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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page15

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Very well done. Please continue with this comic.  Great sequay from Kkat's book.  Looking forward as well as patiently on further pages.
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I love the floor!
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we need moar >.<~! Thats just so awesome to read it~!
Snowfire-Cabbit's avatar
awwwww Fluttershy looks so cute with glasses
Seanfall's avatar
Glasses on Fluttershy...*keels over from the cuteness*
Sturmlion1's avatar
Happy blackjack 2 by Vector-Brony  "She can stay at my place!" 
Mango7889's avatar
Fourth pony? Hmmmm so much speculation to be done! Regardless, the page was as always great :)

I also want to just take a moment to say, the art you are creating with MS PAINT of all things is f*****g amazing! And the fact that you do this in MS paint is nothing short of Incredible. If you have a patreon please let me know, as I honestly think this deserves to be rewarded.
homage might be with them, enough time has passed it might even be Xenith.    If the author wants to go totally off the rails it might be a person from  Project horizons as well, since Velvet and Co met them in that story.  Wont be Blackjack, Boo would be adorable to see.
It could even be a Foal for the loving couple.
Darklordcomp's avatar
Why not stay with know your marefriend?
She might be one of the ponies living with Velvet and calamity already. 
HaefenZebra's avatar
I love every time I see a new one of these up.
Nbking992's avatar
I love the face of Flutter xD in the 6th panel hahaha
Snowliasion's avatar
Sooo why not live with Homage? :)
bonberjean's avatar
wow... these machines are great... 200+ years later and not a single bit of rust on them
hunterN05's avatar
Gaaaah, for something made in MS Paint, it's so smooth and yet... has that delicious old school feel to it! :clap:
I love it good work!
tigreanpony's avatar
That was very cute and nicely done.
EricWoods2046's avatar
Loved it. Part about Celestia ticked me off. But it would seem like a thing the NCR would do.
applejackforever's avatar
Its a bit... everything is too clean! There's gonna be more fallout-y areas in that comic eventually, right?
Edward256's avatar
Hmm.... Seems like somepony is a fan...
MLPstargear's avatar
Wait fourth? Who else lives with them? Also I thought littlepip would live with homage. 

But anway, amazing job as always!!!
Edward256's avatar
What would you hazard a guess that they have a kid now? ;)
MLPstargear's avatar
Could be, though we never heard anything about that in the epilogue. 
bonberjean's avatar
or the zebra? (I forgot his name)
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