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The Kind Lady of Rani
Once upon a time, there were three Kaeru women from the land of Rani. One day while they were traveling to the market, they came upon the broken-down wagon of a Venal merchant. The three women of Rani assisted the poor merchant to get to the market. When they arrived to market, the merchant expressed his gratitude by allowing the women to take one item of their choice from his wagon.
The oldest Kaeru woman, a mother to many children, chose a sack of rice so that she could buy more food for her family. The middle Kaeru woman, a wife new to marriage yet with no children, chose a roll of fine cloth to make clothes for her husband. The youngest Kaeru woman, not yet engaged, looked among the Venal’s wares and found an old sword. The two older women laughed at her choice since she was still young and thought nothing of her choice.
Once their shopping was completed, the three Kaeru women began their walk home. Things were fine until they found a wounded bandit who was on the side of the
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A Winter Anecdote
I remember the winter where I was cold and alone. While others were celebrating, I was out in bone-chilling wind as I gathered trash to start a fire. I hate to remember the cold, the fiddling of matches with my tiny and shivering hands, but I have to. I have to remember the cold, the anger, the sadness alongside the warmth, the happiness, and the laughter. If I don’t, I lose sight of who I was and who I am now. Above all, I do it to remember my grandpa.
He used to tell me the story of how he found me around this time every year. It was a warm summer day when he was walking along when he heard me crying. He lifted up a tattered blanket and I stopped crying when my eyes saw his. I was wrapped in a scarf and pinned to me was not only my name but also my birthday. Whoever left me there wanted me to be known. I was only a year old when he discovered me and wanted to take me to an orphanage but I would cry if I wasn’t near him. He was poor and old; he couldn’t afford to tak
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Chronicles of Aumar: 54
Day-off in the Big City
A small café with beige walls and a red roof stood snugly between a book store and a tobacco shop in a large open-air marketplace that was shutting down for the day as people passed by the patio where Atticus, wearing a light button-up shirt and some slacks, was sitting with Sarah, dressed in a skirt and blouse. The light of the moon was overpowered by the numerous lamps that gave a short hum at first but soon were warmed up and glowing silently.
“This is a nice place, don’t you think?” Atticus asked Sarah. “It kinda reminds me of our first date.”
“Yeah, but these people don’t have the Radical Dreamer.”
“Once the war is over, we should go back to get one.”
“Yeah…” Sarah replied as she wondered off in thought.
Atticus fidgeted and looked around. He didn’t really know what to say. Luckily, a waiter arrived to give them their drinks. Sarah was handed a cup of peppermint tea
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The Unlucky Werewolf
In the chilly lands of the north there existed a village of werewolves. While many of the werewolves who lived in the village had humble homes and enough food and money to stay fed, there did live one greedy werewolf who ate the best meat, drank the best beer, and had a magnificent mansion filled with dozens of rooms for his servants since he had no family. Although he inherited much of his fortune, he still worked hard to keep it and was seen as a miser to much of the village.
One day a young man dressed in fine clothes and holding black walking staff came through the village of werewolves. He was an odd man who knocked on every door he could find and asked directions to a place called “the Land of Everlasting Gold.” Each time he was told by the werewolves that they had no idea where such a place was but stated that the miserly werewolf could help since he had a lot of money. Finally, he reached the mighty wooden doors of the rich werewolf’s mansion. With three might
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Tatiana the Sleepy Vampire
In the far away land of monsters and ghouls lived a family of vampires atop an ancient hill in a magnificent manor. Among the many residents of this manor was the youngest daughter of the Count and his wife: Tatiana.
Tatiana was the baby of the family, the youngest of fourteen brothers and sisters, and was also the one who was easily frightened. Every time it was time to go to sleep, Tatiana would be afraid of humans coming in to stake her in her sleep and always ended up sleeping in her parent's coffin. She was teased by her other siblings because of this but her oldest brother, Alexander, didn't tease her.
"Tatiana, why do you fear that humans will get you in your sleep?" Alexander asked.
"That's what humans do, biggest brother. They burn you with silver and then stab you in the chest!"
"Only vampire hunters will do that, and they couldn't get that far easily. Humans can't find this place."
"But they still could! I'm just so scared to sleep by myself."
Alexander rubbed his hand on hi
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Mature content
The Conversation :iconkingatticus:KingAtticus 2 3
Mature content
A Very Mature Story :iconkingatticus:KingAtticus 0 8
Sam Loves Her Melons
A young woman named Samantha loved making art, and practiced writing all day long to become the very best in all her town. But one day, she was completely stumped. She looked around her room, full of art pieces featuring mystical chickens, sci-fi landscapes of a futuristic Austin, and a portrait of Gary Oldman that looked so real, you could start a conversation with it. But nothing inspired her. Had she really created everything there was to create? Depressed, she looked out her window, and made a wish on a nearby watermelon for inspiration to return to her. The next morning, she sprung out of bed, and used her skill in writing to create the most beautiful deviation depicting banana shoes plucking anyone had ever seen. That night, she shouted out the window, "Thanks, watermelon!"
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Great-grampa said what?
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after potatoes because you'll only end up with a beach ball in your leg." I never quite understood his advice until one Father's Day, I was gardening with my best friend Suzanne. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was dirty and spooky sounds came from deep within. Suzanne saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
