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The Fortellers and the Five Unions

The fortellers are the heads of each union: Ursas(bear), Anguis(snake), Unicornis(unicorn), Vulpeas(fox), Leopardos(leopard).

When starting Kingdom Hearts Chi the player ends up in a Station of Awakening decorated with the symbols of the five Unions. One of which, the player will pick to join.
So as I hope everyone is aware Kingdom Heats X Unchained has finally been released to North America. *cheers and applause* The game play is different in the app but is still enjoyable and I hope everyone who's playing likes it too. For the people who haven't played yet I hope you can soon, (look for LAYLA if you join the Vulpes Union that's me). However there's another topic I'd like to talk about. With the exciting news of Unchained being released in North America we fans who have been playing the online game have also received some sad news as well. Square Enix has decided that they are going to stop supporting Kingdom Hearts X, the online game that started it all, this September. *cries of saddness* Now I haven't played the new update for the story online yet, but I'm hoping that Chi finishes the story before the online game is no longer available.

With this news I'm also going to post the first theory for Chi, Yay. (Sorry for anyone who's been waiting I honestly just kept forgetting to post the theory journals.) So without further adieu here's the first theory, oh and before I forget...
SPOILER ALERT, This theory may contain spoiler information you have been warned.

What is Kingdom Hearts?
Okay so this one is a little overdone and we all have already heard the explanations. Kingdom Hearts is the Door to all worlds which you can only open with the X-blade (I'll go more into my theory on that later) and is also the thing that connects all hearts.  And as Mickey Mouse put it Kingdom Hearts is Light.
So what does this mean exactly? Well in my simple interpretation KH is the light that connects all worlds and with special tools like Keyblades or Gumi Shards you can travel on these paths of light to other worlds.
Well now that we understand what that giant floating heart in the sky is there are some more questions that come to mind. Where in the worlds did that thing come from? And why and how is it there? To answer these questions we have to go into the story surrounding the Player in KHX. It's also important to know that KHX takes place before the BBS and even the Keyblade war, it is in fact the origin story.

In the tutorial you meet your Union leader, the Forteller and you're explained to that you goal is to defeat heartless and collect the pieces of light called Lux. Wait a minute Heartless don't steal Hearts but light (btw in the North American/app release it's stated that Heartless steal hearts so I'm not sure if that's a mistranslated part or if they really did change it). What's up with that? And why are you and a bunch of other giant-key swinging teens collecting this light? Well as you continue playing you see important cut scenes that tell you about a dark premonition where a war would occur which would destroy the light and cover the world in darkness. So the player and the other keyblade wielders are using the powers of the future (the cards/medals) to collect the light in hopes of preventing that terrible event from occurring.
That event is most likely a reference to the keyblade war which we know is started because wielders were fighting over Kingdom Hearts. Speaking of, Chi is so far the only KH game that doesn’t reference or even mention Kingdom Hearts (the giant sky heart). Now why would that be the case? Simple, Kingdom Hearts doesn’t exist yet…. (dramatic pause)
But wait if Kingdom Hearts doesn’t exist how come the official Chi game art show a bunch of Keyblade wielders staring at it? Good question, but may I point out that that is still game art and that event hasn’t actually happened in the game (yet anyway). So still as of now Chi still hasn’t referenced, mentioned, or even shown Kingdom Hearts, meaning it doesn’t currently exist.
Remember how I mentioned that keyblade wielders are fighting heartless to collect lux. Well I believe that lux or light being gathered is actually what creates kingdom hearts. So the light wielders gathered to stop the calamity creates the cause of it…yeah I know ironic.
Now if this is the case why do the heartless that used to steal light from the world now going around stealing hearts from people. I believe it's because the last bits of light now only exist in the hearts of people, specifically the 7 princesses of heart where the light is mostly concentrated in. Heartless are just naturally going around searching for light because they can't reach the majority that's gathered in Kingdom Hearts above them.
So to sum up, Keyblade wielders gather light which create Kingdom Hearts, which then starts the Keyblade war, and most of the light exists in the 7 princesses.

Remember this is just a theory let me know what you think. Do you think I'm right or do you have other ideas. I'm looking for to your comments. Keep protecting the worlds my Keyblade wielding comrades.
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