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Mr. Branch is not happy. Brick, you could be in SO MUCH TROUBLE right now.

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Brick has got to be the dumbest motherfucker...

I mean, seriously. How easily could have things escalated into a major misunderstanding back there? Hell, I thought for a moment that the NCR had decided to arrest Pip for one BS political reason or another. And if Pip and/or Tia decided that was the case and acted on it...

Well, the NCR would have had three less soldiers in its army.
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Spike, damn boy you look metal as buck
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OOooooh I think I get that commander guy now. Cutie mark is nails, brass tacks...

Nice job
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You know what I dont remember was how spike lost an eye.
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it was during Operation: Skybreak, a massive mission at the climax of the story where Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, Calamity, Xenith, Gawd's Talons, the Applejack Rangers, and all of the allies that Littlepip made over the course of months in the Equestrian Wasteland banded together to deliver a final blow to the Grand Pegasus Enclave while they were distracted fighting the currently-leaderless Red Eye's Army in Fillydelphia, the Applejack Rangers would join with the Steel Rangers in fighting against the Enclave while Gawd's Talons dealt with Red Eye's own Talons and Enclave officers, Ditzy Doo would go into the Fillydelphia crater to absorb mass-amounts of radiation to perform a Sonic "Radboom" that'd ground the Enclaves Raptor-Class vessels flying in the area with the blast disintegrating the enchanted clouds that allow the ship to stay airborne. With Red Eyes' Griffins distracted by Gawd's Talons and the Enclave Pegasi, Xenith would sneak into Fillydelphia to liberate and rial-up the slaves into rebellion against the taskmasters.
While this was all happening: it was merely a distraction set-up by Littlepip so she could get into the SPP in order to clear away the clouds and show the Pegasi the horrors of the Wasteland that the Enclave was deliberately hiding from them for 200 years. Thanks to the battle in Fillydelphia, the garrison was threadbare around the main hub, allowing the group of Velvet, Littlepip, Calamity, and Spike to enter without much resistance, Calamity would fly off to snipe the Enclave guards and draw the best fliers away from the fight, Velvet Remedy would enter the communications center and imprison the forces inside to halt communications (thanks to her friendship she developed with the currently orphaned Alicorns in restraining the Pegasi), and Spike would strike down the Raptors still in proximity of the SPP (stating that the "Dragon Killers" that the Raptors were often called were asking to be blasted down for insinuating such a claim), resulting in Spikes eye getting an eye-full of a meal slug.
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Well shit, you didn't need to go THAT in depth but thanks! You also have convinced me to re-read the original FoE.
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Brick is a jerk. That's all what I can say right now. 
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Well I fell a lot better now that Spike is there.

Just try and down-talk Littlepip now, Brick. See what happens... You jerk.

Awesome comic. Well done! =]
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Well, the drawing and such are all good. The storyline makes me want to rage like mad and slaughter a few ponies, starting with Brick and then moving on to Lady Grimfeathers.

Fan rage aside, truly, awesome story. Hope you are still working on it and keeping it all going. Good luck with all the work.
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Meet national hero.

Restrain them, root through their possessions and knock them out!

...I do hope the guy gets demoted down to toiletscrubbing.
ahahah Brick's gonna get it nao C:<
Well this guy doesn't remind me of anime at all
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. . . . . . hmmmm . . . . . . idk bout this comic, or about using littlepip and remaking her character, i know it sounds weird but trying to merge FO:E with the the values of MLP:FIM seems off, due to how adult Fallout is (which is why i like it) but it should be interesting none the less, lol nice job with the paint, but i wonder about the direction your going to take this.... well i shall hold all rage filled complaints and/or praise for much later in the story..... Is the NCR cannonish now?? i feel like im missing some fanfic to read here.... and this happens after the 10 years? when did the NCR pop up? .. .. i also agree with JetWave ... Thats alot of Power to simply hand over without a fuss. But that's just me hating on the NCR, i always thought they were as useless as the Legion... BoS ftw!!!!! speaking of which, no spoilers and all that, but well you be touching in on the AppleJacks rangers??? I doubt they would be real friendly with the Ncr anyways. . . . . . . Well anything from Project Horizons be making a cameo? assuming they ever finish it lol. But sense they have not finished it, are you worried about clashing lore? I havnt read Heroes or any of the others, but Even with little pip in the SPP , everthing that went down between both stories , and whats still going to go down, well deeply effect Equestria. 
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Wasnt that sort of a thing in fallout equestria. How they try to maintain friendships thoughout it all. I cant say im 100% accurate, I read this a good while ago but Im sure that was one thing littlepip was trying to do as well as surviving. Thus combineing friendship from mlp and all the survival stuff from fallout. Of course main story plot but Im pretty sure It was an aspect of the story. Wasnt it watcher who told littlepip in the earlier chapters that she should find some friends.
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it has been awhile sense i read it as well, but yes i believe it was. 
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Yay I did a smart :D
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Post-Fallout Equestria won't be recognizing the characters or plots of any side stories. Only the events of Fallout Equestria by kkat is considered outside of this story's own plot.
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Still hate Brick, but this seems to be going somewhere now
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This comic confuses me further and further for every page that gets posted. It always feel like I'm being left out from important information that either I instead find in the comment section or don't find at all. It really doesn't seem like a good way for a webcomic to operate. Especially as far as page 19. 

