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Oh Little-Hellmare, you and your silly ideas.
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Mmm... mane flow~

Nicely done
hehe wut?    Is this LittlePip we're talking about here?   Raider-bane? She who traveled the countryside slaughtering raiders right and left?  She had an identity crisis over how many bloody raiders she was killing and feared she was turning into one of them.   "Let's give raiders a chance" seems  a little.... out of character for her. 
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If Littlepip was saying this during her adventures in the wasteland, it would be out of character for her. She was definitely not a raider sympathizer at that time.

She spent the last ten years in the SPP learning the teachings of Princess Celestia, I'm sure her outlook would have changed a little by then. Any changes in her personality have been considered, and will still be discussed later in the comic.
Well I'm excited to see how it develops. Keep it up!
The last frame... xD ...priceless...
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Could be worse, Olive Branch. Ever been to The Hoof? Place is crawling with Raiders infected with the cannibalistic, rabies-like "Raiders Disease" a single bite or unprotected intercourse can result in the disease spreading over the course of 48-72 hours, leaving the victim without their higher brain function and self-preservation; they'll just eat and eat and eat until they die from their stomach rupturing. Only Pegasi are immune to Raiders' Disease.
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aaaa THE CAKE IS A LIE  applejack rangers
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I hate the NCR they wiped out the brotherhood and they putting heavy taxes on everything
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But in the fallout equestria universe, they take tech from people because they have "celestias right" to do so. Even though it may be scrap or a weapon or a pip buck. If its tech, and they see you with it they'll take it. Btw they dont intend on asking. I find the ncr has a better reason for taking them out in equestria than the mojove desert.
This seems... absurdly out-of-character for Littlepip. She has a pretty firm black-and-white morality in the story: You're good or you're evil, nobody's in the middle, and hopping the fence only goes in one direction. If anything, she'd blame the NCR for being incompetent/corrupt/something else.
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But... but... the Fluttershy Orb...
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Curse those raiders. There should be squadrons sent out to search every single nook and cranny of the wasteland to stop them or atleast put them in jail if they choose to stand down.
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U da real NCR duchbeg
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Excuse me? I am talking out of my own personal opinion. I am not siding with NCR in this subject.
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Okay. Here, have a banana. Cookie flavor.
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Strange combo, but thanks.
I got a feeling she's going to end up meeting a reformed raider at some point in the near future. Which will put her in a moral dilemma of when you see someone that has changed from a certain lifestyle, do you hold out hope others can as well, or treat them as a special case?
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In Fallout Equestria, Gawdyna Grimfeathers reformed the Raiders at Shattered Hoof after Littlepip killed Mister Topaz and installed Gawd as the leader of the area.
True, but the story seems to go out of its way to say that the Shattered Hoof Raiders weren't quite as bad as the average Raider band.

Still, Stiletto was one of those Raiders and always still seemed a little unhinged. Under Gawd though, she seemed to have found a new purpose to channel that madness into.
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VERY good comic
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This will be good, poor Littlepip, She will have to go back and deal with the raiders again so much for a happy life with Homage, she really deserves that but Littlepip and peace just doesn't fit. Well she has to get Little Macintosh again and gather her forces. I guess Velvet will have to go back to patching them up after a battle, lol.
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I love that look on LittlePip's face in the last panel.
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Her Tower was so quiet and peaceful.
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