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:iconk-zet: K-Zet



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My new artwork is up! Click the image to check it :D 

21 deviants said TREE TITAN (SEED #27) by King-of-Monster-Gods



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:bulletgreen: If you like some of my artworks, don't be afraid to Add them to your Favorites.

:bulletblue: If you wanna get notified when I post new artworks and updates, you can click on that big "Watch" button up there!

:bulletyellow: I make fantasy art with a touch of humor. You can check my gallery here:

:bulletpurple: If you are looking for inspiration or wanna draw something for me you can check my OPEN CONTESTS AND CHALLENGES section below

:bulletblue: I am always organizing new contests and challenges, you can find some entries from my previous contests in the "ART FROM FRIENDS" area

:bulletpink: My mythical art groups:


Midsummer Contest: The Mother of All FairiesAnother one of my "fairy tales with monsters" contests.
My birthday was August 5, if you wanted to make a birthday gift for me, this can be it :D

:bulletgreen: For this contest, you have to draw the Titaness Asteria, Mother of All Fairies, on her pond as she appears in the scene of my story
:bulletblue: Her scene is in the second bit of the story below (A MIDSUMMER NIGHT). The last two bits of the stories (POISONED APPLES and CHANGELINGS), are not relevant to this current contest, but I will use them for a future one. You can read them anyways to get some more context. 
YES: Creating an artwork from scratch; sketching it up until it finally becomes the entry you were hoping for; using references to see how a body bends this way or other way.
NO: Working on top of a base, tracing over on top of some image, editing existing images and photos to compose your entry, directly copying some
       DARK CINDERELLA (Multiple-Choice Contest)This is a very special story I made this time, taking the subject of a classic fairy tale (Cinderella) and mixing it with elements from my fantasy stories .

Unlike my previous stories, there are 9 different scenes in this tale, each scene of this story will have its own contest with a prize for the winner of each.
:bulletgreen: For this contest, you have to draw an artwork inspired by One of the Scenes of the Dark Cinderella story (see below)
:bulletblue: The story is only a guideline for your artwork. You can include any elements from the scene that you want, but the final design is completely up to you
:bulletblack: Artistic rule: No tracing over other people's art. Don't use bases. Try to be creative with your creation.
:bulletpink: I

:bulletyellow: Birthday Cake Monster :bulletpink: Swan Medusa

  August Challenge n' Contest: Birthday Cake Monster:bulletblue: The Monthly Challenge for August will also be a contest celebrating my birthday month, and what better way to do that than with a demonic cake and another one of my witchy fairy tales :D

For this contest, you have to draw the Demonic Cake of this Story

Deadline: August 31
Prizes: There is a single point-prize for the first place (150 points). The three best artworks will stay on my homepage for a whole year
Artistic Rules: 
Creating an artwork from scratch; sketching it up until it finally becomes the entry you were hoping for; using references to see how a body bends this way or other way.
NO: Working on top of a base, tracing over on top of some image, editing existing images and photos to compose your entry, directly copying a design from somewhere else.

The revelant bits to the contest are the
       Bonus Challenge: Swan MedusaI had mentioned I really liked this comment comparing the fire-and-poison-spitting swan heads of my Eagle Monster with the snakes of Medusa, so i decided to make a challenge about it :D
For this contest, you have to draw a swan-themed Medusa instead of the normal snake-themed one
Deadline: September 5th
Prizes: There is a single point-prize for the first place (150 points). The three best artworks will stay on my homepage for a whole year

Here is a little tale to give her a mythical explanation:
Giacinto finally reached the lair of the mythical monster, very soon he would release the land from that had turned everyone into stone, by cutting the head of the evil monster! As he entered a dark large room-like cave, a chorus of signing birds nested between the hands and on the heads of creepy statues of screa


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The Goddess of victory Nike!!! by DrogarMythos


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