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What bothers me the most is the sheer disrespect Pip and Celestia both are recieving. They're people who have given everything for them, and are the reason the NCR exists and these twats even have their jobs. Now they're treating Pip as more of an annoyance and liability than the mare who saved the world.

And I have an idea of why that is. Regina and the earth pony seem the most respectful, one having known Pip during her merc days and the other probably having grown up in the wasteland. While the unicorn is likely a Tenpony Tower high society arse who never spent a day in the hardships of the wasteland in his entire life, and the other is of the Enclave.
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Awww, lil'peeep~

Nice job!
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did you made this from MS paint?
And how, pray tell, is Celestia supposed to express herself? Does she have access to the national broadcast band? Is there a national broadcast band? Or has the council found another Crusader mainframe and a working network to download her into it?
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I think there plan is to disconnect her. She controls the internal defenses and the last thing the NCR wants is someone not under there control having that type of control. Right now the NCR still needs Spike to get them inside because she still hasn't unlocked the door!
That's my worry too. I mean, it wouldn't be unfitting. The NCR are well-intentioned douchebags in the games, but douchebags nonetheless (then again, that's pretty much all factions in the games. Even the Enclave and the Brotherhood believe they're doing the right thing. Even the Master and Cesare believed themselves to be the heroes. Kkat did a nice job of portraying that in the story). But all that would do is a) raise all kinds of questions about what happens to a soul that's been trapped in a digital medium, only to have it cut off, and b) be an absolute betrayal of Pip that would just make her into their enemy. And it's not wise to have Pip as an enemy. Bad things tend to happen to ponies that Pip deems the enemy. Also, having her do horrible things to them would just basically undo everything she worked for, and start everything back at square one. And no one wants that.
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If she isn't in the SPP and never goes back Littlepip will never know Celestia has been disconnected. I'm guessing Spike has a terminal to her but I could see that once Celestia was disconnected the door could be opened from within and they wouldn't need Spike any longer. And the NCR is the type that would see Spike as a liability. It all comes down to keeping Littlepip away from the SPP.

Which is why we need Blackjack! Security saves pony's. And right now Celestia MUST be saved. From the new villians. The NCR!
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I think that regardless of whether or not she goes inside to see her, she'd come to a similar conclusion. I mean she would possibly want to talk to Celestia at some point and when they say 'No' enough she'll go to sneak in and find out on her own or question people until she finds answers. Which sounds like an adventure :D One full of joy, love, hardship, and the death of characters that we love. Or maybe someone working on the inside would help, idk. As much as I love BlackJack, this story doesn't feel right to have her in it. For a major part at least, so far it doesn't feel right to me, but that's just me It would probably be fine if King-Koder can think of a way to write her in.
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Security saves Pony's. And Celestia must be saved! 

Oh I have to agree with you it would be odd to have Blackjack just show up and help out. Especially with the end we have for Horizons. I do see Littlepip eventually forcing her way back into the SPP eventually though. And possibly having the support of the NCR Citizens while doing so with the government working against her.
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I wouldn't be surprised if her meddling in their affairs would make them consider an assassination order. They have very skilled soldiers and since the NCR exist then the Rangers should exist to, from what I know about the lore at least (I only played 3, 4, & New Vegas).

To say that the citizens would jump to her side is not something I would entirely bet on, not everyone would know littlepip the same way others do; and for her to appear about of nowhere and start rebelling against the government that has been establishing a form of order for the last decade may not give her the right attention. I know the NCR would likely use this very fact as Propaganda.

I have my ideas and educated guesses on the ending of PH, but I honestly don't know. I'm stuck on chapter 63 about mid-way through, I heard many opinions not being very fond of it to say the least. If you can please refrain from spoilers if you mention the ending at all.
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Ah! I won't give you any spoilers then. Hate to ruin perfection for you. I'm just noting that the NCR is still relatively new and what looks like the council is still consolidating its power. Pony's don't know there names. They know Littlepips. They consider her a hero. That right there is enough to split the NCR from its citizens, especially if Littlepip is actively seen fighting against the NCR.
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What I'm begging to suspect this whole thing is and maybe i'm slow on the uptake: A show of power. "look we can make the light bringer tow the line!" And that's it. They know who she is, they know what she's done. They should be thanking her, they should be giving no there's nothing I can think of to equal her OPENING THE SKY AND HELPING END THE WASTELAND. You! Pegasus, your the chair now! "What?" *slaps him into place, sets unicorn as chair back and Earth Pony as the Ottoman, sets Littlepip on throne and puts crown on her head* HAIL TO THE FUCKING QUEEN! Reggie: "....How did you get in here?" Huhhhh... "GUARDS!" Gotta go! *runs away at high speeds.* 

....My train of thought derailed there....>.> 
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I'm just waiting for Blackjack to show up, hand Littlepip some Mentat's and a rifle and revolver and initiate a regime change.
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Worse thing about reading FOE fics:
all the fans who are only in for their unabashed love for totaliarianism, unjust vigilante "heroism" and unnneeded violence.
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Its Fallout. We don't play it for the happy endings and the lovey dove stuff.
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"Badass" hero gunning everyone down IS a happy ending, just for a different mindset.

