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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page5

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Comes out like Daft Punk-Thomas Dance 
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oh my god homages face!
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You know..... I just notice.... They are alll wearing the pip-bucks on the right foreleg.... Its suppose to be weird that Ponies do that, since generally everypony wears it on the left foreleg.
Just like Littlepip said it.
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To be honest, besides Littlepip (who definitely wears her Pipbuck on the right foreleg), I can't with 100% certainty confirm which foreleg her friends wear their G-Pipbucks on, as it's not specifically stated in the Afterword.

To make it easier for myself to remember, I just default her friends Pipbuck to their right foreleg unless I am proved otherwise.
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WAIT, wheres the scar on Littlepips neck? Did you forget it, or is it just not visible in any of these shots?
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Maybe its on the left side of her neck? It only shows her right side.
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Idk the face on view in the middle (her getting a bucket of water poured on her) should have shown the scar on her left (yes its on her left side im 99% sure) anyways I was just trying to be annoying anyways XD.
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King-koder. More like king cliffhanger. No but really good job. Keep up the good work :D
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i bet when she does come out the reaction will more or less be "What did you do to her hair....Her beautiful BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!" i'm excited to see the next one. thank you for your time and effort.
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all aboard the hype train (especially homage)
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I just realized... You did an amazing job with the reflections in the mirrors x3
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Yes that was great and of course Homage will be right there when she exits, and that smile of hers so very awesome.
Thank you, King-kodet, that u don't forget about us
OMG, Homage is a horn dog!
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Well she is happy to see a cleaned up Littlepip!
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OH COME ON! xD That cliffhanger is just... Just...

Evil >.<"
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I think I know why you hate that cliff hanger so much. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.
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Your just as guilty for cliffhangers XD

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