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I GOT TO SEE RODDA AGAIN TODAY~ :love: :love: :love:

God, I could seriously listen to her talk all day... She's not stuck up or snobby like half of the authors I've seen at the festival, she just really enjoys what she does and loves that it makes so many people happy~ (Even if the majority of her fans are kids, but SHHHHHHH... I'm a kid on the INSIDE, okay?) ... Also, I was front row centre, so she kept looking at me while she was talking and I kept blushing and grinning stupidly and looking away when she did and she must've thought I was such an idiot, being a grown man and just, UGH... I DON'T EVEN CARE~ :love:

Anyway, I promised NutkaseCreates that I would take notes this time~ So while my beautiful fiance was navigating inner-city traffic, I did just that~ Because I am a man of my word... Most of the time... When I feel like it... Maybe XD



Oh... Where to start..? Where to start..?

Well, she was very happy to be there, because she said she's in mourning over having finished writing The Three Doors and she always gets so into her books that she hates having to stop and move on to something else... BUT... She said that she was just putting the DQ verse aside "FOR NOW"... Which hints at the possibility of MORE~ :love:

She always loved reading and writing as a kid and it was her aspiration to be an author. But somewhere around her teen years she was reading so many wonderful stories that she gave up and lost hope that she'd ever be good enough. Why would anyone read anything she wrote when there are so many brilliant authors out there already? So she stopped trying... For twenty whole years. She said she 'wasted' them, not thinking she was good enough and she knows better now.

It wasn't until she had a daughter of her own who started getting into reading, that she remembered how much she loved reading and writing herself. She started off by making up bedtime stories for her daughter, and one day she thought of one that she says 'didn't sound half-bad'. So she decided to write it down and send it in to a publisher (who she worked for at the time) under a psuedonym so no-one there would be biased. If they thought it was crap, they wouldn't be afraid to tell her it was. That manuscript, Something Special, was published and won Australian Children's Book of the Year. She calls it luck but when she wrote another to test herself, that book was also published and won Australian Children's Book of the Year. Suddenly Rodda didn't think that no-one would be interested in her stories anymore~ :D

She claims that Deltora Quest is her greatest writing achievement, but not for the millions of copies sold all over the world, in a dozen different languages... She loves them because of all the stories she hears about people who didn't like reading, picking up a DQ book and just falling in love with it, then moving on to other books and loving them too. In fact, she claims the reason the DQ novels are so short is because she wanted anyone to be able to pick one up and think 'This is small, I can read this' even if they don't like books in general. DQ was intended to be the doorway into the world of literature for those willing to give it a chance~ :love:

Something that I found interesting is that she said she actually feels sorry for the vraals. They're her favourite monster she's written about, and that's why there are a few chapters where we actually see things from the vraal's perspective. She feels sorry for them because they were creatures bred to kill and destroy and even though they have brains and conciousness, they're only interested in fighting and that must be a terrible existance for them. She also believes the creepiest monster she's written about is the Glus and she'd hate to be stuck in an endless labyrinth, with no escape and knowing that a giant carnivorous slug is slowly but surely tracking her down and waiting for her to tire so it can suck out her insides... Lovely stuff~ :D

She claims that most of her books are easy for her to write because she thinks about them and their worlds in so much depth before she actually sits down at her computer to type. She only had a little trouble with DQ because she kept getting Lief, Barda and Jasmine into hopelessly dangerous situations and then wondering how on earth to save them this time. She recalled how many times she'd say to her husband 'Oh no, they're dead. I've really killed them this time.' XD

I was surprised to hear that she'd had the idea for The Rondo Trilogy when she was only 5 or 6 years old. Her grandmother had an antique music box that she was fascinated with. She wasn't allowed to touch it, of course. But every time she visited her grandmother, she'd ask to hear it and sat very still and calm and her grandmother would lift the music box down and place it in front of her and carefully wind it three times, and only ever three times. She remembers thinking that the music, while beautiful, sounded otherworldly and mysterious and began thinking that there was another world inside the music box where the sound came from. This was one of the first things that started her interest in fantasy worlds and inflamed her imagination.

Her new series, The Three Doors is all about choices. She's always loved myths and fairy tales where a character has had to choose between two doors, or a fork in the road and things like that. She feels it has a lot to do with fate and destiny and choices are just something that's always fascinated her. She also feels that books are like doors in a way, they let you into a whole other world and you never know what you're going to find there~ :D

Oh, and she totally confirmed that the Rowan of Rin books take place in the DQ verse too, off the coast to Deltora's west...... Yes, I know... I'VE SUSPECTED THIS FOR YEARS, PEOPLE! O_O


Yeah, my inner fangirl and I would like to be alone now... XD


If you've read this far, um... Good for you~! You must be as obsessed as I am... Or terribly bored... Either way I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things Rodda had to say about her books and life as an author~ :love:
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MidgetShinigami Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm reading the Three Doors right now, I felt like it was a little like Deltora Quest. This was an interesting find!
albusowner Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Also, sorry for commenting again - how did you guess Rowan of Rin was connected? Are there any hints in the books that I missed? (I read that series probably a decade ago now :S)
albusowner Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Hey there, this was like the best post ever!! I have to admit I never even considered that Rowan of Rin was part of the DQ universe, so now my brain has like exploded of awesomeness at this information!! It's not actually part of Deltora though right? Like it's another island?

