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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page7

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Kitty Glasses OHHHHHHH you're doing a President/Supreme-Court thing, where the latter has all the power and messes everything up but the former has to take all the responsibility and can't do anything
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I don't like this! This won't end well ;n;
Nice job tho
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This is looking great, please keep it going. Your pony style is adorable. 
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Oh, this is gunna be guud!
I'm guessing the three councilors have the same dynamic as the Council from Mass Effect.
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Perhaps, but i sure hope they dont. That council from Mass Effect is ridicolous. They will only accept the truth when its right on their doorstep.
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Just recently found this and I'm LOVING it so far! :D
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Don't tell me Regina has turned into one of those charachters that acts like they don't know you that much. Yeah, I get that she represents the NCR but she helped save Equestria with Lil'pip. There shouldn't be any issues.....I hope. Loving this!
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I can already tell that i am going to despise everyone on the council. Im mainly looking at you, you pompous looking pegasus guy!
All i will say is that king-koder may surprise you.  Then again maybe not.  Remember they told Homage which means they really wanted to free her or she's in big trouble for something and so told Homage out of respect.  We'll just have to wait and see.
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Oh boy. I dont really like the atmosphere here. And what was it now the pony equivelant of the New California Republic were called. New Canterlot Republic? New Cloudsdale Republic? It must be something that starts with a C.
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New Canterlot Republic.
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Thanks. Its been quite a while since i've read the main story.
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I could see Littlepip being tossed out of the SPP if someone else was in charge. But Regina doing so is a bit of a surprise.
Why do i get the feeling the guy on the far left is going to be a complete ass?
Why do I got a feeling the chick on the far right is probably ex-Enclave (because there's gotta be a Pegasus on the council) and she's probably trying to pull some kind of Ms. Bellwether crap
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Lefty is the pegasus, you can see his wings on his back.
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You're art is pretty damn cool
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I've always questioned the use of that flag since there's really no reason for it to exist unlike the NCR flag in the games, but I'm nitpicking, good comic.
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Very nice, now we can se why she had to be taken from Celestia. I'm really loving your story, keep it up. Looking forward to the next page.
Amazing, as always.
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