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I have a feeling she just doesn't want to face the world outside again. It's taken so much from her already.

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onion head 'smoke' For *yay* sake, the world changes everyday, but the bull*yay* of politics stays the same.
No, do explain to me why she isn't be downright worshipped for her actions.....Its amazing how quickly how quickly snakes appear.
What's never specified in the ending of FO:E is whether or no there's any cleaning equipment hooked up to the machine. It might explain why the last pony to put it on (is *yaying* dead) is no more. Also, spending 10 in a machine without any cleaning functions would be physically unbearable for your body to handle.
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Is it just a promise? Or perhaps... something more?
nice work.
But she's not alone. She's got 'Tia there, and regular visits from Homage, and all her other friends are just a radio away. Plus a nice quiet life is good for her; I'll remind you that by the time she retired from adventuring it was only her frequent consumption of health potions that was protecting her from side effects of over-reliance on health potions.

And what makes you think you can order her around, anyway? I bet she's not a citizen of the NCR, technically speaking. Do you intend to drag her out by force? You can't even get in there unless you can get Spike to send you, and I suspect he'd take Littlepip's side in an argument.
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I'm getting serious "Gurren Lagann third arc" vibes.  This world of progress has no need of old heroes, that sort of thing.
They could, Cat, but it would need to be a computer powerful enough to store her. The only one I can think of is Spike's Crusader Mainframe, but I can't remember what happened to it after Gardens was cast.
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Ooooooh... still, I would have thought that she would still prefer to live with Homage. Hm... couldn't they try move Celestia? I mean, they could try to do something similar to the AIs in Red vs Blue (of Halo).
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