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Post-Fallout Equestria : Episode1 Page16

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Littlepip's stare in the top panel. Brilliant.
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Dude... by all rights, that is property of Littlepip. Not because she found it, but because she is a descendant of AJ!]
So technically its hers man...

Nicely done.
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Brick, you DO realize that that firearm is an Apple Family Hierloom, and that its current owner is the descendant of the pony who commissioned the gun in the first place: Applejack, right?
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You could add some motion lines to make it more realistic.
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was that the memory orb where Little pip saw Fluttershy for first time?
Sephirath21000's avatar
It's Memory Orb #8, Littlepip made an attempt at destroying The Goddess in-charge of the Alicorns before she got hold of the Black Book which would make her even more powerful, and in-order to prevent The Goddess from discovering her plan, Littlepip had her memory erased afterwards and placed in Memory Orbs: Number 1 is an inventory-type orb labeling which Orb pertains to which part of the plan (in Project Horizons, one of the memory orbs include her memory of her with her unknown distant cousin Blackjack: the descendant of Twilight Sparkle and Big Macintosh, where they manage to convince Red Eye into handing over the Balefire Bomb discovered inside of the Pie Family Rock Farm to detonate beneath the Goddesses home in Maripony), Memory #8 is a memory of her and her lover Homage having hot pleasant sex together.
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There's a 50% chance that orb is labelled "8".
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Yes, another page.
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I Don't really like those NCR guy
Mikkillerib's avatar
Me neither. I want to shoot them with a Laser RCW from Fallout:New Vegas.
p0p218's avatar
I think Shooting them Would make a bit more sense.. or get Securitrons (are there Securitrons in FE?) and throw them of some cliff or something?
Mikkillerib's avatar
There are ponified Robo-brains. The robots that use a human/pony brain as its cerebral processor, got two tripple fingered arms and tread wheels. So i assume that there is a ponified edition of the Securitron. Perhaps also the Sentry bots. Those that got three legs with a wheel, a gatling gun arm in regular or laser edition and a missile launcher arm. But yes. THROW THEM OFF A CLIFF!!!
Oh fuck this guy. Taking Little Macintosh. Who the fuck does he think he is?
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I'm about to whoop this little cunts ass.
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I hope to luna that littlepip chokes this fucker out.
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If you look at the bag with just the right sort of imagination, the buttons look like eyes as it vomits out the contents.
Mikkillerib's avatar
Oh my god, you're right. And it got the perfect scrunched up facial expression for said situation.
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And on the next panel the bag looks so content with itself with it's cheeks!
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Omg! Can't unsee!!
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I'm gonna cry, that's hilarious
MysticM's avatar
And on the next panel the bag looks so content with itself with it's cheeks!
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