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:bulletyellow: I make fantasy art with a touch of humor. You can check my gallery HERE!

:bulletgreen: If you like some of my artworks, don't be afraid to Add them to your Favorites.

:bulletblue: If you wanna get notified when I post new artworks and updates, you can click on that big "Watch" button up there!

:bulletpink: My mythical art groups:



:bulletpurple: If you are looking for inspiration or wanna draw something for me you can check my OPEN CONTESTS AND CHALLENGES section below

:bulletblue: I am always organizing new contests and challenges, you can find some entries from my previous contests in the "ART FROM FRIENDS" area

:bulletorange: Star Bearer                  :bulletpurple: Dark Cinderella

Star Bearer Contest (New Prize: Core Memberships)I got some extra points, so I decided to use them for 3 core memberships for the best entries of this contest. If you are not interested in core memberships, I will just give you the equivalent prize of 400 points.
:bulletpurple: For the contest, you have the draw the scene of Aurelian carrying the throne of the star through the forest, as the shadows are awakened around him by the star's light. The scene is described in the STAR BEARER scene of the story below.
:bulletred: This story also contains the scene of the previous contest (PLANETARIUM), and 2 other scenes (THE NIGHT and ASTRAL DREAMS), which won't have contests of their own. They're included here for reference if you wanna check them out.

Deadline: February 28th

The best 3 artworks of the STAR BEARER scene will receive an one-month premium membership, or the equivalent 400 points
   DARK CINDERELLA (Last Scenes)This is a very special story I made this time, taking the subject of a classic fairy tale (Cinderella) and mixing it with elements from my fantasy stories.
Unlike my previous stories, there are 9 different scenes in this tale, each scene of this story will have its own contest with a prize for the winner of each.
:bulletgreen: For this contest, you have to draw an artwork inspired by One of the Scenes of the Dark Cinderella story (see below)
:bulletblue: The story is only a guideline for your artwork. You can include any elements from the scene that you want, but the final design is completely up to you
:bulletblack: Artistic rule: No tracing over other people's art. Don't use bases. Try to be creative with your creation.
:bulletpink: If you finish your entry for one scene before the deadline, and wanna try a different one, you can do that. You may do as many as

:bulletpink: Pervy Polar Vortex       :bulletgreen: Chess Monsters  

Winter Contest: Pervy Polar VortexTes92 wanted to extend the deadline of this one too, so why not :D I have extended this mini-contest to a normal size contest. The new deadline is February 28. This contest is based on this bizarrely pervy view of the Polar Vortex :D

:bulletpurple: For the contest, you have the draw the scene of Polar Vortex Witch Goddess of my story below.
Deadline: February 28, 2019

The best 3 artworks will receive 240, 160 and 80 points respectively

YES: Creating an artwork from scratch; sketching it up until it finally becomes the entry you were hoping for; using references to see how a body bends this way or other way.
NO: Working on top of a base, tracing over on top of some image, editing existing images and photos to compose your entry, directly copying some already existing design by a third-party
   CHESS MONSTERS (Point Contest, Rules Update!)My multiple choice contest for this new year takes my favorite board game CHESS as subject. There are 6 different monsters described by this story, each one will have its own contest with a prize for the winner of each category.

:bulletgreen: Multiple Choice Contest:  You can choose which one of the 6 monster entries you wanna draw (or if you wanna draw more than one or all of them!)
:bulletorange: If you decide to make more than one entry, your entries should either depict a single side (you choose if your entries will depict the white side, or black side), or you can depict both sides facing each other in each entry (SEE NEW RULE)
:bulletpink: The color of armor (for the warrior ones) and fur (for the beast ones) s


Dark Muse Damnation by chaosqueen122

The Cursed Mask by chaosqueen122Cocoons by chaosqueen122

Magical Girl Pandora by iCorasu

Poisoned whispers - Possession by Tes92

Moon Dance: Mother of all Faeries by UmbraLarva

The Demon Tree Slumbers... by UmbraLarva

The Priestess and the Dragon Egg by Lalayni

The Girl and Pegasus by Lalayni

Cocoons of lies...  by Phioai

Trick or Treat - Damnation by Tes92Pandora Magical Girl by ChildOfCreation

Planetarium by ChildOfCreation

Autumn Point Contest: Hecate Dark Muse by KarmaComa73

Trick or Tree(t) - 2 by KarmaComa73Warrior of Hope ( prom dress ) by KarmaComa73

planetarium by KarmaComa73

Lampad Demon Tree - Attack of the Plant Mutants by sugarcrushfashion
Childs Play by gregsbird

Pandora the Warrior of Hope by K-ZetPlanetarium by K-Zet

Trick or Treat by K-Zet

Demonic Tree's Blessing by K-Zet

Inside the Flower Cocoon by K-ZetPlant Mutation by K-Zet

Inside the Beehive Cocoon by K-Zet

The Birth by BlackWhileOWL


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