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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page17

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Tikeyx's avatar
I just can't wait for moooar :D
WaywardWyvernn's avatar
This is so cool how do you make this so damn well on Ms paint? Thats one of the shitiest art programs out there and yet you make it look so damn amazing how tf do you do it?? Tell me your secrets XD
king-koder's avatar
My secret? Lots of practice and patience.

Each pony takes five minutes to draw and a couple hours to bring to the quality I'm satisfied with.
EricWoods2046's avatar
Haha. Homage and Calamity were always my favorite two ponies.
methaneridge's avatar
But what is fashionable in Equestria then - Stable suits?.. Or are they in the past already?
Homage has a certain history of getting up to mischief with Littlepip, so that last line might be very appropriate.
MintgreenLynx's avatar
Yay! An upload! I love the expressions, especially those of Homage. ^w^ Keep up the great work!
MLPstargear's avatar
Awesome work as always!
Canyon-Light's avatar
"Just leave it (to) me"
Other than that, nicely done. Please carry on.
king-koder's avatar
Wow, how did I miss that? Thanks for the catch!

tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, oh this is going to be very interesting, looking forward to the next page.
EnkeiNN's avatar
That's so nice to see. Can't really believe such cleanliness and order could be made in wasteland in a lifetime =)
applejackforever's avatar
still kinda bothers me just HOW clean everything is...
BlazeODU's avatar
Considering how long this takes place after Fallout: Equestria, and the fact that there are efforts everywhere dedicated to rebuilding the kingdom, I'm not really all that surprised that they've been able to get so much done, especially considering how Equestria as a whole was once built on unity and friendship, much like the natural herding tenancies of horses.
MLPstargear's avatar
Also considering that in the show the ponies were able to construct an entire barn in the duration of a song. Or what seemed like an afternoon.
Masterbuscus's avatar
So they are basically the amish?
MLPstargear's avatar
I have no idea who or what that is.
Masterbuscus's avatar
You know, the people who stick to 200 year old technology and keep to their own settlements outside of regular civilization.

I saw a clip of them building a house and barn in one day hence my comment.
Gravoid1's avatar
Love how this story is going. Keep it coming!!!

And I wonder what Homage has in store for Littlepip. ;) Can’t wait for the next page!
Edward256's avatar
Oh boy... If Homage is anything like today's Vinyl or Pinkie, this dinner's gonna be a disaster.MLP Vinyl Scratch (Hmm...) Plz
Keep up the good story! :D
xMarkedLucario's avatar
yay more post fallout XD i was starting to wonder when the next page would be out
commander102's avatar
haha funny, this will be enjoyable great job.
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