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Lesser Than Three: Unsocial - Page 4

By KingdomBlade
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It seems like Elijah just isn't going to let that go, but maybe now he'll drop the subject too.

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This is the closest I've seen you put Sy and Eli together in a pic/comic. But I wonder why Sy would hesitate to like that post, though? Anything bad happen between Sy and Eli? ...Y'know... We never did find out who asked Rory out in that one comic. ;)

Heh, but I love the callback to that one pizza comic! :D Always makes me cave the stuff.

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KingdomBlade Digital Artist

Pretty sure it was Eli who was asked out if I'm thinking of the right comic, but either way it wasn't by anyone who has actually appeared in series!

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*slaps forehead* D'OH! That's right, it was Eli. :rofl: What is wrong with me? But okay, that's good to know, at least.

But the main issue is still why Sy would chicken out of liking a photo. Is he really *that* full of social anxiety? I'm starting to think he may need professional help...

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To answer that last question [whether it's the case here or not] from personal experience I can say yes, bad social anxiety gets in the way of simply liking/faving something. Alot.

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Thank you very much for your answer. But wow, poor Sy. He really has it bad.

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PitZagafullHobbyist Traditional Artist

Aww.. Sy

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funny4urfaceHobbyist Digital Artist

Something about that post put him off.

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He hesitated to like that post? :0

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