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I'm getting the impression that because the Wasteland was lawless, the NCR has GONE FULL ENCLAVE!
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Mmmm... I do not like these laws... LAWS OF THE WASTELAND RULE ALL.
Nicej ob
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Can't they just let her have Little Macintosh, but keep the bullets? Honestly, .44 Rounds are hard to come by, and with Red Eye's facility in Fillydelphia mostly destroyed on the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows by both Red Eye's Forces, Littlepips' allies, The Applejack and Steel Rangers, Gawd's Talons, AND the Grand Pegasus Enclave, I highly doubt that the steel press can even function to press the 10MM rounds into .44s.
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Honestly, that's bullshit. Why should the NCR get to just march in and take everyone's weapons away? As far as I am concerned that makes them a threat on the level of red-eye, etc. That is, they should be nuked with balefire and chucked into outer space.
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You keep reading my mind, you know that?
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It sucks, having saved the world and then being treated like a criminal. Of course, to politicians, maverick heroes are always criminals. Anypony that they're not sure that they can control is viewed like that.
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Message from Herp:
Littlepip, you could just 3d printed another gun.
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When's the next one coming out?
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I'd say 1-2 weeks from now, at the earliest.

A progress report is available on my profile page, which I update periodically.
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Im eager to see her reunite with everyone.
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but im want it to shot to the red guy :c
Never bring in a weapon to a diplomatic meeting... It can set a bad tone.
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Aw man y you gotta b takin a players piece for?
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Actually anyone else seeing Spike here telling them to give them the gun back? Because without him, there not getting into the SPP at all.
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Atleast this pony seems to have a more reasonable explanation as to why Little Pip has been disarmed.
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Well it was a great try Little Pip, but after 10 years Equestria has got some law back. I'm sure you have to file some paperwork to have the right to use a gun.
Yes, and I'm sure that, while most ponies would be fine with her getting Little Mac back, there's some *coughthepegasionthecouncil* that will try to manipulate the law to prevent that.
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Oh hold on now. No one can keep pip away from little mac. If i have to steal little mac from brick i will.
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Oooooooooh daym! I'm loving this! Keep going, this is great! :D
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Without Littlepip there would be no NCR and they decide to disarm her. Pathetic. And we all know she will never get that pistol back, they will put it in a museum!
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Chances? Bah! What an ass!
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Finally! Loving it!
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