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Jesus dude, i get it you have a small penis but JEEEEEZZZ she wasn't even mildly resisting.
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Nice work
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Well. The NCR are dicks. Just like in FNV. Uniforms and all.
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well not all ncr, but at least there not legion. but yes these particular ncr.there dicks just like the foe bos here
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Well, as the NCR seems determined to repeat all the worst mistakes of the past...? Maybe there is a struggle for a hero to fight.
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I was just wondering if this is taking place after the 10yr later chapter of Fo.E?
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Yes, more details can be found in my profile journal.
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Alright, this is cute and getting watched. Some really good MSPaint skills too. 
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hope you continue this comic.
Fuck this douche. Take him out to the Maripony ruins and drop another balefire bomb on him!
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Man, Brick is a dick!
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I seriously want to punch that asshole in the face!
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I want to punch him in the head. A bullet is too good for him.

I wonder what is his oppinion on ghouls?
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Brick, you ****************
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I would like to do the same...just with the commander...and just with a Desert Eagle...
I hope, I'm not too brutal? :P
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idk, but that made me laught...
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.... Must.. Resist.... Punching..... NCR.... Officers.... Face... Off.....IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ 
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Aww poor littlepip. This is turning out great though!
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Okay, wait, I have an idea. An idea that came to me after a few hours of wondering if I could (provided the author here would let me) somehow get that jerk killed in my side-story... a few times...
with fire...
and radioactive chipmunks...
that were on fire...
Where was I? Oh right, the idea... So as I as I was saying, after a few hours of fantasy, I looked up the first page of this comics... where Homepage says she is sworn to secrecy about something... so... Hear me out. What if, IF, this is all a plan to throw Littlepip a surprise HERO'S WELCOME party? I mean, I wouldn't put that PAST Homage... and when the jerkface (although in that scenario I suppose he wouldn't be a jerkface...) showed Celestia that scroll with his orders and what now, he hadn't showed it to Littlepip, hadn't he?
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Kill them all! D:
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I wonder how Celestia feels with the NCR knocking out Littlepip.

Commence with the Turrets Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia 
I'm suprised celestia didn't use the turrets
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