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Hey guys, so if you remember that contest I put up a month or so ago then you now know it's over!
Congrats to :iconnobsters:! You got first place! Comment or note me about the three drawing I owe ya! You deserved it dude :)

Peace out,
xXxDeathxXxx :iconpeacesignplz:
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Rules and Misc.

1) If something has mature content please have the warning on.
2) No cursing people out because you don't like their work.
3) Don't like it, then don't comment!
4) OCs are allowed.
5) If your drawing doesn't fit in any of the folders just put it in Featured.
6) If it's not your character then please don't claim it as your own.
7) Have fun! (The most important rule of all!)

Kingdom Hearts Holidays
:iconsora3plz:Soxion Day January 30th:iconhappyxionplz:
:iconvanitasplz:VanAqua Day February 2nd:iconkhaquaplz:
:iconrepliku:Replion Day February 29th:iconhappyxionplz:
:iconroxashappyplz:RokuNami Day March 28th:iconhappynamineplz:
:iconvanitasplz:VanShion Day June 14th:iconhappyxionplz:
:iconroxashappyplz:RokuShi Day June 20th:iconhappyxionplz:
:iconaxelplz:Larxel Day August 12th:iconlarxeneplz:
:iconaxelplz:AkuShi Day August 14th:iconhappyxionplz:
:icondemyxplz:Zemyx Day September 6th :iconzexionplz:
:iconsora3plz:SoKai Day September 17th:iconkairi2plz:
:iconventusplz:VenNami Day September 25th:iconhappynamineplz:
:iconvanitasplz:VanFuu Day October 30th:iconpervyfuuplz:
:iconventusplz:VenFuu Day November 4th:iconpervyfuuplz:
:iconrikuplz:RiKai Day November 18th:iconkairi2plz:
:iconvanitasplz:NamiTas Day December 6th:iconhappynamineplz:
:iconrikuplz:RiNami Day December 8th:iconhappynamineplz:
:icondemyxplz:DemLar Day December 9th:iconlarxeneplz:
:iconsora3plz:SoNami Day Decemeber 15th:iconhappynamineplz:
(If you know of any other holidays please leave a comment.
If you have an idea for another folder please leave a comment.)








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