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Sorry I haven't put anything up on DA for so long - I've been busy with my new webcomic, Special School (  I'll try and do something for here at some point, I promise.
Who decided that GIFs can't be larger than 100x100?  Some of my stuff just compresses down better in that format.  I don't want to lose my detail, dammit!
OK, I figured I should post a new journal entry just to get that last crazy rant off of here.  Especially since they restructured the galleries again, and it's now a lot more functional.

I haven't done any actual art for a while now.  I'm going to have to get back on that horse some time soon ... but I just have so little time.  Okay, no, I have a lot of time but I spend it all on my PC or watching TV.  I am a fool.  Still, somebody has promised to write me a comic, so I'll be drawing a serious amount some time soon. I promise.

Note to future self: YOU PROMISED.
I'm pretty confused by the recent restructuring, let me tell you.  I can empathise with the reasoning - the "Indy Art" section (regardless of the appropriateness of the name) was very large and unwieldy.  But who decided we needed a three-level hierarchy with multiple redundancy?

Let me break it down for you.  Let us take, for example, my Featured Deviation (…).  Is it Digital/Drawings/People? Digital/Drawings/Sci-Fi?  Perhaps even Digital/Drawings/Anime, since it has a certain stylistic quality.  Not unlike a Digital/Drawings/Cartoons And Comics.  Hell, it came from a Fantasy game and it's kind of Fanart.  If it doesn't neatly fit into any of those, I suppose there's always Digital/Drawings/Miscellaneous.

But is it a Drawing?  I don't know, it's got a fair old bit of computer colouring and effects going on.  Maybe it's Miscellaneous after all (that's Digital/Miscellaneous, not Digital/Drawings/Miscellaneous).  Once I'm in there, of course, I've got the choice of Sci-Fi or People. (Or Fantasy, of course.  Ah, Miscellaneous beckons...)

I'm even tempted to dig my heel in and deny that it's "digital art".  I drew it with pencils and inks, FFS.  So I made the lightsabers glow and lit up the background, it's still my own hard-learned drawing sk1llz going down.  So I turn to the Traditional Art gallery, to be presented with the same old choices all over again.

I don't know.  /rant.  I'm sure I'll get over it.  It's just so bewildering - for browsing as well as submitting.  I, for one, will likely be browsing less due to the sheer number of galleries there now are.  Meh.
Oh, what, a Journal now?  Oh hey, I guess this would be a good place to link together my deviations since Deviation Packs seem to have vanished in DA2.0...

Alright, here's the first Digimon, usually called Falconmon.
Baby - Ultimate; SUPREME (not Mega) biomerges with his partner to form his final evolution.

Before Falconmon I roleplayed with Hiraishinmon.
Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and the Mega-substitute SUPREME which biomerged with his partner to form his final evolution.

That last digimon also available in the form of mocked-up cards!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

There is no cause for alarm.  Everything is NORMAL.  You will not SUSPECT me.