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A Hamsteak to Crash
"We shouldn't do this!" she whimpered.
"I think wwe should. You're goin to lovve this," he said with a sly smile.
A pale skinned, humanoid creature with yellow-orange horns pertruding from his short, black hair draped his arms around a dark skinned woman with a slight Australian accent. His sunken orange troll eyes, behind black framed glasses, looked deeply into her human white ones. He could see the fear and excitement in her quivvering lip, her heavy breath, and her eyes gleaming with the moonlight above them.
"But why? I thought you loved someone else."
"My lovve wwas unrequited and noww I desire someone wwho wwill be mine forevver."
"And why me? Of everyone and anyone, why would you love a land-dweller Eridan?"
The Sea Dweller looked in amazement as he had to find the right words. It was no secret among anyone that Eridan Ampora had a genocidal hatred for the Land Dwelling Trolls. However, the woman before him wasn't a Troll but a human.
"You havve entranced me wwith your magic sc
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The Chronicles of Aumar: 53
Blessings of the Elder Mystery
"I see… so Kashad has died and his great-grandson is the new chief?" Solomon stated with everyone back in his office. Atticus was sitting across from his desk with a cup of tea in hand.
"Yes, Loremaster. Chief Rayya will strive to bring prosperity to his people," Atticus replied. "They denied to aid the Allies but directed us to seek the Views for aid."
"That might not be easy," Oren replied, sitting between Luca and Doug on a plush couch. "The Views have been incredibly defensive ever since they were ravaged by the Caprican Plagues. Not only that, but they're the only native peoples of this land who actually control and protect a sovereign state and they intend to keep it that way. Trying to gain entry, even high priority, will take at least a week at best."
"Would they be willing to aid us?" Sarah asked.
"They're more likely to aid us than Darmana, but there's no guarantee of that either since Timoran nations were just as cruel," Solomon exp
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The Chronicles of Aumar: 52
The Heroes of Old, Part II
Atticus climbed back down the hole to find Kashad standing up and wearing what he could be describe as battle garb. In Kashad's ancient right hand was a club-like weapon with a jagged dark rocks that were dug deep around the knob while his left had a large, round shield made of wood and covered with leather branded with the runes that Atticus had now come to associate with the Zi'dane. Kashad wore the pelt of a tombaz as a cape while underneath the pelt was a leather chest plate and bangles made of beads around each of his wrists and ankles. Around his waist was what looked like a single sheet of leather wrapped around like a skirt but was actually fastened by two buttons while a small pouch hid the buttons.
Atticus sat down in front of Kashad as a fire separated the both of them, the old Zi'dane's face glowed in the embers and revealed a frightening expression from his wrinkles and jowls. Kashad looked down on the young Terran with eyes so dull and gr
:iconkingatticus:KingAtticus 1 2
Feline Friend
Cat, cat,
Where are you cat?
There you are cat!
How about that?
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Unova in Aumar
"Today is the day!" said a young twelve year old boy with black hair. "I finally passed that exam and now I get to be a Pokémon trainer!"
After putting on his cap and grabbing his messenger bag, our young hero walked out of his house to a small town near the water. Waiting outside his house were two of his friends.
"Good morning Atticus!" said a young boy who was ten years old and has messy brown hair. "What took you so long?"
"You should know better, Doug. He probably forgot his name," said the other friend, a twelve year old girl with tawny skin and green eyes.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever floats your boat, Sarah. Let's go see Professor Juniper and get our starter Pokémon!" Doug said excitedly.
The trio of friends walked to the Juniper Pokémon Laboratory, the largest building in their town, and decided to go right in. Professor Juniper was sitting at a computer surrounded by books. She looked up and got up from her desk.
"No, please, don't knock. It's not like I'm doing anyth
:iconkingatticus:KingAtticus 1 11
The Chronicles of Aumar: 51
The Heroes of Old
"You traveled to the middle of nowhere to ask for help? Oh this'll be good," Kashad replied. "Alright Terran, I'm listening."
"The world is being engulfed in a massive war, possibly larger than the one twenty years ago. The fighting has been centralized across the ocean but already there are battles between nations south of Arche. Lemuel, the previous Loremaster of the Federation, was in cahoots with Darmana in an effort to make the Federation join sides with the Powers while the Confederacy is getting ready to join the Allied cause. Southern Timor is a massive battleground right now as the Allies try to repel the invading forces."
"You speak to me of places I've never seen, places I've never heard, and about people I care nothing for. The only name I know is Lemuel, and I'm not surprised such a spineless eel would side with those that attacked my people most. Then again, all Terrans attacked my people."
"You know Lemuel?" Atticus asked.
"No Zi'dane alive doesn
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The Chronicles of Aumar: 50
Chief of the Nat'awl
On the edge of the village was a large earthen structure that was domed with smoke slowly rising out from a hole in the center of the dome. The Zi'dane pushed a hefty stone next to the dome out of the way to reveal a small portal that served as an entrance. The Zi'dane entered first to show that there was a ladder that had to be climbed down. The next person to enter was Dessau who once grabbed his suitcase with his prehensile tail as he climbed down. Then followed the male Terrans and then the female Terrans. The climb down into unseen depths took a moment before a light could be seen: glowing crystals that illuminated the darkness of the underground. The smoke came from a small fire at the center of the bottom level, a fire which was in its own pit while blankets were spread out along the ground and surrounded the fire. Sitting against the wall with his legs crossed and his eyes shut was the chieftain.
The chieftain was an elderly Zi'dane: his fur faded an
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Hey guys! Just thought I'd give y'all an update of sorts because, well... I've been kinda absent for a long time and busy these last few days.

