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I'd like to see Brick tries to pull that shit with Blackjack (FOE: Project Horizons) >:(
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Speech Check Passed. I finally get the NCR. I am playing New Vegas.
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Wow, I am honestly shocked he didn't break Littlepip's items.....good buck you man.
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Hell, screw these losers! Just bomb the hell outta them and get out Littlepip! You don't deserve to go through this.
Damn them.

Nice job
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I love grenades. I'd use them all the time if they didn't kill my friends in the games in one hit.
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I just hate those NCR. 
Just bring an AC-130 to their base. And 5 Juggernauts.
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Then Blow this Popsicle stand to sky high
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Exactly how much canon FoE are we going on here? I could have sword Celestia was in charge of the S.P.Ps security system and that certain Bypass Spells kept virtually everyone out. I can't see Celestia being so stupid as to just the NCR in and let them go their merry way.
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The story is based on my own understanding of the stories events, up to and including the ten year afterword.

The barrier around the SPP is virtually indestructible and blocks all attempts to pass through the shield, with the exception of Spike's dragonfire.
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Even so, why would Spike let them in?
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There is something up with the ncr here. They're being a bit too agressive for my liking.
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Gun control like a recovering former wasteland? What?!
Perhaps it's a quickly recovering one. Gun control could prevent a lot of violence if ponies still had their old reflexes and reactions in moments of surprise.
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I agree.  It's be...what, ten years?  Fifteen?  A lot of ponies still remember living in fear of terrible monsters.  A lot of those terrible monsters still exist too.  Being this strict about weapons seems...odd.
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Dammit Why Is the comic so adorable
I'm now confused. Because when Brick first came in, it sounded like they were arresting Littlepip for something (I was assuming that the Pegasi on the Council, probably being ex-Enclave that had the sense to abandon a sinking ship before it took them with it, probably wanted her for war crimes or something), but now, with him telling Pip to get a gun permit and she can have Little Mac back, that doesn't sound like an arrest. So this is just how he is providing a regular escort?! Jesus Christ on a stick, he's a bigger douche than I thought he was!
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ya ain't that a sinker 
We already know Reggie didn't want to do this, if her expression from earlier was an indication. She was sweet talked into it. Something tells me SHE didn't send Brick. Someone else on the council did. Someone with a personal beef with Pip.
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ok i want to kick this guy ass so hard that he can't even fuck
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Oh come on. A gun permit in a bucking wasteland? Does this brickhead even realize that Li'l Pip may have the gun just to defend herself?
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its like asking a uincorn to cut its own horn off
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