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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page16

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Only just realised the next page was out.  This is awesome.
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please tell me there will be more of this!
YAY NEW PAGE  -happy dances and bounces around-
-next page- Paralysed Fluttershy on her back pose probably.
nice going Homage :3 you so good at giving Littlepip head trauma.

I love how Pip is admiring the adorable ness that is Velvet walking with her hero.  As well as the extra adorableness that is Fluttershy herself.
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Awwww cute :3
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Extremely cute and well done. though, if i remember correctly, part of the reason pip went into the pod was that her mutations and injuries were getting to the point where they were going to seriously shorten her life. i was wondering if this was going to be addressed.
its possible that she could have healed in the pod with Celestia's help and increasing technology.  that or perhaps all her time asleep has stablizied the mutations within her body so they stopped growing.   Technology does look like it has changed and advanced alot. so there are plenty of possible options here that King could use.

Oh King totally forgot and it will just be left in the background as a non issue.  :3
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Pip! She is already married!

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Yay another page
i am happy to see you again you took you time but you've don excellent job as ever i can't wit for the next part
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i wonder where calamity is
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My day was going kind of rough until I saw you uploaded a new comic. Now my day is awesome!
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Mmmm Souprice...
... couldn't help myself.

Also, is that crush on Velvet still there? Or is she just seeing another lesbian ship? Or is she falling for Flutters? What would Homage say?
What do you mean that's enough questions?
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well in the story its mentioned that  between her relationship with Homage and Velvet' betrayals, despite her good intentions (ie willingly working with the raiders to help out the children in camp and forceably taking Pip to get her addiction cured) its cooled enough to become genuine friendship rather than a crushed on her idealized image of Velvet, though it never truly went away.
i just interpreted that panel a her seeing a loving moment between velvet and flutter, even if it isnt romantic.   
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why would it be there... Pip has Homage. Velvet's barn door doesn't swing that way. i'd like to think Homage would be ok with other ponys dating other ponys .... but Littlepip is hers. 
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Your style is so adorable. Please keep going! :)
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Little known fact, in a previous life Homage was an Animatronic at Pinkie Fazpony's Pizzeria.

Sorry, couldn't resist, great comic, glad to see this continuing.
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I just love to read thoes :D And Im so glad u still keep GOING ~!
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How long does it take to make a comic? (Like thies)
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Depending on the complexity, it takes between two to four weeks to produce a page I'm satisfied with, and between one and four hours per pony.

That is, of course, assuming that I don't get distracted.
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Wow, is there no way for you to copy and paste some of the pony's and adjust them?
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I'll probably be doing something like that when I finish this episode. I plan trading a cut in art quality for frequency when I get to the filler episodes. For the time being, everything is produced from scratch.

I got distracted of course, but the next page should be out in less than a week.
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Sweet. Honestly, I personally wouldn't mind a decrease in quality as I am more interested in the story than the art. But it is your comic and you are the one that has to be happy with it.
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