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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode1 Page7

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I bet £10 she gets arrested for war-crimes!
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Loving this, hehe, nice job!
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So This is awesome. Your little Pip is freakin' adorable an you have me hooked on your story. I am also completely grape jelly over your pod design... I know that's a weird thing to point out. 
R10tPol1ce's avatar
The Gardens of Equestria... A project designed to cleanse all of Equestria of radiation and taint, making it suitable for the widespread growth of plant life, clean water, all powered by the most powerful magic that exists; the magic of friendship...

Oh, wait, forget about that, it's not important.  I changed my mind halfway through the story about what the climax and central plot point will be.
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Hang on a second, isn't the SPP protected by an impenetrable shield powered by Princess Celestia? How exactly do the NCR plan to evict Littlepip?
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I don't think the use of force is being implied here. I imagine that at some point during the last ten years the control of the SPP must have been given to the NCR with LittlePip acting as their proxy.

But now they have reached a point where they are able to take more direct control. Refusal would turn LittlePip and Celestia in rogue elements.
EchoOfTheWolf's avatar
Kinda what I was thinking...
They are not supose to even been able to inter! And honestly, they don't have any right or influence to make Littelip do anything.
BoyAmongClouds's avatar
I love your drawing style and I'm quite interested in seeing where this story goes :)
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this is going to be good I was hoping to find a continuation of the story somewhere. You have earned a watcher.
This was really good, I normally don't like the Fallout: Equestria series, and things related to it, but I think i'll follow you and hope for a continuation.
Change is coming.
klystron2010's avatar
Heh, I remember you from the NATGIII. This is badass.
p-a-t-a-r's avatar
Very good. I always visualized the inside of the SPP as being considerably fancier, but I like the story so far.
Sturmlion1's avatar
And then she started a storm so violent that the New Canterlot Republic couldn't even get to the SPP.
GadgetSteamhoof's avatar
Fantastic stuff, I look forward to reading more :aww:
Superpotatohero1337's avatar
Ponies.Ponies never change.but the technology does.and if you know how to use it,well,let's say...keep being never know what's coming for you.
Outflanks10's avatar
This was amazing! 
I have to say I am quite stunned as speechless! 
I can wait to see more and also see your talent progress over time with the comics your draw! 
Thanks for the awesome read and here is to good luck with the continuation of this comic /) XD
Konrax's avatar
at least she has it better then blackjack, Poor mare turned herself into a monster :(
Crescent-Sketch's avatar
I love this! I'm so glad to see Pip has a life still! It really bugged me how she put herself into that coma...
zaiali's avatar
I am confuzzled. 
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