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Under Her Own Steam



I never ever know what category to choose for my works. Like this one... Is it surreal? Is it sci-fi? Is it fantasy? Is it something else? It's a bird...! It's a plane...! It's... Superwoman!

Of course the flags on the right should be blown to the other direction :D Oh, well. It is surreal fantasy after all (maybe) where even the laws of physics are not valid.

Photoshop CS5. The steam bird was created completely by me, element by element.


I hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge all elements are from my legitimate resources/photos or/and purchased here or here or/and painted by me. There is no resource from DA in this picture. Quite a lot of elements are by the phenomenal Lorie Davison.

It was inspired by Lorie Davison, Igor Morski and the illustrations of The Edge Chronicles (YA book series).

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WOW! Cool! I loved it!