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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page4

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Playful Kiss: Faint After so long, Littlepip gets to hit that ****
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well 10 years will do that to homage
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homage wants that butt

Show me the booty.

I'm so going to hell for that.

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Awww, poor Homage :lmao: Hahaha!
And honestly, I like the look Lilpip has now, its cute~
Nice job
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she doesn't even wear a pants what does it even change?
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Homage......"Why!?, Why!?, Why!?, Why!?, I've been really good! Why!?, Why!?, Why!?, " heheheheheh! Neat work! Keep it up!
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lol poor Homage
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This is like your mom giving you a bath. Velvet has cleaned Little Pip from head to hoof several time. Though, I think Pip could use a hair cut. I always imagined her with a shorter mane.
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10 or so years in a pod prolly explains the longer mane.
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Good Point! ^^
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Who else though awkwardly of this? Cuz, I kinda forgot that ponies what around naked all the time opposed to humans. O3O
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Lol, Poor Homage can she hold back while Littlepip is being cleaned up.
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was this posted today!?
AWESOME!!! almost 2 weeks playing Fallout 4 and now I found this.... so good....
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Ha! Poor Homage!
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in the fallout wiki it explaned why most wastelanders do not like the ncr
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Not even a generation and there are already politicians in the Wasteland. That was fast.
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