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Princess Luna (hmm...) plz Oh Littlepip is soooo gonna be trailed for Warcrimes then executed.
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Mmm... suspicion...

Nice ob
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the long awaited chapter 2 is now here
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yes yes yes , I was waiting for it :3
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What does the plaque say on the Lightbringer statue? 
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The guard pony's cutie mark is a "Wet Blanket"...........Way to bust up a reunion....(Neat work! Keep it up!)
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Of course Velvet will figure something is wrong. I mean they literally tore Littlepip from the tower and brought her right to Congress.
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Velvet is suspicious about something, this will be interesting.
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Velvet at the end is like hold up bitch
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Hmmm, why is Velvet wearing a pip-buck? I thought she had a problem with those?
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It's her Element of Harmony. They take different forms for those who wield them. In this era, they became Pip-Bucks.
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Oooh, I see... I think, I think I need to finish listening to the FoE audiobook... I'm up to C.24 so far.
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The Pipbuck being an element of Harmony is not part of the original FoE story.
For all we know, Velvet simply got over her disdain for Pip-Bucks, since they represented a cage that no longer exists.
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or it represents the times of importance and security to an individual, in the Back-When times, the elements selected the form of enchanted jewels as a default due to the overwhelming presence of magic over technology in the time period, possibly caused by influence of "The Spark" being the Element of Magic at the same time; whereas "The Spark" of the modern times was a Stable PipBuck Technician.
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well, this is king-koder's story now. he can write in whatever he wants.
I'm just saying that the elements never manifested as pipbucks in the original Fallout Equestria, which Ddraigtanto was led to believe.

Anyway, your head-canon makes as much sense as everything else.
Sephirath21000's avatar didn't read the Afterword I take it. Set 10 years later, told from the perspective of Fluttershy whom was freed of her Killing Joke affliction and is now living in Junction Town now as a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

The following is a transcript taken from the Afterword:

She spotted the Followers’ leader, Velvet Remedy.  The charcoal-coated unicorn looked her way, smiling.  She lifted a forehoof and waved.  Fluttershy waved timidly back, her eyes catching the ornate golden PipBuck, encrusted with a nightingale-shaped gemstone, on Velvet Remedy’s foreleg.  She remembered when that had been a necklace.  Her necklace.  

She found herself smiling, happy it had found a new Bearer.  Although it had taken her a while to grasp the somewhat abrasive mare as a beacon of kindness.  

She wasn’t surprised that the Element had taken a new form.  After all, before it was a necklace, it had been a heavy, round rock.  And the book did help explain why the Elements chose this new appearance.


Calamity turned to his wife with a smirk.  “Homage wanted me t’ remind ya that this is the last birthday she’s got before she’s officially old an’ decrepit.”  He playfully poked Velvet Remedy with a hoof as she scowled and pouted.  Fluttershy’s eyes were drawn to the golden PipBuck on his foreleg, the two jewels embedded in it taking the shapes of a hammer and a screwdriver.


The wind began to pick up, tugging at her silvered mane with its streaks of pink.  She planted the last of the flowers and turned back to Calamity.

The stallion was staring upwards and towards the east.  She followed his gaze, spotting the gaunt, flying forms of two ghoul pegasi pulling a water-cart, leading the other water wagons as the caravan flew towards Junction Town.  

She knew one of those lead ghouls would have a golden PipBuck on her foreleg with seven diamonds arranged like bubbles. Ditzy Doo, the Bearer of Laughter.  Who ever could have imagined?


To quote the Ironshod Firearms slogan: "How do you like them Apples?"

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totally forgot about this scene ... i stand corrected. :)
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It's mentioned in the story that the golden PipBucks are indeed modern versions of the Elements of Harmony.

In the Ten Year Afterword, Fluttershy explains to the reader that Velvet Remedy's PipBuck was originally her necklace, and the element of Kindness found it's new bearer in Velvet Remedy.

The Elements had also been known to change form. Before they were necklaces, they were heavy round rocks, presumably used by Celestia to seal her sister in the moon centuries ago.
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Does it give you a different experience hearing the story rather than reading it directly?
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I find it a bit more relaxing, and it allows me to do other stuff while I listen to it.
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Hmm. more bastardry is ahoof.
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