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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page24

Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page24


Episode 2 -- Second Wind

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Hope you all like.
Based on the original Fo:E, written by Kkat.
P-Fo:E and Scenarios written and illustrated by me.
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I'm telling you I'll pay for these pages :) they are supposed goood
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No worries, comic progress and these pages will be forever free.

Next page should be out within a week. Look forward to it!
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Love it as always~!
ThisisDerpys's avatar
Nice use of colours, if I do say so myself.
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It seems that Littlepip is going to finish off where Twilight Sparkle has left off. I can't wait to see how she will do it.
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Littlepip is going to need some serious luck.

Keisuke4321's avatar
It has arrived!
MLPstargear's avatar
Awesome as always!!!!
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She is filled with DETERMINATION
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Great work, I'm your fan.
AHH AHH ITS THE SPARK!  Shes got the sparKLE!  LETS GO BOys and girls!  Were gonna save the LITTERAL ghost in the machine!

comedic Add on :  I mean  Fluttershy is the one who Practically BLEW up the planet by trying to be nice, if SHE gets asecond chance impretty sure you deserve one too.  SURE you stepped aside,, but SHES got the biggest Death toll in history

Little pip is the Spark of the elements of harmony.   Shes not a bearer of her own element, shes just the one that can bring them together, the spark that lights the flames.
Twilight was both the spark, and the element of magic.
Pip is just the Spark.

I was also referencing the flash in Pip's eyes that reminded me of scenes in episodes of MLP where the characters had  'flashes' of realization that eventually led to them opening the magical box created by the tree of harmony.
Yay, an update - and a great update :D

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Oh this is going to be very good, I'm so glad this comic is continuing.
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