Pixel Doll Commissions (PLEASE READ RULES)(Closed)

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Wing (left)PixelsWing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer

Simple animations are free. (Floating, blinking, etc.)
More complicated animations will cost extra.

Mini Pixel Dolls: $15.00-$40.00
(Price Depends of Character Complexity & Amount of Animation)

Pixel Dolls: $25.00-$50.00
(Price Depends of Character Complexity & Amount of Animation)

Base Type A

[$] Razuberi Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer[PRIZE] Arielle Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer[$] Sylvia Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer[$] Pheonix Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer

Base Type B

[$] Tini Yuurei [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer($) Tini Halloween Reaper Ichigo (NF2U) by King-Lulu-Deer[$] Anatarre Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer

Winged Pixel Dolls: $35.00-$60.00
(Price Depends of Character Complexity & Amount of Animation)
Tini Flying Delta by King-Lulu-Deer[G] Tini Flying Lieri [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer

Custom Fairy/Insect Wings: +$15.00
[R] Tini Flying Lithe by King-Lulu-Deer

Other Types Of Wings: +$30.00

Please read before ordering

* These are not first come first served. I will be choosing clients based on how well I may be able to draw their character/s. *

Pastel Orange Star Bullet You can submit more than one form per comment so I have more characters to choose from. You may If you send in multiple forms. *

* Before placing an order, you must read, understand and accept the terms and conditions presented in my ToS and my refund policy. * 

Please fill out this form in your comment or note, thank you.

Commission Type:
Base Type:
Reference Sheet:
Props or Items to Hold (Weapons, Instruments, Plushies, etc) (Optional):
Extra Animations (Optional):
You may order 1 doll at a time


 Send me a note to request a commission 
* Paypal only *
* Please pay me in full before I start working *
 No refunds *
* No negotiations on prices *
* I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason *
* Humanoid characters only *
* No explicit nudity or sexual content *
* Gore is allowed (Intensity must be discussed) *
* Not for commercial use *

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