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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode1 Page8

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What does Tia do when she's not doing anything important....she can't sleep like Littlepip- does she watch Littlepip sleep....I would
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Aww cuteness~

Nicely done once more
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Man, u da real next gen fallout comics mvp.
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y u so adorabru
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dis is getin gud
So...then Celestia knows?
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Neat! Really enjoy your art style!
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I love fluffy Littlepip. :3
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You keep making this look amazing for a program that so many overlook.
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I am liking this can't wait to see what happens net, also MS paint not many use that program anymore most use Photoshop, very impressive.
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You draw such a cute Littlepip.
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You're doing good work with this comic. I always forget to comment, but... wait, MS Paint? Epic!
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I'm curious to how thisll end and wether or not it's canon
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No work based on Fallout Equestria is ever considered canon. With I believe the exception of a short story featuring Homage and Littlepip that works like an extra chapter for the original book.
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I don't read clopfics
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(Without spoiling it) I can tell you that from page one this has not followed cannon. Its good, but doesn't follow the end of the book.
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Little pip can't really leave the pod at will.
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Sure she can, the epilogue specifies she can and in fact does. This was discussed on the comments on the last page.
Exactly. How do you think she and Homage spend time together, Ookami?

Pip can and does leave the pod. The Tower is a separate issue. If I know Celestia as well as I think I do, if she gave Pip the chance to just back out and leave when she first entered the tower, that offer is probably always on the table. But Pip won't go unless forced to, like here, because she made a promise to Celestia to not abandon her. And she intends to keep that promise. The Afterward also seems to imply that Pip's physical condition is poor enough that it's probably healthier for her to stay in the Tower. That all those accumulated injuries had finally caught up to her.

Which would not surprise me any. 3/5ths Alicorn or not, you can't be shot like a 4 dozen times, suffer like a dozen concussions, and break goddesses knows how many bones, not to mention collapse a lung, and be okay. Pip herself even said she would die young.
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