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BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 3 - Undertale Chill bros & hoes, tis' all good.
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Nicely done man, nicely done!
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NEXT ONE!!!!! NEEEEEXT, ONNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Just kidding take your time homie.
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How long after littlepip goes into the SSP does this take place. Is is the ten year after period like Kkat wrote or is it an alternatle universe like a few months to a year later. Considering the NCR has set up quite the organized shop Im guessing its been a while.
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The first page takes place a short time after the ten year afterword.
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I hope the Enclave is still somewhat intact and not just merged with the NCR. These NCR have just rubbed me the wrong way with those f**king gun laws.  
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Interesting story, and the art is good for something done on MS paint.
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Yeah. All those things that Branch said is way too late.
Should have sent somepony else than Brickhead.
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"Guest of honer"? "Try not to upset her"?

buddy you messed that up with "commander brick head" as your welcome wagon.

i do hope this goes some where good, cuz i really like the art!
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wait is that a parody of junktown?
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Off to junction town!
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what gets me that in only ten years they have built up a professional army not made of raiders and mercenaries. But one with a political machine and overpriced clothes!
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Does seem kinda sketchy. Unfortunately, a military dictatorship is hardly a step on the road to representative government. Besides, this 'Brick' fellow is need of a single exposure to a certain Megaspell that starts with 'Celestia...'.
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Brick is following policy. I can even see it from his point of view. The NCR made weapons illegal to curb violence. Forgetting that criminals don't follow laws. An exception should have been made though. There wouldn't be a NCR without Littlepip.

Just seems odd they built up so fast. I mean they literally would have had to build an industry to make service rifles and uniforms that all matched to outfit an army.
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Be that as it may, he hasn't got a whit of tact or sensitivity. Also, I don't think you should ever trust people who let themselves have weapons but insist that you aren't allowed to. I agree with you, they do seem to have built up fast. Still it's easy to control people by force. A government composed of military leaders is a bad government. Even if it's not a dictatorship it's two steps away and can easily be tyrannical.
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Also very true, but the NCR was built up by a former mercenary, Gawd. Which makes you wonder if Gawd is still in charge or had been supplanted by somepony else. I am guessing someone else. Gawd wouldn't have kicked Littlepip out of the SPP like that I think.
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Gawd would probably have been far more reasonable and pragmatic. There was no need to remove LittlePip from the premises, much less with force. Also, Gawd's position was generally improved by Littlepip so'd she have reason to be lenient.
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True, which is why I think Gawd is no longer in charge. She probably retired and someone else is in charge. But who is the question and do they desire Littlepip for something else other than sitting in the SPP Tower. Or do they desire access to Celestia?
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Gawd's daughter Regina Grimfeathers is the current leader of the New Canterlot Republic.
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this will be interesting
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Oh I can't wait for her reunion with Homage, oh and she will be able to meet Fluttershy Face to Face. *squee*
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56a112605bbd5d3c5ba5c29fde5a2443 by DJP15  

So great Koder x3 I will always love your style!
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