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Honestly Im shocked SHE isn't being done for crimes against Equestria...and Fluttershy, the main story doesn't address the sheer stupidity of Fluttershy. Oh sure, I'll give them ALL bombs of "healing" and trust that they won't do anything with them.
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I knew it! I knew there was bad mojo

Nice job again, hope to see more soon.
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There's always some kind of bad mojo when the NCR is involved.
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Legit though... there are some good souls tough, they're just overshadowed by the corrupt and greedy
I want to ask one question, and one question only, my dear author: is Princess Celestia a citizen of NCR here?
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I dont think so. In this alternate universe, as far as i can remember, its a sort of AI that is a fusion with Princess Celestia`s mind from before the war.
I may be totally wrong though. Its been ages since i´ve read the fanfic that created the Fallout Equestria universe.
In original fic, Celestia fused her soul with POP mainframe because she was afraid of death.
So, if NCR treats her - or it, if you wish - as an AI, then whoever has the guts to command that thing commands it. If NCR treats her as a citizen - then she has to follow any rules NCR officials come up with. NCR might just give her some authority to be in charge of POP, but she will have to obey their every whims.

What I want to say is that either way, NCR is doing right thing here.
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I doubt the NCR would be that kind, if at all
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They gain nothing by putting her in any point of power. They have rose to where they are without her, I wouldn't be surprised if they see her as a potential threat. She is technically Equestria's ruler and I don't think they want her to be ever again. Either it's because they are greedy with their positions or something else IDK but I doubt that her status as ex-princess will get her any thankyou's. I mean littlepip and regina knew each other to some extent, and look at how she is letting her peers treat her. I always see the NCR as bully to get what it wants, but in the grand scheme of putting the world back together they are the best last hope. Or if you want to call it, lesser evil.
True, but theyare used to live in the world without the sun and with the cloud cover, so it is not such a big deal for them.
As for "putting the world back together"... Who said they want it? Maybe they want to be number one and with minimum costs.
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That is also true, Celestia to them means very little
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Ah. I remember it now. But the fact that the NCR is about to strip Celestia of the only control and possibly even contact with the world seems like a really drastic choice.
The next question is why should Celestia remain in control. Imagine a country where military and state thingies don't obey state itself and don't follow the rules written and do what they see right.
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Shit man. Thats a really good question. Maybe if its possible, the NCR should assign Littlepip as the only means on communicating with Celestia
to make them talk about whether or not they agree with the order that they get.
I imagine this:
"Yo, Celestia, look at the stuff, NCR is having a shitload of shit with some shitheads somewhere in the skies with pegasi revolting against NCR rules and stuff. They say that NCR is only thinking about themselves and not giving a damn about their problems, just like those pegasi separatists back in your time, you see? So NCR ask us to, you know, control weather and send a tornado or two on their shitheads, you ok? Oh, and there some alicorns who are, you know, just roaming around and ignoring the laws, so NCR ask for your help in this case too."
"No way, Lethal Pip, ain't gonna do that! You think they don't have a point? From what I see, NCR is being just dumb and stubborn and want to resolve their own problems with force! Even Luna, who always had short temper, didn't go all nuts with all kind of stupid ponies! Not gonna do that!"
"C'mon, Celly!"

And then shit hits the fan and shit, shit everywhere. Would NCR tolerate that? I think not.

Why bother with Littlepip, when NCR authorities can place some ponies they are sure they won't betray and disagree with given orders? Orders in military and stuff doesn't work like that - you follow the order given, and if not, then you are having lots of troubles. POP mainframe is a thing of a cataclismic magnitude to leave it not controlled.
Think about Fluttershy and what her pursuit of doing greater good resulted into. Just to remind - Rosenberg family (the family who sold out/gave US nuclear secrets to USSR) met their end on the electric chair for betraying their country, if I am not mistaken. And they did it with the same thoughts of doing greater good.
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Ugh. Figures. The NCR always has to be the assholes.
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To bad the legion are a bunch of slavers (among other things), otherwise I would have picked them.
Mikkillerib's avatar
Yeah. Atleast they dont really go and mess with any really important pre-war tech.
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well they do, to destroy it. seems foolish if you ask me. not complaining though, imagine legion centurions and such with power armour. Pinkie Pie Scream01 
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Oh god. Thats a scary thought.
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I don't go on Deviant Art much any more. Derpibooru has all the pony art in one nice site so I tend not to stick around here much. Your comics are literally the only thing keeping me around. I just freaking love this series.
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