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# king-koder ,you have a small issue with links to this page. A link to page 23(of episode 2) leads to page 24(of episode 2), while, I guess, there should be a separate link to that( page 24(of episode 2)), and  the field next to "Page 23:" inscription should say "You are here." - like on the rest of the pages.
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Thanks for the catch. Fixed.
You are welcome.
Well, this is winding up to be quite an interesting story.  Prison break of a Princess would really mess up the new Republic
honestly? im not that sure it would actually.  The republic wants to control the weather machine.   Celestia herself, could be a problem when working with the device. [since you need to be hooked into it to use it, thus making yourself open to princess manipulation]
Littlepip Removing the princess not only frees her, but also might make it easier for the Republic to use the device as well.  Or it could also simply cause the device to break down, forcing the Pegasi to handle Weather duties once again.
Bringing Celestia back to Equestria, given that she was responsible for the war, the Republic would want to put her on trial for war crimes.  Some like Fluttershy would welcome Celestia's return, others would despise it.  Depending on how much of Blackjack's story is cannon here. (obviously the last chapter is not).  I think some like Gawd would be understanding but not Sympathetic to Lilttlepip's cause.  It is political chaos.  Anyone from the Zebra Lands.  (not the Zebra from Equestria) would most certainly want Celestia dead for the crimes of the war.
"Littlepip, your sworn duty is now to travel the world and perform a bunch of seemingly mindless and unrelated quests, spreading the power of friendship all across the Wasteland."

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Oh this is getting quite good, I'm so looking forward to the next page and their soon to be adventures together again. Too bad Steel Hooves isn't around to see the gang back together.
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Blackjack Poster by artwork-tee "Friendship? I got a few nukes that can solve this soul jar problem!" 
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this ought to be good!
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This is getting interesting...
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Aaaww this sound so cool
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Yeah another page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seeing littlepip and the gang as the elements of harmony would and will be adorable
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