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Where's kkat?

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well commented to this comic before so just add this

link to second part would be useful
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*Clears throat*
Calamity= Dead
Homage= Married but still loves Pip
Xenith= Labelled as a terrorist after attempting to stop Zebra hate-crimes
Derpy= Executed
Velvet= Became a drug fuelled prostitute after hubbie's death
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Man this is so well made I love it, nice job on this dude!
I hope to see more of this!
AWW just Velvet's face when she sees LittlePip. Just so shocked and stunned that she just has to sit down and stare XD
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I just started reading this comic today!!

Is there another chapter?
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I felt that way all the time when I was little and my mom took me and my sisters to meet our grandpa at the airport. I'd want to laugh and cry and jump around but I would just stand there and then go hug him.
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Ah Statue... to The Bringer of Light ;_; I... I dont know why but I love that this is made in paint
Edit: OH! and remember Littlepip MUST have a scar in the neck
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hop to see more soon^^
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Le sigh.... 💕
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awwwwww old friends / lovers re united     
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Homage says: Be ready not to have any sleep tonight.
No words needed, in either the strip or from me. :)
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Message from Kkat:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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Did you ever disclose who were the "missing" elements of generosity and magic?
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Message from Kkat:

 Nope.  :D
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Wow... just a day ago... hello! xD
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Well they must exist considering what happened in Aftermath. I'm guessing Magic must be Life Bloom as he's the closest thing to that in the story. That still leaves generosity. Come on now it's been what, three, four years? :iconlittlepipyeahnoplz: :iconsaysplz: Seriously?

We must know. Or at least give us an explanation as to why they're anonymous. If you already did just remind me.
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The missing Elements of Harmony will be revealed within season1 of this comic.
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I'm guessing this will be your headcanon?
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Everything depicted in this comic is based on my headcanon.

Extensive research and planning has been done to help minimize inconsistencies and contradictions.
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