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Oh Velvet.....I disliked you in the story & i still dislike you now
hunterN05's avatar
Where's the love Velvet? :O

Nice job again~
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Jeeze Velvet, pip has been gone for what? A decade? And all you do is give homage a complaint. Not to mention I can garrentee she'll try to chew out little pip too.
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Remember... October 23...
KenobiSon's avatar
It's good to see Littlepip up and walking around again. I'll admit she was a waifu of mine for a while.
MyPaintedMelody's avatar
Oh Velvet... can't ya give Littlepip a break?
Phaedrolous's avatar
She owes her three, last I checked. 
Sturmlion1's avatar
Why keep it secret? Because she isn't happy to be outside the SPP Tower.

Now here is hoping she is going to get her guns back.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh yeah this is going to be good, I'm sure Velvet with have some choice words, this will be interesting. I always thought it was funny seeing Littlepip squirming with social stuff.
batosan's avatar
Keep it going! Really like this!
nightwolf37's avatar
wheres calamity and xenith :?.....and pyrelight for that matter
Tyraka628's avatar
Uh oh...adorable drama brewing.
xMarkedLucario's avatar
so nice i was starting to think ya stoped these XD
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