I'm a bit behind on the Doors series - I'm half way through book 1 (I own all 3 - hope to finish the whole series in the next week/s!!!) and there is a LOT that is similar to Deltora, especially the explicit mentions of 'The Land of Dragons' to the East, so obviously this is also part of the universe. I am REALLY REALLY hoping for an encounter with Deltora and/or the characters in the series by book 2 or 3.... I guess it's unlikely if it never happened in Rowan of Rin :( ALSO the D'Or family living in Dorne..... the city of D'Or in Deltora???!!? HAS to be connected. I'm so hoping there will be a joining of the islands by the 3rd book argh!!!!!!
albusowner Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Now I have finished reading the books... my guesses were right yay!! But I would have liked to have met Lief + Jasmine again. It was strange to hear more of the Shadow Lord, but not them. Aah well. The last Doors book screwed my brain so much, Emily Rodda is a genius of surprises!
luka1184 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
I AM A GODDAMN MAN, WITH A KID INSIDE ME TOO! I can honestly say that you are very lucky (I WANT TO MEET HER TOO!!!! Let's go to a festival together someday... =P)

I have so much more respect for you know @_@ And the fact that you got the Rowan information out of her is just brilliant :S Man... I am so happy to have met a DQ fan with as much enthusiasm and love for the books as I! -_- You seem like such a cool person... seriously, I don't want to sound stalkerish, but it would be awesome to meet you hehe.

By the way, like Rowe/Rodda, I have tried to be a writer too, but I also have lost hope... but perhaps for good. I don't hope that I will fail miserable forever though... I want to make larger things, like Tolkien did, or something even better, less heavy in unnecessary descriptions... Oh well, I am running on spare oxygen here *pants* so I'll end this comment here...


By the way, I am getting The Third Door in October and would love to see you on to help expand on the information there, and tidy up the mess that we've got there, if you want to? :)

The end. Really.
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm only lucky in the fact that she actually takes the time to tour Australia, she lives in another state than I do but comes down now and then to hold talks with her fans. :D

Oh? It was just something I'd always wanted to ask her. I mean, the Rowans just felt so DQ I had to ask. And then when she said that they were, I struggled to contain my excitement. Now that I know this, I have to re-read them. XD

Don't lose hope, mate. If it's what you really love doing and you want to, then screw anyone who tells you that you can't. Rodda was afraid to write but when she took a chance and did what she'd always wanted to, her first two books won the highest award in Australia for children's literature. You can do it, mate. :)

Well, I'm a bit busy right now (planning my wedding actually, but yeah) I'm not sure I really have the time to actually be useful to anyone, sorry. Anyway, I'm sure you've got everything under control, mate. :D
erratrus-vulpes Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Do you know when the last Three Doors book will come out?
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Certainly~ The Third Door will be out on the 1st of October, mate~ I can't wait~ :eager:
erratrus-vulpes Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Thank you, me neither :D
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome, mate. :D
CrazyEvilAngel Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm glad you had a fangirlishly great time. ^_^
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Had? ... HAD?

Ask Liz, I'm still basically bouncing off the walls~ She kept looking at me and she's so nice and she really looks like she should be knitting or something but she was talking about people being ripped apart by monsters and old ladies being hacked to pieces with an axe and I think I love her~ :love: :love: :love:
CrazyEvilAngel Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd tell you to propose, but you're already tied.
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student General Artist
... And so is she... Damn.
NutkaseCreates Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww yeahhhh. :D
Thanks for taking some notes for me! You're awesome~!

DQ verse aside "for now"? Sounds pretty promising to me! You can never get enough of Deltora Quest!

Loved the bit about how she had no idea how to get the DQ trio out of dangerous situations and thinking she'd killed them. xD It's always fun to get your characters into trouble, but then you have to find a way to save them. x3
Man, I still laugh when I imagine her telling her husband that. x'D

Is it sad i've only read one chapter from a book in the Rowan series? I feel terrible now. I need to somehow find these books (I hardly ever see them around for some reason) and glue myself to them. I won't be satisfied otherwise!
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome, mate~ I said I would~ :D

YES. She added 'for now' on the end and I just got so excited. The way she was talking I don't think she's ever going to put that world down for good, she's worked so hard on it and she loves it~ :love:

So did I, mate... It sounded like it happens a lot when she's writing. She can't remember how many times she's killed them all. XD

Nah, that's not sad at all. The Rowan series is a little slower than DQ, she wrote them first so it was before she got really good at cutting a story down to the bare minimum. I love them though, I think they're beautifully written. There are less monster battles and more puzzles and mind games, that's the only real difference between Rowan and DQ, I think.
CrazyGirl9913 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
This is exactly what happened when I read it:
"Oh, and she totally confirmed that the Rowan of Rin books take place in the DQ verse too, off the coast to Deltora's west...... Yes, I know... I'VE SUSPECTED THIS FOR YEARS, PEOPLE! O_O"
No way.
And then my sister came over and was all "What?"
And I said: "You wouldn't understand."
And then: "THAT IS AWESOME!" from me again.
I too am a crazy fangirl.

