas of the toy store. I could explore that area alone for hours on end. And Young Xehanort's meddling in the affairs of the world was a treat to watch. Him taking control of Buzz and nearly making him succumb to the darkness was one that got my blood rushing. And watching Woody talk smack to Xehanort was a treat most definitely. Pixar truly delivered with this world.

Now I've stated in the past I've always enjoyed Tangled more then Frozen. Ive stated that regarding the films and I mean that regarding the worlds in this game as well. My only real complaint about this world was as nice as the forest was it seemed to drag on forever with not much actual change in scenery. But other then the this world was much fun. One thing I hadn't expected was the level of interaction you'd have with Rapunzel as she explored the world outside her tower. Everything from blowing dandelions to helping protect some bunnies to splashing in the water to letting her play with some birds all felt cute and authentic. And both she and Flynn Ryder and do quite a lot of damage in battle. Much to my surprise. And I'm still laughing at the thought of the dancing mini game. That is hands down as outrageously funny and enjoyable as the trailer made it out to seem. And one small thing the world did that helped me enjoy it was fighting the Heartless of Mother Gothel. Surprisingly this game didn't have us fighting as many iconic Disney villains as I would've wanted so the fact we at least got to do this was loads of fun. One of my favorite worlds hands down.

This world was a bit of a surprise in how much unexpected surprises awaited me. I had long wondered how this world could be implemented into KH and this did not disappoint. When Pixar has their name attached to it they spare no expense. Sora, Donald, and Goofy spooked the mess out of each other upon first seeing one another. Mike and Sully were as enjoyable as they always were. And little Boo was absolutely adorable. Even though I knew she would always teleport to wherever it was we needed to get to I always found myself looking back to see the little one trailing not far behind us trying to catch up. The corporate and industrious areas f the factory were more varied then the forests of Corona. And the inclusion of the Unversed in this world was a cool throwback to see. As was Randall's meddling (Even though sadly we never got to fight him) But nothing was quit as amazing as watching Sully haul vanities through the doors like a sack of potatoes. That was just pure Pixar zaniness and I loved every second of that. Between just these 2 worlds and Remy's little inclusion I'm so desperate for more Pixar worlds.

Now here's where I gotta start getting a bit negative. Remember how I said I like Tangled more than Frozen? Well its not just cause of how fun the world is in Corona. Arendelle was one I had initially been eager to go through. With how popular and infamous the film is and how much of an absolute money maker the franchise is (And with a sequel this year) I was expecting great things from this. But what I did find was. . Kind of disappointing. There were only 2 scenes of actual interaction between Sora and the gang and the Frozen cast. Sora's meeting with Queen Elsa at the beginning of the level, and when they met Ana, Olaf and the rest later. Thats it. Other cutscenes played out as if Sora and the gang were invisible. And don't get me started on how many flipping times we got knocked off the damn mountain. Over and over again it was getting annoying. And ugh Laraxene's maze was just horrible. And I know the songs are popular but I tout we as a community let Disney know they don't need to shoe horn in the musicals after Atlantica in KH2? Watching the ENTIRE Let it Go sequence was more then I can bear. (While I don't HATE the song like some people I never was a fan of it anyway) and at least we were spared the full viewing of the Snowman song. But perhaps that would've been bearable to having to find Olaf in that scavenger hunt for his body parts. Throwing Hans in there last minute without a single line of dialogue or context or boss battle was also irksome. The storm getting to the town was also quite irritating. The only saving grace was Marshmallow as a party member and the very cool boss gift against the ice wolf. That was it. For me Frozen was a huge disappointment, but since Ana and Elsa are 2 of the new pure Lights I hope they truly rethink how they approach this world in the future if we return in regards to whatever the sequel for Frozen will be.

Not even gonna mince words, this was my least favorite world, and I say this as a West Indian who would at any other time jump at The Caribbean being a level and world in any game. They completely skipped Dead Mans Chest and threw in At Words End with shovel fulls of story context missing. And yes I know we've already seen the films and know much of what's going on for the story sake but they at least made it somewhat believable in KH2. This seemed quite lazy to me. Yes Jack's voice actor did a MUCH better job then the last guy but whoever they got to play Elizabeth was awful like I'm sorry. The swimming was fine since we somehow magically held our breaths if a bit boring but it was better then the watered down Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag pirate ship mechanics or the searching for the stupid rock crabs everywhere. And while everyone I know says the game was super easy and that they never died, I did die with the annoying pirate battles against Luxord and Davy Jones since I had no way to heal. I mean the fight against Jones himself was at least fun but everything else about this world I loathed. Please never again with this world.

And last but certainly not least, the world I was extremely eager to get to as the last world. From the moment we were shown it's conformation at D23 2015 I wanted so badly to explore this world. Seeing how excited Sora was to be in such a big modern city was really cute. And fighting with Baymax at long last was truly a treat. This was hands down the best character voice acting in the game. All of Big Hero 6 were fun in their interactions with Sora and the gang. And the city was beautiful. Although I must admit while I didn't expect an ENTIRE city as one level it till felt around the smallness of Twilight Town in a sense. But just a small complaint. The saga of this world with helping Hiro rescue the original Baymax was a lot of fun. Although I wish we'd had a proper goodbye instead of just seeing the camera phase out once we met the other Baymax. It was a great world, just one I wish we could've spent more Time in.

Not much to even say about this world as your all in it but less then 20 minutes. 3 cute little mini games but that's literally it. I mean it was nice seeing them again and meeting Lumpy and all but just like Hercules and Pirates I'm officially done with this world.

And that's it for my thoughts on the worlds. A decent haul, I had some childhood fantasies realized and some let downs. I do wish there had been more worlds but all in all I am very satisfied with what w were given. While I did wish for more it could've been much worse. Perhaps that'll make me all the more excited for what's next for the future of Kingdom Hearts

So what about you guys? Thoughts on the worlds themselves? Do you agree or disagree with my own thoughts. Lets discuss below :) (Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of this discussion)
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