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Klance -stamp- by KIngBases Klance -stamp- by KIngBases
guess who got into voltron and decided to make a stamp to wake up from the unplanned hiatus?? me
will most likely make more voltron stamps but decided to start w my fave ship (is in ties w keith x lotor at least)
comms disabled from the get go bc yeah i aint putting up w rabid anti shippers and all that if you dont like it go at a anti stamp :peace:
//ik i can just hide comms but im too tired for that yknow

but hope to like it! more bases will be coming too im just lazy, procrastinating and unmotivated rn

► this is: free to use/f2u!! Dont ask if you can use, go right ahead ▸to use this you need to: Simply copy the thumb code (which is found in the "details" section) and paste it where you wanna use this! uvu ▸You can use outside of dA but provide some kind of credit and dont repost as your own ► If you use this with the thumb code, if someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to this page, so you dont need to credit since it does the credit by itself uvu ► PLEASE dont repost and claim as your own ► If you wanna use another html code and dont wanna add a section to your page for credits, please fav this if youre using/ plan to use (or if you like it of course) ► If it doesnt work/have any questions, dont hesitate to send me a note and I will try my best to help you ✖… Original image(s) | respective owner(s) base | Timarena
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September 8, 2017
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