" She recalled how many times she'd say to her husband 'Oh no, they're dead. I've really killed them this time.'"
That is awesome too. BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T EVER RUN OUT OF CREATIVE WAYS TO KEEP THEM ALIVE! I really wish that I had that kind of imagination.

/end fangirl-braindump
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
That was so my reaction when she said it (in my head of course because she was still talking and there were other people there, but still...) She said she's always imagined Rin to be off Deltora's west coast so I guess they're probably the ones who usually trade with Bone Point?

That made me laugh too, she's just awesome. She'd get really stuck with the situations she gets her characters into... But yeah, being able to then get them OUT of those situations is what really makes her a good writer~ :love:

Don't worry, I don't mind a good fangirl-braindump. It's good to talk to people who are as passionate about DQ as I am instead of just getting weird looks from my girlfriend... XD
DarkestWish Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012

Oh I wish I could've been there to fangirl with you and be all 'OMGSHE'SLOOKINGATMEJACKJACKSHEMADEEYECONTACTI'MNEVERGOINGTOBLINKAGAIN!!' but I love that you took notes and wrote this journal :)
Thaaaankyouuuuu :heart:

I wish we had a world map for this place, it'd be so great. So did she say Rondo was completely separate from the Deltoraverse then? Kinda sad we won't be getting anymore books from there for awhile, but at least we have the third book to look forward to :)

And she's right about Deltora, it wasn't my gateway into reading but I think it's what really got me into fantasy.

The Vraal thing's interesting. I mean it was obvious she liked them because of their pov chapters and everything but I don't think they find their lives horrible. It's not like they ever seem to wonder about what they don't have or alternate styles of living, they seem very content and happy with the constant violence and killing, particularly when they have freedom too.
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student General Artist

Tara, Tara, Tara... If you were there I'd hardly be paying attention to Miss Rodda, now would I? I'd be being all awkward about meeting you instead... :ashamed:

You're welcome~ I hoped you'd appreciate it~ :huggle:

A map would be AWESOME~ ... Um, she didn't mention Rondo when she was talking about Rin/Deltora/Dorne all being the same so I don't think so... She probably sees it as different because it's not a contained fantasy realm, people from our world travel to it... Or something? :shrug:

Hey, she didn't say 'a while', she said 'for now'~ Knowing her she just has another idea in her head right now, it really sounds like she has a LOT of them... XD

I know, me too~ Before DQ I think all I really read were comic books so yeah... DQ got me into reading~ :love:

Well, I think that's what she meant. Not that they find their lives bad, but that the idea behind a creature that delights only in destruction is sad.
DarkestWish Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
But we would've met a few hours ago, and I mean, FANGIRLING ABOUT RODDA TOGETHER. Soooo wish I was there.

It's a fantasy realm in a box, it'd make sense it was different. I really kinda hope it is completely different from Deltoraverse.... But I would like to know what the confines of that world are. Like if there's a whole world or just the land of Rondo and you can't go out too far into the ocean because that's like the box's walls or what.

Yes but I'll still miss the Deltoraverse for however long her other projects take. It's just comforting reading a book and knowing it's connected to a fantasy world I love.

I read silly little teen books and only fantasy books about mermaids and fairies and stuff. Those other ones were boy books.

Ah, yes it is a particularly nasty idea of the Shadow Lord to create one something like that.
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Tara, a few hours still wouldn't be enough for it to sink in that YOU of all people were actually there with me... :tighthug:


I really just love anything she writes~ :love:

I just used to have a pile of Garfield, Peanuts, Asterix, Tintin, etc... I can't really remember anything I read before DQ that wasn't comic book form.
DarkestWish Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
Haha, I'll try and come down a day early if I do come to see Emily Rodda (AND YOU) in Melbourne then :XD:
But you may have to let me sleep on your couch... I'd stay with my cousin but then you'd still have the problem of only have a few hours for my glorious presence to sink in.

Though I think it must, I mean time only moves in Rondo when the key is turned, that seems much more like 'realm in a box' then 'box is portal to realm'.

I used to read Tintin in the library sometimes, though only really when I couldn't find anything more interesting. Asterix I've always loved but I never enjoyed Garfield or Peanuts honestly. I've always been involved with books, when I was a baby (my favourite books was about possums by the way) I used to get read to and I would know when to turn the pages because I was so used to it... and this is before I could talk. I don't think I read my first (children's) novel by myself until I was 5 or 6, but I loved my collection of picture books.
King-of-Deltora Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh, you could sleep in Liz's bed. She sleeps with me so it's usually empty. Unless you want my bed, so you can wake up to chirpy happy birdies~ :love:

And I don't know. :shrug:

I still love picture books~ :love: But yeah, I've noticed I've sort of gone off comics now, oddly enough. Seeing as that's all I used to read back in primary school... :shrug:
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