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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page6

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Oh Homage....legend of korra gif you whore
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orly Homage?
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I'll never forget and just wanted to let you know that it was you who gave me hope after I finished reading "Fallout: Equestria".

I was so lost and it was your comic that really gave me hope that Littlepip could and will have a happy life somday!
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I love this comic. Love it ever so much. So far I am liking your take on what happens after the main story ends. The attention to detail and your art style makes it very much worth it to wait for.
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why could she not join them while dressing if she goes out naked after anyway?
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I love it ;-; a new page!!
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"Use your barding in the meantime" ...why does that sound so....dirty?
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Message from Kkat:

This is an amazing page.  You nail these characters so beautifully. :love:
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Oh wow, this Post-Fallout: Equestria comic even has Kkat's attention. I would love to know your thoughts on this comic, maybe it could be blog post(s)? These fanworks are like chems, but good ones, with no negative side effects. I'm loving this comic with the continuity, and the appropriate Fallout equivalent entities used. Like the NCR coming into the picture. Truly Fallout: Equestria is the original grand title of all this. Like how Fallout 1 was the grand title that paved the way for Fallout 3, NV, and 4. Fallout 1 set the stage in the timeline for the NCR's (New California Republic) rise to power at the end of Fo1 and leading into Fallout 2 up to NV. You used things familiar to players of Fallout 3/NV and mixed in references to the original Fallout 1 and 2. Which is entirely why I looked into the classic Fallouts in the first place and loved it.  Now this comic is following suit, Fallout: Equestria set the stage in a timeline for the NCR's (New Canterlot Republic) rise to power and recognition. The characters have a great personality which is spot on to the main story. I hope they treat Littlepip and her friends right. No respect for Vault Dwellers, I tell ya. New groups form and they belittle the heroes, the ones who worked so hard to make a better future for others.
Your art keeps improving every new page. Makes the waits well worth it
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Very cute, and I love Homage's idea, and I'm sure Littlepip wouldn't mind too much as long as she can handle the weight.
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Cute Littlepip. 
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Dang it!  She looks even cuter now!!
Those 2 will never change....will they?
God I love the ship between them.
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still it makes me wonder

I know that fan-fic doesn't need to stick with cannon, and when cannon (or source material) is fan- fic itself it is even harder

but still - how comes that NCR can get into the most protected building in the whole wasteland and evict Pip, while lets keep homage with all her equipment in Tenpony.... surely they have levers

...well, it is not my story after all.
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My guess is that it would be really hard to find and/or hire a person who is willing to express the voice of the NCR like homage does. They technically follow Homages "fight the good fight" thing. So letting her remain a radio operator would make sense. Also DJ-PON3's identity is loved across the wasteland so its a big help for the NCR to have that support. Why they are kicking Lil'Pip out of the SPP is still confusing to me though. My guess is they want to control everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Dispite being the faction who's path leads to a world similar to before the war; I have always been conflicted with how the NCR likes to run over anyone who stands in their way. Rather than work it out in a non violent method like they should. It really shows that there is a chance of history reapeating itself with the kind of behavior they have. Just my opinion though I may be wrong. And to answer HOW they got in the SPP.....maybe it was…
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nah - I really don't want to sound like a douche to the author - I like this comic a lot

I just have tendencies to delve... too much... into and wonder about consequences.
(for Example this)

I mean Pip is in charge of inpenetrable fortress, fortress that is basicly one huge souljar, powered by soul of Celestia herself - fortress that direct the weather across wasteland and managed to win a war against the Enclave

and now comes some stupid buerocratic organization that didn't even existed a decade ago and walk straight into the lair of the biggest and most badass dragon who is or was guarding the most important secret project for centuries to come
and they are all like...
"hey mate, we decided that we want to rule the world, you know for the greater good - but to do that we need to get into this inpenetrable fortress that is ruled by your dear friend and to evict her out. Yeah and when we are already into this, our representative who has brick in name, brick on head and bricks instead of brains will rummage trough her personal possessions, steal her gun, cuff her like common prisoner and even beat and scare her - just a little bit you know to make things more interesting, because da fuk, we don't care about basic rights or similar crap"

and then this personal friend of pip's, this biggest and badassesst dragon with cool eyepatch who personally knew all ministry mares and even both former rulers of equestria that are now revered as deities is all like
"sure dude, no's my keys - have fun, just don't scratch it up, I've applied new paintjob, just few decades ago

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These concerns have been covered earlier in the comic, but I'll elaborate some points while hopefully remaining vague.

The SPP is property of the NCR, and they have come to take control of it.

Brick has his motives for wanting to meet Littlepip at the SPP, he even went out of his way to request permission. However, he certainly wasn't there to make a good impression of himself or the NCR to Littlepip, as noted by Olive Branch. He was distressed on the measures used to restrain Littlepip, and immediately fixed the problem.

Spike is the middle-dragon in the operation of the NCR realizing control over the SPP, and has most likely been in touch with both Princess Celestia and the NCR throughout the process.
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like I said I still like this comic very much - do not worry about me causing more chaos :-)
I just have tendencies to think too much for my own good (and it bitten me in my arse several times already in the past) also smilies usually means that I take subject lightly :-)

I'm actually pretty interested in where this gonna lead
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Aww, those two are so cute together.

Also good comic.
Oh Homage~

Great, as always.
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New Barding ;D
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Oh Homage your such a tease. :)  Great comic, I love it .
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