First off, Happy Valentine's Day. Even if you're not in a relationship, remember that someone loves you and you'll find someone who completes you. There's over seven billion people on the planet and I imagine all of my followers live in countries with a population of at least one million people or more. Don't lose hope! And if you do have a special someone, I hope you did something special while making fun of the holiday like most people do.

Secondly, where the hell have I been? Well, here. I just haven't been writing, and it sucks. I've been really considering becoming a writer as a means to make money and also job hunting. And then I joined Tumblr, started subscribing to funny YouTube channels, I'm still getting around to Christmas gifts (games and books), and just all kinds of time-wasting stuff. However, that's not to say I've done no writing at all. It's just that I haven't done my usual amount where I'm all "well this'll last at least a month so I can write another month's worth of chapters!" I've also dabbled in a side-project that I hope is a finished story I intend to publish. It's based on the adventures of Solomon the Priest, the character from my werewolf story a few months back. He was kinda fun to write and I think he would be a great protagonist. I might change the name, but I like Solomon. It's basically the name of a wise old man. You expect it for someone who is at least smart. If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.

Thirdly, sweet mercy I have a job! Since last Tuesday I have been a smartphone tester. It is as glamorous as it sounds. I will admit the lack of social interaction kinda bums me out and the monotonous actions get stale until after lunch (because that's the halfway mark in my day), but I do like it over the research data center I was at where I would call people at inopportune times and beg for them to do a survey. I also wish that the job was closer to where I'm living. For anyone who isn't familiar with the section I-35 that goes through Austin, TX, it is notorious for its traffic. What should be a 30 minute drive under normal conditions can escalate to a drive that takes over an hour and a half at 5PM. Morning traffic is better in that it doesn't take over an hour but sure ain't 30 minutes either. Thankfully the job is temporary as I got it through an agency so I can only hope that I get something closer to me after three months, maybe even something more permanent and to my liking. Strangely, it is giving me some ideas for a novel that might just wind up be autobiographical. Don't worry: it'll be more interesting than my life actually is.

Fourthly (is that a word?), I found out that Bryan Lee O'Malley will be in Austin for the first time tomorrow and I wanna get something signed. If I bring something Scott Pilgrim related it's expected but if I bring something like "Lost at Sea" I could look like a hipster. Austin might be full of hippies, liberals, college students, yuppies, and hipsters, but I'm only one of those! (hint: it's not hipster)

And finally... uh... huh. I guess that's about it to be honest. I've been good. Drinking a lot of water lately. I always drink water. I might be part fish. A friend of mine would be unimpressed since she's a mermaid. And this is just becoming filler made of IRL jokes. =P
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