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What Lies Above

Photoshop CS5 (still... :) )

Phew. I started it AGES ago so have no clue whether I've found all the resources. If not, I apologize and will add them as soon as I figure out the missing ones (hint! hint! - thanks!). I painted & manipulated the balloons and of course the ladders. And again, I am not sure about the category. Almost chose landscape & scenery but then... not.

I hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge all other elements are from my legitimate resources/photos or/and painted by me.

No Critique by Autopsyrotica-Art 
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your works look like oil paintings i'm impressed great job
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Sorry for spamming your favorites, but I'm loving your works! :love:
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Oh you are NOT spamming at all!! Thank you so much for your support and your nice words, Shelley! :heart: :hug:
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So talented and what an imagination! The skill of being able to transfer this creativity to the desktop is brilliant! Thank you
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What a nice thing to say, Zvonka! Thank you so much :heart:
Wonderful illustrations you have here!
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Your art is a fine and romantic dream!
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Thanks a lot, Carlos! :heart:
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This is beyond amazing. I love your surreal work.
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Oh how nice of you to say so! Thank you so much! :heart:
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Usualy I don't like photo manipulation, but this one is really interesting: thank you for sharing it. ;-)
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How nice of you to say so, Paolo, thanks! :heart:
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Whimsical and fun, but rich with symbolism... Wow!
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Thank you, dear! :hug:
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