I'm just worried about the kind of audience this gets every time I read the comments and a bunch of them be like "yea! Pip should just shoot everyone and take over! that pony who looked at him rude should die! yeaah!" etc.

Their hate (for these fictional characters who are acting sensible and in King-Koder's world are even super nice compared to original FOE) is often VERY real.
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In Postapocalyptia justice comes from the barrel of a gun or the point of a knife. From a certain point of view the NCR is acting way outside its mandate by seizing the Single Pegasus Project and isolating Celestia to themselves as well as removing Littlepip and isolating her as well. And while she may be a peaceful type. Somethings sometimes need to be fought. Remember, yesterday these 'nice' ponys were mercenarys, raiders, merchants, etc that were fighting to survive as well. And given half a chance, they would kill Littlepip to keep her from being used against them by others.
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So? Littlepip would do the same to them. I mean, don't you find it weird that when one character with no authorisation whatsoever decides life and death it's a-okay, but when it's an elected official doing it we suddenly get pedant about proper mandates and such? Littlepip in SPP basically put her hoof on a public good that she didn't have more right to than anypony else.
For the NCR, who have a responsibility to protect and serve the ponies who elected them (and thus, unlike Pip, can actually make a claim for representing the will of more than just one pony), it is a normal ambition to try to ensure a resource that all for their citizens', and indeed whole Equestria depends on, in a more reliable and democratic way than leaving it in the hands one pony, who has no proper mandate, is possibly sick or dying, and has a history of questionable decisions and violence.

As a young nation, there are some things the NCR must do, if its (only just created) system intends to be more than a joke. Littlepip can either submit herself to the same rules as everypony else, or acknowledge that she does not actually want a democratic rule. From a naive standpoint, this may seem unimportant, but she actually makes a politically volatile situation by monopolizing SPP tower.

You don't need Postponicaliptica for all of this, even. Nations in real life will use every mean they have to protect important strategic points and resources we their citizens, -demand- that they do so in order to protect us. What makes the difference isn't chiefly the means by which they do it (because violence, propaganda and such are a part of running any state), but true representation - the ability to claim that the officials do what the people want them to do. That to me is what makes the difference between a hero and a vigilante, too. (That the former will act out the will of others even if they differ from her own.)

It doesn't seem to me that king-koder's NCR is particularly cruel or authoritarian though. They make a politically neccessary step but: they try to have Pip understand why it is neccessary and give approval; they use minimal force; they are diplomatic; they are generally shown as grateful and concerned for the well-being of Pip and Celestia. And it doesn't seem like they are necessarily unsuited or incapable, either.
Why does Pip have to be the one to be Celestia's caretaker? That was something she just decided on her own in the first place.
Would Pip not be happier living with Homage, if her health allowed, than isolated in the tower? Also probably yes.

Is there really any way in which this is an unreasonable suggestion that calls for NCR-hatred?
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For one, we have no idea what form of Government the NCR really is. And the NCR is still a bunch of hopped up raiders and mercenarys at this time looking for legitimancy. Also the SPP was also now Littlepips home as well as her lifeline. The gear inside is what is essentially keeping her alive after taking far to many rads in her adventures. Even further, the SPP was the last vestige of the original Equestrian Government and is the current home of one of its rulers. The very pony they don't desire to be inside it in the first place. They are very dismissive of her presence inside the SPP and now that Littlepip is outside it I can very easily see them disconnecting the Crusader Mainframe she inhabits (while it doesn't control the SPP, it does control the internal defences) killing her.
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I did not expect this to turn into an interesting discussion, but it did, so thank you. :)
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(By the way - K-K may of course may decide to turn this into "it was all a trap!" - antagonists in fiction may go full retard at any moment for the sake of dramatic tension. But the NCR doesn't actually NEED to, even if they do here eventually because of general incompetence or whatever, because in this situation they DO actually have the proper authority, without needing to unnecessarily provoke Pip (or the reader).
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