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So i heard about some people talking about me, actually calling me "racist"
Or thinking that i would think of myself as "God" or "King"
I know that i am often mean to some people (At least in the Skype convo) and not everyone likes me.
But that is mostly if people just talk or spam total bullshit which is just annoying and stupid.
Second thing is, that i can't be racist if i am not against an entire culture, like hating all black or all Japanese for example.
So that argument is totally invalid, and the person that told this kind of stuff probably doesn't even knows the definition of the word "racist"
Third thing, if people really take it that serious that i call myself in Skype King Buraido, then that is really pathetic to cry about that.
Especially if they think i just call myself like that because i win the Mugen Style Contests. I always had an urge to call myself King or God,
which doesn't means i am one. Every normal Human brain knows that i am a person like everyone else.
Just wan
:iconierukah:Ierukah 1 14
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Third Style Contest
This one, there will 2 days extra. It mean the style contest will end the 31 july. And start today, the 15 july.
Two weeks to create your characters, good luck if you join. :) 
PS: Don't let my kouhai win. XD
:iconutsuhofanboy24000:Utsuhofanboy24000 1 22
My Current W.I.P Status: 85% done by Utsuhofanboy24000 My Current W.I.P Status: 85% done :iconutsuhofanboy24000:Utsuhofanboy24000 1 0



Doing all the pre-university things, I will do the last 4 tests and later I will say goodbye to school, gonna be busy all this week, now its time to see how my future goes :D
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Kingdemonic666's Profile Picture
Ignacio Martinez
Artist | Student | Varied
desciption by Utsuhofanboy24000

Name: Ignacio Martinez

Occupation: The strongest killer to every exist

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Status: Alive

Personality: He is usually energitic person with a urge to peep into other people business. But in secret, he is a cruel and sadistic person that praise the devil
Who display a sociopath personality around some individual. He is very manipulative to get information. But when he is alone. He is soft.

Skills: He is a reality warper and can warp reality by turning illusion/dream in to reality. His true power is nigh-omnipotent

History: Unknown, but the only information about his past was that he was the leader of a certain clan that worship Lucifer.
My MUGEN Team:

This are cool dudes and close friends to me, All we share is we enjoy on cheap M.U.G.E.N edits, We also chat on skype, trade, etc.

Ierukah aka FantasyBladeHeaven, He is an awesome dude, I like to trade chars with him, he also make cool golden edits, he can turn ANY pic to gold in a very short time, He also is good recoloring things and image editing in general, he is also a good youtuber, he uploads videos commonly of cheap matches and some showcases, he deserves his almost +600 subs...
The best coder here, He is a extremly skilled programmer which helped us a lot on cheap war, he is a pretty nice dude too, he managed to make the cheapest tiers on mugen cheap war and making it go to over the limits that we thought...
The great Swaggy Kyurem/Solitary-Zero/Absolute-Yveltal/Golden Noivern, he is a amazing coder in nuke terms, he also makes golden edits like FantasyBlade, but his golden edits are more yellow and have more shine(which I like), he also likes pokemon and has many friends which like it too, he RP with them, I like to trade with him, he always get cool edits which I like, he is a pretty awesome dude.

Seeking for someone else? :V


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Neopets2012 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Student Filmographer
What is the music you used for KillAll's 12p mode? :?
jwilliams08 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 26, 2016
I'm working on an edit of Saturday Morning Mayhem from the stuff I could find but I need the screenpack, will you please unmolebox that for me?
CyberAkumaTv Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthdays Ignacio.
HaruhikoSakazaki666 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Student Artist
Thoughs on mario rom/isos hacks? I love them
Kingdemonic666 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Student General Artist
Same, before Mugen I liked SMW Hacking so much, I even made one XD
I fav hackrom without a doubt is Brutal Mario/Super Kitiku Mario :D
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Remember when I used to be annoying?
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