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Okay, for one I am honestly shocked that the Pegasus have any say in buck, but I'm even more shocked that he has the bulls to act like a prick.
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Mmmm... bad mojo up in here.
Nice job
Because, like, screw alicorns. They are bunch of pussies.
And, like, screw representation by factions and/or political parties. Representation by races is top, other subraces should shut up, or else they are bad people and Littlepip has the full right to kill them all.
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*wear powerarmor* im a member of the Applejacks rangers which is not and easy club to get into.
ok you got me, im not actually a member of Applejacks rangers, i just really like wearing their armor because under all this superfical steel im actually a member of the NCR. *wears NCR ranger armor*
[short pause]
yea New Cantorlot Republic for life motherfucker!
but even that is kinda a lie because underneath all this gear im actually superpony *wears super pony/man outfit* which doesnt really sound that scary given some of the horrifying creatures of the Equestran wasteland, but believe me youve never seen super pony after 63 doses of Dash *bucks molerat into the air*
and beneath all that skin tight clothing and majestic cape stuff *gets nude* im actually just a regular pony looking for my son shaun and some psycho dash but mostly shaun
i think at this point you already know thats a lie too im not actually just a regular pony looking for my son because beneath all this skin im actually a skeleton looking for somepony to spook, i know you got me!
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Heh. And I'm a member that represent the Maressachusetts contingent of Applejack's Rangers, the Air Force Division. *wears Air Force fatigue*
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Gotta question the council selection its like  American Idol judges for politcs
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Welp. Looks like we've got a new d-bag council on our hooves.
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That two headed Ursa Minor flag for the New Canterlot Republic always kind of bugged me... then again I don't have an actual flag for the NCR in my fanfics, so who am I to criticize.

Anyway, good comic.
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I guess in ten years it is hard to mention the fact of Regina's sibling being deceased and addressing that.
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Sounds like the head of the NCR lost control. The bureaucrats are in control. No wonder Littlepip was disarmed.

Someone get Blackjack. She is needed.
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Regina! Unicorn is not just for breakfast anymore! "Excuse me LilPip......Cursive and I have to meat....Meet in chambers for a bite.....bit...." (Upstart Prig!) ! Neat work. Great story!
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I love littlepips face XD
Sanluris's avatar
Nice, the only council member who's not a snob is the Earth pony.
lnomsim's avatar
This council looks really friendly.
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lets see here they make it hard to get a gun now and if you have one you go to jail with out the right paper work.

even tho there still assholes out there that rather kill then to earn their living. yup sound like the whole EU countries besides Switzerland, becase giving guns to good people is bad
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I don't like that unicorn guy
Oh goodie.
Political assholes.
This should be fun.
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
The sarcasm is strong in this one.

Honestly, though, I totally agree with you on this. 
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the pegasus is just bitter cause Littlepip KICKED THE ENCLAVES ASS last time.
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
Yeah, I figure so,too.
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This is getting good and I sense that there will be some interesting things about to happen. Also I can tell Littlepip knows something is wrong and I bet Regina will want to talk to her privately. Also I don't trust that council at all they are going to do something stupid, like charge Littlepip for crimes even though they would not be there right now if it wasn't for her.
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Purge the world in hellfire and start over, and politics is the first thing you bring back. Whyyyyyyyyyy
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