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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode2 Page14

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YEAAH I ship them ship them FED EX.
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Another page. YES!Squee! 
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with each new comic it is worth the wait
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Love this comic~ keep up the great work! I wanna know where this goes! :D
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It was a surprise she survived in the books, but she literally underwent the greatest torment possible to do so.
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OMG finally another page. Glad your back with another awesome page, took some time though. Can't wait for the next one. But take you need, as a content creator I know how long these things can take. As long as you are enjoying this I can wait (and yes I know that these sentences contradict each other I just wanted to make it clear that I am really excited for the next one but can understand that it takes time).
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That was very cute, I really like what you are doing here.
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shouldn't people be scared of shorthorse? she has killed quite alot of both animal and sentient lifeforms in her adventures.
not that she is a villain but a body count like that could be intimidating
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As long as there's no train cars nearby, they should be safe.
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littlepip logic 101:

1.if it says hi, sick Velvet on it to get the best deals.
2.if it shoots fill it with holes till i doesn't move,if zompony buck it out of there.
3.if all else fails swat it with a train car.
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guess you're right
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Everytime you submit another "episode", I almost get a heart attack /)^3^(\ I love your work soooooooooooo much! I can't express it enough x__x

Is there a way to support you? Patreon? Commissios? Anything?! x__x
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Thanks EStories, your comments really mean a lot to me.

I'm not much into requesting profit through my art in any fashion. At this time, I'd like my art/comic to remain purely out of hobby and devotion to Littlepip and her friends. However, it's difficult to churn the comic out as quickly as I'd like it to be. My writer insists on the first two chapters to be focused on world building. Introducing characters, locations, and future plot points... It's just not as interesting as the shenanigan chapters we've got planned for the future. He also wants me to release pages in up to 2 week intervals, but perfectionism and online gaming sometimes gets in the way.

One thing I have been thinking about for some time was opening a request slot once in a while, maybe after each page released. That'd allow me to draw ponies for somepony else, and to help mitigate burnout on the pace/direction of the comic.

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I can see you doing a Pointy Comic strip for this.
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