That's a pretty damn cute NCR mare tho.
It's the uniform isn't it?
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Which parts are confusing?

Some parts of the comic are purposely left cryptic or incomplete because they contain material that will be relevant later on that I don't need the audience to be aware of at that time.

However, to dispel any confusion, I should be able to answer in-depth any questions regarding the story.
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Well for starters, if it's such an honor for him to meet her, I assume that's how many would feel at this time as well. Especially seeing how she has a book written about her adventures. Wouldn't there be more ponies meeting her? Wouldn't her friends be there? Wouldn't Littlepip expect them to be there? She's been inside there for at least 10 years! I know there might be an announcement later or so, but her friends aren't just any ponies. They would be there. It's too special. 

I especially don't understand why she doesn't stand up for herself. She's very defiant and a pony who clearly stands for justice and would want to be treated at least fairly. She clearly hasn't been. Sure, Brick is a dick but you wouldn't expect her to just let him do whatever he wants with her just because he's supposedly NCR. Especially disabling her horn without warning of what it does would be fear triggering for any unicorn. And why does Celestia let them treat her like this? After all those years of Littlepip standing up for her? As soon as he told them to detain her, both Littlepip and Celestia reacted as if they were completely defenseless. There was barely any protest at all. Why would they even need a warrant to secure the tower? They never treated it as Littlepip's home but as some kind of machine that is somehow under their property anyway, and back at HQ they treated Celestia as if she didn't even exist. 

Why would they need to enter the tower in the first place? Could they not have her go through the fire first and welcome her from there? This new pony clearly shows that the entire scene played out up there was pointless. How come Spike doesn't say anything about her restraints at all? Wasn't Littlepip too weak to leave the SPP? Wouldn't being injected by a medical substance just before being burned alive and resurrected again be either pointless or dangerous? It's fire! It's literally described as burning her to death! No matter if it worked or not, it seems way more likely to me that she would end up like most other victims to Spikes fire before she entered the SPP. Heart attacks and generally almost panic to death. I feel like her getting ready to truly face the fire with importance put into it would've been a much better than suddenly being put to sleep like a dog. It makes the fire seem like just a slight inconvenience. Hell it's not even an inconvenience. It's too easy. It's not even a fire anymore. It's just basic teleportation.

Why would the NCR want to switch out the pony controlling the weather? The one controlling it literally has 10+ years of experience without any major hick-ups if any at all. The "certified technician" bullshit is bullshit and she should know it. She's not stupid but she sure seems like it here. She doesn't even have a hint of suspicion for why they're coming inside to get her or why they're arresting her. She responds to the NCR as if they were her parents when it should almost be the other way around. With so much time on her hooves and with so much power, it baffles me that she seems so clueless and lets them get as they want simply because they tell her they want it. From what we've seen, they haven't promised anything in return other than that they will "help her". 

This is becoming a lot longer than I expected. I guess you could say it feels like this: She's too dumb. She's being treated as if she's dumb. Her perception is literally 1. And as a result, it's reflected straight back in our faces making us feel like we as readers are being treated as dumb. Maybe it's a tactic to set up for a hate relationship towards the NCR, but it feels cheap. Painfully cheap, especially seeing as it's at the cost of Littlepip's entire character. I can't see any of her in this grey pony. She's too nice and Fluttershy'ish. It's just not how she is, especially toward the end of her story. I dare say she was even a bit of a cunt, even though it was for a good cause in the end. 

If all this is part of your plan for being cryptic or incomplete, I feel like there's too much of it. Littlepip acting like this doesn't fit into such a plan either. If our main character suddenly changed to something completely different, shouldn't we know about why straight away? Isn't that something the readers need to be aware of? 

As a foot note, I would just like to mention that why I'm making this huge wall of text is because I care for your comic. Your style is adorable. I have doubts about it actually fitting into gore and battle and generally the themes of FoE sa far as visuals go, but I can still imagine you getting it done. I hope the future turns for the best for both you and the comic and hopefully, I won't have nearly as much to complain over when things have been put straight on the table. Or at least that this is just a rocky start, like with many of the sidefics out there. 
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