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With the release of the season 9 trailer (the final season), King Sombra is confirmed to return! Here's to hoping he gets some actual speaking lines other than "crystals".

For those who haven't caught it yet, the trailer is down below!…
Being the new owner, I'm changing the group up a little to make things feel more organized. As of now, gallery folders have been moved around and edited, so here are the changes!

- There is now a folder for all art of just King Sombra. This includes both digital and traditional art, as well as art of just r63 Sombra (so long as it remains SFW)
- There is now a groups folder. This includes both digital and traditional art of any piece including more than just King Sombra.
- Different forms of Sombra has been removed. If it's just Sombra, regardless of form, it belongs in King Sombra Alone.
- Mature Content folder has been added. All art with a mature content filter on goes here. This also includes art that should be labelled as mature content but isn't, since DA has such a problem with tagging mature content as mature. Remember that kids use this site, too.
- Dolls and Plushies has been changed to include all crafts and merchandise. It is now labelled as "Crafts, Merchandise, Etc.".

Those are the gallery changes! If you have any questions, please comment on the journal and I will get back to you as soon as I can and answer to the best of my abilities. Thanks, and All Hail The King of Shadows!
Hey all! Since ZuTheSkunk no longer wants to run the group, I've taken over as founder here. I hope to be able to bring this group back to life eventually! Thanks for being here, and I hope you're all excited for Season 9!

Cheers, and Happy Hearth's Warming to all you little ponies out there!

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Group Info and Rules

The Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reveals a new villain of the name King Sombra. This group concentrates on collecting art featuring him.

All membership requests are automatically accepted. You don't need to be a member to submit art, though.

Group's Rules:

:bulletred::bulletred: First, remain respectful to all members; no bashing, insulting etc., always remain nice.

:bulletred::bulletred: Second, we accept only art featuring King Sombra. It doesn't matter if there are other ponies on the image or if he isn't the main focus, just as long as he is present there.

:bulletred::bulletred: Third, Mature Content MUST be submitted with a mature content filter. It will not be accepted otherwise. Remember that we have kids on this site who don't need to be seeing that kind of content.

:bulletred::bulletred: Fourth, please submit to the correct folder! Admins will kindly decline and ask to resubmit to the correct folder if something is submitted to the wrong folder.


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anyone know if will return to the show or EG because I really like him
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Nice artwork!
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You all need to watch (Sombra in the dark of the night animation) this video always gives me goose bumps.
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You guys have to watch "a dying world"
Its an short animation about the crystal empire under sombra's control
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I'm on my phone and its not showing... nvm v.v I just can't find a way I'll just join in spirit...
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