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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
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My Bio
Yes I do draw art
No, I will not post much on here because I dislike some of DeviantArt's policies, I will, however, provide links to uploads if people want them.
I am a hobby artist and currently working on a Software Engineering degree. I am open to commissions but do not expect any to be finished quickly as I am fairly busy.

Favourite Movies
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers, Godfather
Favourite TV Shows
2003 Clone Wars series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
AC/DC, Beethoven, Rhapsody of Fire,
Favourite Games
Halo 2, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical Pencil all day every day for drawing and printer paper. On the occasion I go digital I usually just use a trackpad though for hair a drawingpad is required.


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Casually beating up Ghirahim into submission for his disobedience
Don't tell Ghirahim to shut up
Which is still bullshit, they ignored more than 90% of Boba's armory and he still has a ship that's pretty damn impressive they could have involved for both but I'm fine with that part, the big thing is again ignoring almost the entirety of Boba's armament. He had far more blasters than that, he carried EMP weapons, his ship has an EMP shot that can disable an entire shipyard, he has a large array of sonic weapons one of which is even present and shown in the movies, he has poisons (some being especially hard to filter including a gas known as FEX-M3, a nerve gas that would literally fry the brain to a char within 10 seconds and could be absorbed through skin or breathing so yeah, one fracture in the armor and it can kill you), acid darts, blasters, grenade launchers, disintegrators (one of which was on display in his movie uniform and another is in a pretty significant number of displays of him), the spike-launching boots, even an anti-matter detonator in one of his displays. The amount of flat out ignorance and failing to include things I would be able to find in 3 seconds results in the entire thing being bullshit, not to mention he had explosives he could set that could break through the strongest materials in Star Wars, a sonic emitter that could silence the explosion by countering the sound waves, and wore lightsaber-resistant armor with those not covered by armor being able to deflect most strikes using micro projectors to reflect most energy-based weaponry (solid projectiles pierce shields far easier in Star Wars, plus the fact he carries a lightsaber as a last-ditch surprise weapon he keeps as a trophy from one of his kills and is stated to be the only weapon Boba hasn't completely mastered as well as having vibroblades that could match with lightsabers in his gauntlets and much more. I'm not saying there's a guarantee Boba would win because of this, but he would be liable and with accuracy and speed in trigger that he could draw and fire through the heart of his target faster than the target could get out a single heart beat I don't think Samus would beat him. It was horrendously under-researched, like I could find more details in 30 seconds than they provided, either that or the much more likely reason, they just wanted Samus to win for popularity reasons so they ignored his enormous number of feats, which is why I just don't take anything from Death Battle seriously or as a legitimate way of researching a character because it is utter bullshit.
Samus vs Boba Fett Remastered Aftermath
Correction Hylians
Hyrulian is a nationality, Hylian is a race.
Don't make her angry pt 3
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No problem, building a collection of them.