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I already hate that guy
"Would never do a thing to harm a pony"
She, well, abondened the throne and her country in a war. Gave the control to Luna who put "her" friends on top state positions - talk about favouritism.

Thankfully, the Council is quite reasonable here. I like them.
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Well that explains nothing, what a load of nothing from that grade-a-hole pegasus.
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I'm watching you I hate you so much, you dirty Pegasus bastard
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Not to criticize the council or anything but they do know who she is right?
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I think they do, Regina (the griffin) and Pip had known each other somewhat. I highly doubt that she would keep pips adventures and acts of good/god to herself while running the NCR. Not to mention Velvet, Clamity, and homage possibly doing the same. I don't think it's a matter of do they know, I just don't think they care. Hence the "Here's some money for what you did now Buck off!" Attitude from the council members.
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though think of it like this. millinia of isolation. a new kind of importality. limited. hurting. isolated. and unlike before. can be taken away. and insted of the peaceful death. fast. painful. forgetten.

that can lead to the wear and tear of anyones mind. even that of celestia who has lost everything. over. and over. and over again. it can cause an AI like that to snap.

is it for control yes. but they do have a valid point. I say. Take away her control of security. but give her control of other functions. looking threw security. controling basic funtions but safe. as well as maybe uploading a few sprite bots to let her go out and see the world. hell maybe just build her a new body to upload herself into. thus. she gets to go out and live....kinda. and they get the tower. in the long run its small penuts 
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oh yeah....then theres the technical issues
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Oh I completely agree that they have a valid reason. Is it right? meh, possibly not.
nightengale1028's avatar
yeah. probably not.
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Well heroes never seem to get what they deserve 
Masterbuscus's avatar
Why do you think you never hear of real ones?…
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Its about control. Its always about control. And now that Littlepip is out of the tower there is little option for stopping the NCR.
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Unless the threat the legion, possibly the remnants of the Enclave, or the Institute, maybe?
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......I get the feeling there's another reason why they're wanting Celestia gone from the tower.... an Enclave motive perhaps?
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wow that guy is a 100% ass hole
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That's sad. No one cares about the Goddesses anymore. Well, I bet some do actually, because we have Pip, but still.
I kinda wish the pegasus had turned in his chair but kept spinning by accident. :meow:
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That grumpy look away he does. I have Arin (egoraptor) from Kirby's epic yarn in my head right now.
Do my biding!.....bring me pudding. XD
As much as it sucks, he has a point though. If Celestia were in any way to disagree with the NCR or something there wouldn't be much for them to counter her. Unless they act now, which they are. They will be royally screwed.
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Mm..... Just wonder if Pip got idea about used her bits to paid to saved Celestia...... Just curious by think as will forward to see what's next happened.
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he is following the 3 rules of rulers…
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