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So people think their communists.....When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) Tis a strike of brilliance 
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Mmm... commie ponies...

Nice kob
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I'm just gonna say these NCR as communists.
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welp i officially see the NCR as bad guys.
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o m g Beckey, she's so cute
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Ok, so this is cool and all... and I'll admit, this is the ending that Littlepip DESERVED from Fo:E in my opinion... but how does this work?

From my understanding, I thought the SPP wasn't a thing you just... you know, got out of. I was under the impression that it was something you entered, and then it got sealed off... for like, you know, forever. Was I just misinterpreting what the SPP was, or is there a detail I'm missing?
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When Littlepip operates the SPP pod, she enters a controlled coma so she can unconsciously and simultaneously control all of Equestria's weather.

She can leave the pod to enjoy time with friends or engage in recreation, as hinted in the 10-year Afterword.
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Aaah, that makes sense... I was a little confused about the hint that was left in the afterword. Thank you!
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she just chose to stay inside because of her religious adoration of the Goddess Celestia; who tried to enter the machine through a jacking-in method but ended up getting trapped inside of the system with no way of interacting with the core protocols, only to sit there and observe, stuck looking at the price she paid with her inaction from the Littlehorn Massacre to the Last Day and then all the way to the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows where she finally met face-to-screen with Littlepip. Littlepip felt that she herself deserved a long rest from all she did in the Equestrian Wasteland and that Celestia had been sad and lonely for far too long as it was.
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So I stumbled across this and fell in love with it instantly. I haven't yet actually seen a sequel to FoE so far, in all my time searching, and this has been pretty fun! It's left me really wondering as to the wider state of Equestria right now, and I REALLY want to see what all's happening.

And. Of course. I want to see Fluttershy. Like woah, do I want to see Little Pip interacting with Fluttershy.
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Amazing as always but pip better get Lil Macintosh back ASAP.
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Another awesome page! I love your style!
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Since the last page I finally got around to actually reading Fallout: Equestria so now I have a much better idea of what's going on and can fully appreciate the comic.
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Awesome! Keep it up!
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I've only read this one page, having spotted it in an image search, but...have Spike's responsibilities still not expanded beyond assistant duties!?
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Oh yes quite a good end for an episode. Can't wait to see where it goes from here. I hope some of the separate scenes you did for the draw friends find there way into the story proper. A lot of them would make good scenes throughout the story as we see Littlepip's new adventures. Also who will be taking over for the single pony project cause i still don't think the pegasi are controlling the weather yet, I'm sure there is still some bad blood around.
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Some NCR technicians likely entered the SPP while Littlepip was out of action. We'll be meeting them at a much later date.

A good majority of the ATG drawings happen at some point in the story. Some of them, however, may be omitted from actually appearing in the comic itself.
This feels like a good end for the first episode. Makes me curious to see where we go from here.

(hopefully with Brick getting bucked in the face)
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Episode 1 is scheduled to be concluded on Page 26. Almost there.
Ah, okay. Well still, keeps me curious about what's coming.

Hopefully reunion with the others, talks with Reggie, meeting Fluttershy again (since in the afterward it said Fluttershy only made one face-to-face visit and decided to never do it again because the isolation of the Tower bothered her), and sexy fun times with Homage
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yay, another update...but I fear the future :(
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wait NCR the north Californian republic? 
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New Canterlot Republic* :P
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