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Pansexual Pride Flag Shooting Star

Rain Stars OrangeHappy Pride Month!Rain Stars Orange

Free to use!
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Please do not copy, trace, or edit, or claim as your own.
- please tell me if you use
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Using this one and the nonbinary one on my artfight profile!

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I know I'm kinda late but is it okay if I use (maybe) all of your pride flag shooting stars? (I'm mostly using this one, the aromantic one and the genderfluid one though)

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Fun fact: everyone who identifies as "pansexual" is actually bisexual who either:

-doesnt know what bisexual means


-is biphobic

and most people fall under the 1st

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ok I know this is old but FUCK NO. Just FUCK NO

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bi is a spectrum and by definition people would fall under it

but G i really couldn't care less about this shit lmao, its kind of cringy. if you know this is old why bother commenting. I do more valuable things than talk about sexualities on deviantart, only reason i commented it in the first place is cuz at the time i was bored

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pan and bi are different things. And if you were bored than why did you do that? Just go for a walk, play a game, watch some TV. There are so many things to do when you're bored other than invalidate other people's identities. Let's not gatekeep. And this is responding to another comment from you I saw in this thread, you never explained why pan and bi are different things, you just said that pan isn't real. Also, I am pan I very much know what bi means. And I'm not biphobic either. MY MOM IS BI! I know what it means

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" you never explained why pan and bi are different things, you just said that pan isn't real. " haha youre doing the same thing

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Pan is attracted to every gender or genderblind, ot depends on the person. Bi is attracted to two genders. This can be male and female or a different pair. The difference is that bi is attracted to two and pan is attracted to all. Some pan people may say that bi is an umbrella term that they fall under but opinions differ. You, a person who is not pan, do not get to decide what pan means.

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hi! nope! people are allowed to choose if they want to use the term pansexual or bisexual for themselves! like raiinqu said, don't gatekeep! everyone comes from a different knowledge background, lets' spread solidarity and love instead of trying to further separate a community and worry people!

my3000thaccount's avatar

eh idrc about this topic anymore lol

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the differences between bi and pan differ from person to person. gatekeeping sexuality is stupid let people identify with what they feel comfortable with, coming from a bi person

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i am bi myself, im revisiting this after half a year and i agree with u

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No. Bisexual means you like male and female. Pansexual means you like ALL binary and non-binary genders

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well some bi people like 2 genders that aren't man and woman. There is a bi artist I follow who is attracted to women and enby people and not really men but that's two genders so they are still bi

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I just explained why thats false

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Hella cute stuff ya got around here!! 

 I'm using a couple of your lovely arts on my profile page:
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