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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page3

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Littlepip: Judy Hopps - Icon 
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Hehehe, wow this has improved and Homage, u so silly~
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I've read this comic till here and all I have to say is keep up the good work.

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now thats what I like to see, more facial expressions. As much as I like your comic it felt a bit bland with the mono-tone facial expressions. but I understand that you can't make everything happy go lucky all the time. This thing here with homage was nice and made me laugh. Maybe it's just me and you are trying to pull of a more serious approach, and since it's a comic I think it's going to be very goofy and stuff which may not the case.

Now with Velvet...thats the kind of expression I can associate with my mother when she is annoyed or was about to give a lecture. I feel she is about to give pip crap about something she has little say or control over. Come on Velvet you know better!
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Just found your comic,really liking it and love how you draw the ponies :)
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Homage, you little perv.
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Oh yep, this will be good I had a feeling what was happening was too good to be true. Something wicked this way comes. Keep up the great work.
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Keep it up! This is doing well!
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We love this comic!! its almost like if it was canon ;_;
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Message from Kkat:


You always make them so adorable! :love:
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Lovely indeed
Poor Homage. I'm sure you'll get your "alone time" with Pip soon
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I actually enjoy this more than the original.  :)
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Velvet is not a happy camper. How dare the NCR remove Littlepip from the SPP?
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yay. New page! Keep going, your comic is really fantastic.
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