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Mister Fantastic (The MCEU)

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"We became something more than human, but we were still the same people..."
"But now, it's my turn to attack! And I've got powers you haven't even dreamed of..."
"If we're down, we rise. If we fail, we try again. If we lose the battle, we win the war. And that is what makes us... The Fantastic Four..."

Portrayed By: John Krasinski

Appeared in:

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four II: Doom
Civil War

Reed Richards was born in Central City, California and the son of Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards. Reed’s father was a brilliant scientific genius and a trait that Reed inherited. Reed excelled in mathematics, physics, and mechanics and was enrolled in college by the age of 14. He went to multiple colleges. While attending EMU he met and became a roommate of Ben Grimm. They became great friends and Reed shared his dream of building a spaceship himself. When they got older, Reed became a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ben became a police officer but later retired. Even though they had complete different lives, they were still great friends. Reed eventually rented an apartment from Sue Storm's Aunt. Sue quickly fell in love with Reed. Reed, also met Victor Von Doom through S.H.I.E.L.D. Doom liked that Reed could rival his intellect. Eventually Doom became jealous of Reed and began conducting reckless experiments that scarred his face. Later Reed was sent a task to study supernovas but it would have been a dangerous mission. So he recruited a group of friends for this project. Sue, Victor, Ben and Johnny (Sue's Brother.) As Reed's group went on the mission, the ship was hit by a massive supernova and had hit turbulence. During the crash, Johnny Storm caught on fire, Ben Grimm got thrown into a mountain, Sue Storm simply disappeared, Vic Von Doom was caught in a massive explosion and  Reed Richards was crushed by debris, But however their ship was also hit by cosmic radiation as well. So everybody survived and gain superhuman powers. Johnny Storm was able to control fire and fly, Sue Storm was able to turn invisible and project force fields, Ben Grimm turned into a rock monster with incredible strength and Reed Richards was able to stretched out his entire body. Victor was found badly injured and was left in a coma. Johnny had an idea to become a superhero team. Everybody disagreed for their own reasons except for Reed but he was to afraid to say yes. Reed Richards had already designed suits for the four of them. Just in case they need to do something that involves them using their powers.  Meanwhile at the Baxter Building, Reed decided to continue on being a scientist. A young photographer named Peter Parker was taking photos just for fun. But he really wanted to talk to Reed Richards to see if he can help redesign his spider suit. Parker saved Reed from being hit by a car and this was before Reed got his new powers. But a underground man named “Mole Man” decided he wanted to take over NYC with his Mole Minions. The Mole Minions decided to attack the Baxter Building first. Since Johnny, Sue, Ben and Reed were at the same place (oddly enough) they decided put on their suits and help the people of New York. Peter put on his new suit as well and decided to help too. As soon the battle was over, Mole Man used his giant monster as for one last attempt to defeat these new heroes, but he failed. This made Johnny, Reed, Sue, and Grimm the first family of superheroes. And this had also been the first time Spider Man made his first public appearance. Since then they became Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben became “The Fantastic Four.”

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This looks.... fantastic
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This is so cool.
But i would cast John Krasinski as Reed:.
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Thanks, I want him in my universes but I don't know who
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I mean he would also make a Great Batman In DC..
Maybe in your Marvel Universe you can cast him as Wonder Man, IDK:.