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"You mean overthrowing their corrupted and inefficient bureaucratic nightmare they call a republic and become the new overlord of the country? Sign me in! Who do I have to kill first?"
Hmm this has probably been asked before, but I was thinking about stuff.  Which Fallout Equestria stories are Canon with the comic? Or is the comic only related to the original story?
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P-Fo:E is based only on the original story by Kkat.

It's unlikely we'll be recognizing factions, characters, or any content from other side stories that aren't included or implied by Fo:E.
ok ^^ just had some funny thoughts related to Project Horizons so wanted to make sure the comic was set the way I thought it was, and it is.
Carry on and good  luck, thanks for answering   ^_^
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Although you could reference a couple of things in FoE: the commonwealth. It’s an interesting story set after the events Fallout Equestria.
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Really love your use of expressions here, super good!
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are we going to see ponies saying thx to the ncr the raiders still around becasue they remove firearms to everyone
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MLP Princess Celestia (Super Cereal) Plz "There used to be this magical mirror, I need you to go through it and kidnap my double and download my mind into her body."
LittlePip likes that idea "You mean you will get a new body! Thats great! But will happen to the old personality?"
:iconcelestia=3plz: "She gets a fabulous ass and a killer body." 
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Littlepip: Does it involve the strap-on?
Celestia: No! no not that.
Littlepip: Okay.........
What about the Luna mask?
Well that's ominous
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I remember when this comic was just starting out (I think it was only up to page 21, last I checked it). Why I didn't follow you back then I have no idea. I'm glad it's still going and I'm glad it's going such interesting places. ^^
AWWW on the table!! shes got the little Figurines, and Calamity's hat!  Oh that is an excellent detail and touch!  Also, YAY more comic!! Man I love this story ^_^.
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Very cool, really loving the comic.
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Omg that shot of Celestia on the 3rd Panel looks so goood! 
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Thank you everyone for voting in the survey, I have a clearer picture on how to handle updates going forward.

I'm going to repurpose my requests journal soon to contain links to the comics next page WIPs once in a while. These will likely be single pictures, of varying quality levels, just to show how things are going. With the holidays finally over, I have a little more time to draw and hope that future pages won't take as long as they have been. Hopefully.

I was hesitant to having Littlepip use swear words in this comic due to her increased stress levels (even though they're already extremely mild compared to Littlepip tongue during her adventure). Is it too vulgar to have her do it at all, or are we fine with reverting her character to using the especially more colorful ones when the situation TRULY calls for it?

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It would be awesome to hear her swear again
Id say it depends on her mood and the situation.  We can say that canonicaly in the story she has chilled out and isnt as verbose about some things.  Celestia has helped teach her how to express herself without Alicorn horns going into, places, (ahem) but since its still part of her personality.  She should occasionally bring it all roaring back, since the fuzzy rainbow language is part of her character.
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It'd certainly be better to tone it down a bit, rather than do too much of it. about half of her colorful curses she never said out loud, anyway
Accept for the fact her story was a NARRATED Biography so the ones she thought about she then said when telling the story.  :3
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IT'S SO TEASING! OMG! Whenever I see you submitting another of your comics I go into "Full Motivation Mode" x________x I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you're still doing this.

Let me know if I can do anything for you - and if it's even just cherring for you to give you more motivation xD You're wonderful!
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Aaawww this is so sad
Ahhhh!!! Cliffhanger! Bad Cliffhanger! :O
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