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Im not sure if Its unrealistic how quickly the NCR turned into this ungrateful bunch of ****s or if its far too realistic.
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Littlepip's gone through all that shit, saved the world and stuff. People treating her like she's just a civilian...

Nice job!
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These are interesting. I have to say the NCR has no real leverage here. If Celestia won't let them in, they would have to try and blow their way in, and it isn't like that's easy. Also, Littlepip could just say, "How much do you like the sun?".
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ok has it been 3 years or 10?
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It has been ten years since Littlepip has entered the SPP tower.
This meeting with the NCR council happened about a month ago.
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well it confused me that they said she opened the skies three years ago, how can that be if she had to have down it ten years ago?
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Littlepip entered the SPP tower ten years ago, but it took her about seven years to fully clear the cloud cover.
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Celestia isn't dead.

I could understand if she was just uploaded. They can only scan the brains, not the souls, of ponies. Since the soul is an integral part of the mind of a pony, it leaves them emotionless. I'd still call it them, in the same way I'd say a stroke victim who now has a different personality is the same person, but they're still pretty distinct and I can see why you'd keep the two separate.

But Celestia wasn't just uploaded. She fused her soul to the computer. I don't know why it's capable of interfacing with it, but it is. The entirety of Celestia's mind is there.

And if you really want to make a distinction, on the basis that you could do non-destructive uploading and you don't want to consider them both the original, and most of Celestia's mind was physically replaced (it is still the same soul), then at the very least, call the upload Celestia's clone. It's her daughter. Don't make it sound like she's not a person.
I was going to comment, but you already said it.
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Hmm.. i really need to start reading Fo:E
i know bits and pieces, but every bit gives more questions than answers.

also great comic, i want to know what happens next
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This is Littlepip were talking about. She's solved her problems with a gun before and she can again. Or she can just get Celestia to reactivate the defenses again.
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Littlepip, you let politicians get back in charge, you IDIOT!!!
I wonder...if they built a powerful enough external drive, could they download Celestia into it? Or would that require another soul bottle spell that Pip wouldn't want anyone to cast, even if they knew how to do it without the Black Book. Because if you put Celestia on an external drive, she could be with Pip at all times, and any computer could be used to wake her up and talk to her
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I feel that the supposed 'technicians' wouldn't probably even acknowledge Celestia like Littlepip does, thinking the face on the computer is just a AI programmed to respond in Celestia's likeness, and not the Princess's soul/ memory trapped in the machine.

Got to remember that while Fluttershy did suffer watching others die because of her, during her time as a tree, her view was only limited to the Everfree forest. Celestia had to watch the entirety of Equestria suffer because of her, whenever there was a raider attack on a community or a pillaging of a caravan in range of a SPP Tower Celestia had to watch for over 200 years.

While the founding of the NCR has probably cleaned up some of the surface problems, Celestia is still probably fragile, and Littlepip so far is the only one who understands her suffering and can comfort her.

On the otherside perhaps the NCR council's reasoning is sound, given the theme they're going for representing all races, it's possible that they want to establish a rotating system of Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasai ponies to promote their theme of 'equal representation' and that Littlepip the Unicorn has overstayed her term in the SPP.
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How is the NCR even gonna take the SPP? Isn't there still that shield?
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They probably have Spike message them through.
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I doubt Spike will accept that, if they even get the chance to demand ask it. They've probably already pissed him off when asking about the Gardens of Harmony.
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It begs the question, how far is the ncr willing to take things that really aren't theirs?
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Especially since, technically, Littlepip doesn't have to be one of their "civilians." She orchestrated the fall of Red Eye and his armies, the destabilization of the Enclave, the invasion of the SPP, and the death of the Goddess. She is, at the very least, a competent war vet, and could basically be a General based on accolades and her own battle merits alone. The NCR literally has no power over her, and is pretty much only able to have a hoofhold in the first place because she did all of the things I said prior. They have no authority.

That'd be like someone taking down the Tyrant King, the Evil Wizard, and the Corrupt Usurper all at once, and then his own soldiers turning on him and saying "That's great and all, but you don't get to take the throne(s) you've rightfully gained through your power and skill, because we're gonna hit you with POLITICS."
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The NCR recognizes and appreciates most of Littlepip's actions during the war, including how the NCR originally came to be after the day of Sunshine and Rainbows. However, Littlepip is not a member of the NCR because she was in the SPP before Regina formed the NCR, so in their eyes, Littlepip is a civilian. Even one as decorated and accomplished as her.

The reason the NCR believes they can order Littlepip, is because she occupies a location which they believe now belongs to them. The SPP never truly belonged to Littlepip, she entered and occupied the tower on a whim after serious planning. The tower belonged to Rainbow Dash's Ministry, which defaulted to the modern Enclave after RD went missing, which then was controlled by NCR after the Enclave remnants was annexed with the NCR after the end of the war.
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Ehh... She didn't enter it "on a whim," she'd been planning on getting inside from almost the moment she heard that it could be used to control the weather.

The whim part comes from making Spike angry enough to send her to Celestia, which, was the biggest reason I always laugh at her being a "Goddess of the Machine." I mean, think about it. If Celestia hadn't been in there, or if the dragonflame spell had stopped working after her body died, then the greatest Deus Ex Machina of FO: E wouldn't have worked.

As for the NCR and their "control" over it, their only claim to ownership of the SPP is to the building that surrounds it. If they can't get inside, then they can't do jack shit. And anyways, their main reason of saying it's theirs is that they called "Dibs!" the loudest. If that's the case, then it's Pip's because she forcibly took control of it from the Enclave, and the NCR have done nothing but throw politics at her to try and pull it away from her. They have no more legal grounds on doing so than a kid on a playground has ownership of a swing. They either have to wait for Pip to get off, or to push her off. And, as I said before, Pip basically just had her friends beat up the bully Enclave who were on the Big Toy while she headed for the completely unoccupied swing set. Until she gets pushed off or gets bored of it, the NCR can't say crap 'bout it.
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Sounds about right, doubly so, when you consider, this is a weather control machine. The means of getting in likely isn't pretty still, or survivable by most too, id wager. So its basically, piss off the folks who did the above, and the alicorns with them, or complain/whine enough to get pip to relent.
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